Our Qualityze professional quality team is committed to your success and you can count on it! Our highly experienced team is well versed in EQMS cloud solution implementations. Qualityze as designed the right implementation for your business based on your size and complexity. Qualityze Implementation Methodology (QIM) ensures successful project execution by using industry best practices and provides good project documentations to meet your IT and business needs. By using QIM project templates such as Master Configuration Document, Solution Design Document etc., you can reduce time to go live, minimize risks, and automate your configurations to meet your needs. Our Engagement Manager will work closely with your business and IT organizations with 6 step Qualityze Implementation Methodology (QIM). Our services are designed to get Qualityze EQMS software up and running quickly with a focus of getting business users to achieve strategic results and goals. Partner with Qualityze for a stellar professional services experience and successful project implementation.

Qualityze Implementation Methodology

Discovery Phase


Our professional services team will partner with you to understand your current state quality business processes and provide assistance with future state quality business processes based on best industry practices that will automate, harmonize and standardize quality across your organization. We have a team of experienced professionals to inspect every aspect of your industry and its quality requirements. An investment in the research and discovery phase helps deliver an excellent solution in return.

Initiation Phase


Our professional services team will work with you to understand and document business needs to define conceptual solutions through a project strategy session and establish the scope. Besides, this Phase will include the initialization of test cloud environments. The result of this Phase is a defined and structured Project Plan outlining the details of tasks, activities, roles, and responsibilities. With the initiation phase done right, it becomes easy to align all the other stages with the quality objectives and deliver the right quality management solution for your business on time.

Planning Phase


Our professional services team will establish high level functional and technical requirements. Conduct requirements gap analysis. Develop requirements definition document. During this Phase the system administrator and core project team are trained on Qualityze suite. In addition, this Phase will result in development of a high level Validation/UAT plan, training plan, migration and integration plan. Based on the above, the Project Plan is updated (as necessary) to identify resources, tasks and estimates.

Design & Configuration Phase


The goal of the Design & Configuration Phase is to configure the solution based on requirements identified in the requirements definition document. This Phase will utilize design workshop iterations to streamline the process. Only when the configurations are completed, we conduct the pilot testing, during which test preparation and planning are updated. We have a team of expert quality professionals to manage all the operations of the design and configuration phase with excellence and compliance. Our design and configuration services ensure the most suitable solution for your business-specific needs.

Test & Validate Phase


The goal of the Test/Validate Phase is to perform tests and validation activities. At the end of this Phase, the customer will be able to approve the configured application to release for production use. Validation activities will be performed based on the customer’s software quality policies. Our objective is to deliver the maximum value of our quality management solutions with comprehensive validation services, including manual and automated validation.

Implementation/Support Phase


The goal of the Implementation and Support Phase is to help customer prepare for production. The configurations and integration services will be migrated from the QA to Production environment and all the configurations are verified (PQ activities). End User Trainings are conducted and procedures are released, the customer user community will now access the system for day-to-day use. Qualityze help desk is introduced with your administrative team to provide expedient and superior support focused on your ongoing quality success.