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As we all know, regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent, and the cost of compliance is growing. At the same time, audit management is becoming increasingly challenging, given the number and types of audits that need to be conducted.
Qualityze Audit Management software (QAM) complements your established audit management process and empowers you to improve quality, reduce costs and identify operational and compliance risks by effectively managing the full audit lifecycle by,

  • Creating an Audit Plan
  • Scheduling an Audit
  • Preparing an Audit
  • Executing Audit
  • Track findings
  • Performing Follow-Up / Closure

Qualityze audit management software solution is flexible and highly configurable, making it very nimble and adaptive to various types of audits such as Internal, External, Third Party, Ad-Hoc, Regulatory, Supplier, IT.

Qualityze audit management and tracking software system has powerful analytics and reporting capability for compiling audit reports, easy status tracking, analyses auditor performance and audit results. The interactive executive dashboards provide meaningful audit statistics to c-level management to make informed decisions.

Audit Plan

The audit plan is an important step in the auditing process. It serves the auditors to define the objective, scope, criteria, location, and the establishment of overall audit strategy.
The audit management and tracking software of Qualityze helps to streamline the audit plan. You can use the Audit Type template to define information such as,

  • Title
  • Scope of the audit
  • Objective of the audit
  • Audit Criteria
  • Checklist
  • Lead Auditor
  • Audit Team
  • Location
  • Type of Audit and others

Audit Schedule

The audit schedule is a specification of the planned activities that will occur over certain period e.g. yearly, half a year. Most of the company will develop an annual schedule usually for internal and supplier audit program.
In Qualityze, Audit Program (AP) will help you to setup a yearly plan for internal and supplier audit program in conjunction with Audit Type. In the Audit Program you can define,

  • Auditors and the auditees
  • Audit Start/End date
  • Predefined audit questionnaire
  • Audit standards
  • Audit Criteria and others

Prepare and Execute Audit

The day has come to prepare the audit and execute. In this step the lead auditor will confirm and update the audit. The auditee and auditor will agree on the objective, scope, criteria and start date of the audit process.
In Qualityze, once the Audit Type, Audit Program is developed, the system will automatically notify you in advance for you to prepare for the audit. You have an option to update the individual audit for information such as,

  • Scope of the audit
  • Objective of the audit
  • Audit Criteria
  • Checklist
  • Lead Auditor
  • Audit Team
  • Location
  • Type of Audit and others

If there are multiple auditors performing the audit, you as a lead auditor can assign individual checklist to each auditor in the team.

Track Findings

During the audit, any observations found are recorded, whether it is non-conformance or need better practices. These observations needs to be recorded and nonconformance needs to be tracked to completion.

In Qualityze observations are categorized in three terms: Findings, Positive Practices, and Recommendations. The system also gives you the capability to define these observations at an individual questions level. When you categorize observation as Findings, you have an option to follow the workflow to address it. Every Findings is assigned a unique number for you to keep track off until it is closed.

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