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Every industry needs to follow some quality management principles, but the ways they practice them could be diverse. Since each industry could have different priorities, regulatory requirements, and business objectives, their understanding of quality principles may vary.

When we talk of the aerospace industry, quality of aircraft is critical as each aircraft carries millions of people. Every aircraft component serves a service for 50 years and more. This implies that quality practices need to be implemented at every stage – design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance. It ensures every aircraft component can withstand the rigorous use.

For this, The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) introduced AS9100 to define quality management standards for the aerospace industry.

What is AS9100 Certification?

AS9100 defines the quality system requirements and other relevant requirements for the aerospace industry. This standard guides suppliers with the requirements to create and maintain a total quality management system that ensures safe and reliable products for the aerospace industry. These aerospace standards are applicable for every stage – design, development, and manufacturing of aircraft components and aerospace products.

The revised quality management standard is AS9100C. It is tailored to cater to three industries including:

  • Aviation
  • Space
  • Defense

The new and improved regulatory guidelines of AS9100 include the ISO 9001:2008 changes, certain new terms — risk, special requirements, critical items, increased emphasis on product and process improvement, and quality management requirements for defense.

What are the benefits of having AS9100 QMS Software?

Some of the benefits of having AS9100 QMS Software:

  • Improved Organizational Efficiency & Recognition

 AS9100 is based on the process approach wherein companies need to understand their processes and their interactions so to provide their products and services in a better way. More insightful will be your approach towards processes, lesser will be the inefficiencies. With so much process improvements your product quality will continuously get better, making you a brand that people remember for quality.

  •  Increased Customer Satisfaction

With a QMS that complies with the AS9100 standard, you can emphasize on the efforts that will enable you to have a better understanding of your customer requirements so that you can fulfill their needs. Your focus on customer satisfaction will allow you to do repeated business with them, and therefore, you will enjoy better sales in the future.

  •  Better Employee Engagement

If you really want to have better employee engagement, you need to define and map all your processes involving your employees especially the ones who are handling the current processes. This will help you to engage with your employees to work on the factors that can result in process improvement and customer satisfaction while ensuring that all your processes are working as expected. After all, your employees are the ones handling the processes. They can give you better suggestions to improve while saving time and money.

  •  Enhanced Supplier Relationships

Having a certified closed-loop QMS can help you to focus on improving relationships with your suppliers. You can identify the ways to work together that will be of mutual benefit and can improve your customer satisfaction. Suppliers can help you with the most suitable products for your business needs within the timeline and budget you have.  A QMS will help you to manage supplier quality while improving the business relationships with your suppliers.

  •  Improved Decision-Making Processes

AS9100 requires you to include the top management in the QMS, and experts to process evidence-based decision-making rather than relying on vague attitudes. When you will have appropriate data in your QMS to make decisions, you will be able to emphasize your resources on more critical issues that can save your costs and efforts.

If you are in aviation, space, or defense, make sure you opt for Qualityze EQMS – it is certified with AS9100 and ensures that the quality you deliver meets regulatory standards and customer requirements.

Qualityze Solution Information Matrix for AS9100

Qualityze AS9100 Quality Management Software is designed to help an organization to comply with AS9100 standards. The following matrix will provide essential information for you to understand how Qualityze QMS Software Solution can help:

Requirements Section Description Qualityze Modules
Section 4: General Requirements: Quality Management System Provides requirements for the overall Quality Management System from quality manual documentation to the control of documents and records.
  • Document Management
  • Change Management
Section 5: Management Responsibility Provides requirements for Management’s role and commitment in the QMS.
  • NC/Complaints Management
  • CAPA Management
  • Change Management
  • Document Management
  • Audit Management
  • Training Management
Section 6: Resource Management Provides the guidelines for resources to perform the job competently and in safety.
  • Document Management
  • Training Management
Section 7: Product Realization Provides the guidelines for customer related processes, design and development and purchasing
  • NC/Complaints Management
  • CAPA Management
  • Document Management
  • Audit Management
Section 8: Measurement, Analysis and Improvement Gives ISO requirements on monitoring processes and improving those processes such as customer satisfaction, internal audit, control of Non-Conforming Product, Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) and continual improvement
  • NC/Complaints Management
  • CAPA Management
  • Document Management
  • Audit Management
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • eQMS Suite & User Portal

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