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Client Testimonials

A great choice for an eQMS!

After months of reviewing potential Electronic QMS software packages for our company we concluded that Qualityze was the clear choice for us. The task of implementing this type of system seemed quite daunting but working with the team at Qualityze made that process more than manageable. We decided to implement two modules to start, document control and training. Throughout the entire process Qualityze was always there to help. They worked with us to shape the system to fit our needs. They were very flexible and willing to provide assistance whenever we needed, based on our schedule. I highly recommend Qualityze for your business!!!

QA Consultant, Sparrow Pharmaceuticals

Qualityze has been instrumental Partner for our QMS system

Qualityze has been instrumental in our companies transition from ISO 9001 to IATF 16949. Auditor from our registrar and customers have been impressed by the use of the Qualityze modules. The Qualityze team is easy to work with, and helpful in finding solutions that will work for our internal processes. I would recommend Qualityze for anyone who is looking for Quality Management System.

Vacuum Engineering and Materials

The right fit and great support

For years we had managed all our documents, training, and changes manually using numerous spreadsheets and multiple applications. As our business grew, continuing with those methods was not feasible. We spent many months reviewing many different options for eQMS systems and eventually chose Qualityze as the right system for us. The fact that it was built on the SalesForce platform, which we were already using and many of our users are familiar with, was a big factor in that decision, and in the end it made the implementation and adoption much easier. The size and price were also big factors. It had everything we needed without having to purchase additional modules and without requiring we purchase a lot of extras that we didn’t need. The implementation was completed on schedule, on budget and without a hitch. The support team was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the design, configuration and testing. Since launching the system, the team at Qualityze has been there every step of the way, even when we had to make additional changes to our design. The system is highly configurable and the support team is very quick to address any requests or concerns. I would highly recommend Qualityze to businesses of all sizes.

Sr. Manager, Quality Systems, Cell Signaling Technology

Our Experience with Qualityze Implementation.

HBNO CO. is a relativity new company, started 7 years ago, and growing bigger year after year. In 2021, our management thought of introducing an EQMS system which could automate our existing process and move us away from a paper-based process to a digital one. During the last quarter of 2021, Qualityze came into picture working with us in implementing a few modules in the facility in 2022. Over this period of time, we have launched the Nonconformance, CAPA, Document, and the Maintenance Management modules along with the Electronic Batch Records (eBR) module in our facility. The implementation of this system was timely, and efficient resulting in a smooth transition from a paper based to an efficient digital quality process. The Maintenance Modules was next, this module is simple and easy to use. Since we have implemented this module, our maintenance technicians have started documenting maintenance tasks, spare parts used, which has helped us better forecast our parts inventory and scheduling of PM’s, which have improved the efficiency of our maintenance team by approx. 75 % We would like to Thank the Qualityze Team for their support and continuous improvement of the Qualityze modules to help us enhance our productivity and quality efficiency.

Industrial Engineer IL, Health & Beauty Natural Oils Co., Inc

Qualityze has met all of our requirements.

Infinity Molding and Assembly is a small custom injection molder that was using a highly paper based QMS. The search began for a new QMS software and after months of searching and previewing a few other systems we chose to more forward with Qualityze. With being a smaller company – cost, ease of use and flexibility were major factors in our decision making and Qualityze has met all of our requirements. We decided to purchase all modules but started implementing NC, CAPA, Customer Complaint, Document Control, Inspection, Calibration and Maintenance first. Along with working with us to create custom forms, the Qualityze team has worked closely with us to understand our processes to better fit the software within our needs. The team has been very fast to respond to any issues discovered along the way and worked quickly in resolving those issues. I would highly recommend Qualityze to anyone in the market for a new online QMS!

Quality Systems Manager, Infinity Molding & Assembly

Qualityze Our EQMS Solution

As our company’s complaint volume increased, we decided that a new system would be needed to accurately track and report on our consumer complaints. After researching, we landed with Qualityze as our best EQMS vendor of choice. The Qualityze team worked tirelessly with us to ensure the system met all our needs and walked us through the process until our configured QMS system launched. Now we have perfect complaint tracking, document management, and workflow process thanks to the Qualityze EQMS system. I’d highly recommend reaching out to Qualityze to help manage your consumer complaints. In particular, the Qualityze Services Team went above and beyond to assist us and implement any configuration changes we needed to make the system work for us. Thanks to the Qualityze Team for being part of our Quality Journey!

Sr. Compliance Analyst, AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

Qualityze our EQMS System

My team and I worked with Qualityze to implement a Complaint management solution which provided dashboards, reporting, response templates and the Documents module for policies and procedures. We completed much of the work at a very busy time. The Qualityze Services Team was always very patient and kept us on task throughout the process. They are responsive, attentively listened to our requirements and worked with their technical team to find solutions to our unique needs. Using Qualityze has allowed us to move away from a mostly manual process using spreadsheets and word documents saved to electronic files. Now we are able to get an overview of our workday, week or month at a glance from the dashboards and analyze specific details using tailored reports. The time and effort of the implementation process was well worth the benefits! The Qualityze team was supportive and facilitated resolving any items that had to be tailored to our business needs. I would strongly recommend Qualityze for any company that is seeking an Electronic Quality Management System.

AVP of Compliance, AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

Qualityze Organized Our Quality Processes

Our business was growing rapidly, and we needed help to get us organized, that’s when brought in the Qualityze Team. The Qualityze Team helped us execute our vision for the company and organized our processes to industry best in class standards. During implementation and training, Qualityze provided excellent support and guidance in configuring the system to our unique needs. The ability to run reports in real time for any given situation has been extremely helpful, not only to our licensing department but also to our pharmacists and techs. Thank you Qualityze for all your help. I would recommend Qualityze to anyone looking for a QMS system.

Administrator, Blue Rabbit

Qualityze our QMS Solutions Provider

Republic Manufacturing has been using Qualityze for over a year now, and we are very happy with it. This year we chose to implement 2 new modules that would bring efficient solutions to our day-to-day processes. I participated in this second phase of implementation and want to feature the great work they did explaining the new and past modules to me and guiding me along the execution of this phase. I definitely would recommend Qualityze to anyone who is looking for a QMS system. Thank you Qualityze.

HR Coordinator, Republic Manufacturing

Qualityze Implementation For Fast-Paced Manufacturing

We are a rapidly growing manufacturing organization that seeks to integrate our quality system software with various other programs, including our MRP system. After months of searching the right solution and fit, we determined that the Qualityze QMS system was the best fit for us. From project launch to project completion, the Qualityze team was there for us at every step and provided great support. Through daily / weekly interfaces, we were able to design a QMS system that worked for us to replace our former system. The Qualityze team is very professional and takes the initiative to manage and progress the implementation project to completion. The new QMS system has allowed us to achieve data collection and reporting in a manner that we never could in the past. Thank you to the Qualityze team for your efforts and commitment in helping our organization reach its goals.

Director of Quality Operations, Monarch Industries Limited

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