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Achieving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty : How Complaints Management Software Helps?

01 Aug 2023

Whether you are selling a product or providing services, you are likely to deal with people. And, it’s of no surprise to receive complaints from some of the people. You cannot meet everyone’s expectations at once. While most of the businesses are just focusing on managing customer complaints, highly regulated industries need to focus on how they can manage such complaints effectively to maximize Customer Satisfaction since one wrong response can damage their brand reputation or could lead to a compliance liability.

First and foremost, the enterprises shall realize the extent of complaints they might need to handle on everyday basis. It will help them to choose the right complaints management software and standardize their complaints management process. It is critical for the regulated industries that have a bigger responsibility to keep their customers safe and happy while demonstrating compliance.

However, there are still may enterprises that prefer spreadsheets to document, manage, and track the customer complaints. It is no longer effective and efficient method. It, instead, lead to many other challenges. Some of them include;

  • Responding to customers in time and Keeping them in loop
  • Ensuring that the complaint is resolved
  • Preventing future complaints

In addition to these, you may face numerous internal issues with traditional complaints management system. Here are some common issues;

  • You might not be able to keep all the customer complaints recorded or track them efficiently when required.
  • You might not be able to track the person working on a particular complaint.
  • You might not have a centralized system to inform all your team members or keep them updated on the status of complaint.
  • You might not be able to record all the information accurately and timely, resulting in irrelevant and delayed responses.
  • You might not be able to perform a detailed analysis for complaints trends and their recurrence.
  • You might face troubles in regulatory submissions due to decentralized reporting systems.

These many issues really worth facing when you can implement a powerful complaints management software and turn the things in your favor.

A complaints management software is a single stop solution for any enterprise that needs to manage, track, and resolve customer complaints in a timely, consistent, and compliant fashion. It further helps them maintain a good brand reputation, giving their customers a reason to come back.

When your customers feel heard about the issues they faced or difficulties they had with your product or services, they feel cared for. On the top of that, if you provide them a satisfactory resolution against the complaint, it automatically increases their loyalty towards your brand.

Let’s look at the benefits of implementing a cloud-based complaints management software to achieve Customer Satisfaction;

If you have enough visibility through complaint trends, including their occurrences and resolutions, you will likely make better decisions to prevent future complaints. A complaints management software makes that job easy for you while allowing you to have a standardized reporting structure throughout the organization. Whether it’s your manager or an auditor asking to pull reports for a particular from all the previous years, the software makes it as easy as a click.

Moreover, you can submit the reports for the regulatory submissions to avoid any sort of compliance issues. In software, you can also set up automatic reminders and follow-ups to ensure timely and effective resolutions for the complaints recorded for that particular timeframe.

The software simplifies reporting to help you make critical business decisions as required to prevent any sort of issues, nonconformance, noncompliance in the future. If you continue with the formal complaints documentation and reporting systems, you are inviting many compliance issues for your organization.

2. Enhanced Communication

Whenever a customer makes a complaint, they expect to be acknowledged and communicated on the same. A timely response ensures that their problems and concerns will be addressed. It implies that organizations must have good complaints management software in place, which allows them to set up the automated acknowledgments for every complaint received.

But it will alone not work. It just kick-starts the complaints process. The next-generation complaints management software allows enterprises to standardize their complaints process cycle from documenting an issue to assigning it to designated personnel till its resolution is communicated to the customer within the specified time.

The software improves internal and external communication, enabling enterprises to set up email alerts, notifications, follow-ups, and much more. Remember, it’s continuous and effective communication that goes a long way towards making your customers feel valued and heard for every concern and complaint they have.

3. Better Traceability and Accountability

Whether a complaint has proceeded to the investigation or resolution step, you need to have complete traceability to curate the relevant customer response. A good complaints management system improves the traceability of all the customer complaint records so you can follow-up with the right person accountable for the resolution.

The software simplifies you to assign the complaints to the respective team members, based on the complexities involved and level of experience required to resolve that particular issue. Such a transparent system keeps your team informed about the things they are accountable for. It further helps resolve complaints on time.

Accountability and traceability balanced right to accelerate the complaints resolution cycles, enhancing overall brand reputation, and increasing Customer Satisfaction.

4. Confidentiality for Customer’s Data

Who all can access the complaints, and customer data can be a real concern since it could mean breaching your customers’ trust and data privacy regulations. Dealing with confidential information requires enterprises to ensure proper data security measures in place.

A complaints management software with advanced security features such as role-based access, encryption, and password authentication can help safeguard your customers’ confidential data while ensuring timely resolutions for their complaints.

The software ensures secured access to each customers’ data without making it cumbersome for your team to handle. This is what you must check while selecting the right complaints management software.

5. Compliance and Timely Regulatory Submissions

Meeting compliance and timely regulatory submissions is another concern with the traditional complaints management system. You can systematically manage it with the help of a powerful complaints management software that allows you to take a holistic approach towards complaint resolution.

A complaints management software helps your quality teams understand and comply with the global marketplace’s reporting requirements. It simplifies the adverse event reporting software, streamlining the submissions with standard reporting structures defined by the FDA, EU, Health Canada, and other regulatory authorities. Cloud-based software allows you to expand your operations into different regions without any compliance and regulatory submission hassles.

Therefore, you must take advantage of advanced complaints management software than letting your brand reputation suffer with slow and ineffective complaints management system.

All the benefits mentioned above can significantly improve the customer relationships.

No matter what’s your preference of handling complaints, all that matters is a streamlined complaints management process to handle and resolve complaints timely and get Customer Satisfaction. For which you need a comprehensive complaints management software like Qualityze to record, manage, resolve, and track all your customer complaints in a well-organized manner.

Qualityze issue tracking and Complaints Management Software enables you to create your decision tree based on the region for the Complaints management. The system auto-generates a task with an auto-calculated timeframe for the reportable event/incident. You can also utilize the pre-configured forms provided by FDA (MedWatch FDA MDR 3500), European Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC) (MEDDEV 2.12-1), Health Canada (MDPR), Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), etc., to quickly and promptly generate the submission report.

Built on the most powerful and secure cloud platform i.e. Salesforce.com, Qualityze ensures unmatched flexibility and scalability to manage complaints from anywhere across the globe.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your industry focus and complaints source, implementing a cloud-based complaints management software is one of the best solutions to handle customer complaints efficiently and effectively. It improves the Customer Satisfaction, making them more loyal to your brand.

If you want to know what other opportunities a complaints management software holds for your business, get in touch with us on 1-877-207-8616 or email at info@qualityze.com and our customer success team will be right there for you.



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