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A Quick Guide to Help you Address Quality and Manufacturing Challenges in Life Sciences

01 Aug 2023

Lifesciences industry is undergoing a huge digital transformation wherein they are adopting newer and smarter technologies for attaining operational excellence. The best thing about the digital transformation is the evolution of quality management solution for the Lifesciences industry that serves the intended purpose of improving product and process quality quite effectively.

However, there are still many Lifesciences companies struggling with quality management and manufacturing challenges. Let’s have a deeper understanding of the challenges before discussing their resolution.

Common Challenges with Quality Management in Lifesciences

Some of the common challenges that Lifesciences industry faces with Quality Management are:

  • No quality culture since quality is considered as a department more than a responsibility.
  • No effective measurement criteria for evaluating quality metrics.
  • Wide-spread quality systems and sources.
  • No visibility into supplier quality for effective management.
  • No formalized process for continuous improvement.
  • Lack of support from the internal teams and departments.

Common Challenges with Manufacturing Processes in Lifesciences

Some of the common challenges that Lifesciences industry faces to streamline the manufacturing processes are:

  • Lack of visibility into performance metrics of manufacturing.
  • Wide-spread quality systems and sources.
  • No collaboration among the departments.
  • Non-availability of the required talent.
  • No formalized processes and culture of the continuous improvement.
  • Lack of support from the internal teams and departments.
  • Improper justifications for improvement investments.

Quality and visibility, being the top highlights in the challenges, need next-generation technology for quality, compliance, and manufacturing processes in Lifesciences that will add to the flexibility of the system while ensuring compliance.

Overcoming the Lifesciences Industry Quality and Manufacturing Challenges with eQMS

The Lifesciences industry is diversified since it covers a lot more than just drugs and vaccinations. It involves medical devices, pharmaceuticals, sample testing, clinical trials, extensive R&D, etc. The manufacturing division of Lifesciences is constantly undergoing a lot of change in the pursuit of innovation, improved patient safety, maintaining hygiene and quality standards, and much more. The emphasis is more on effective drugs and devices since the industry needs to manage critical life-saving equipment and medicines.

This implies that the challenges for Lifesciences industry are on a constant rise – be it tracing a particular product through lot no./batch no., sales, production, etc. while managing quality control and meeting the compliance standards.

From the increased costs to supplier quality, there are a lot of difficulties preventing lifecsiences companies to emerge as leaders. It won’t be wrong to say that this industry is in desperate need of revolutionary technology to deal with all sorts of barriers. One such technological advancement is the Enterprise Quality Management System designed specifically for the lifecsiences challenges. Let’s explore how eQMS is a perfect tool to overcome the challenges that lifecsiences industry faces for manufacturing and quality management:

It manages records and databases

Managing records and databases is one of the major challenges for the lifecsiences industry, especially if you are still following the manual practices. In the age of digitization, it has become important for the lifecsiences companies to switch to an eQMS that allows them to store, manage, and maintain all their critical records with safety. The cloud-based eQMS solutions can also make value addition for a lifecsiences company to manage the everyday records easily.

It overcomes the NC and CAPA difficulties

Another challenge that an eQMS helps lifecsiences industry to overcome is the Nonconformance and CAPA difficulties. A quality management software helps organizations to quickly identify the nonconformities to take the corrective actions for the same and limit their damage. With a quality management suite, you can align NC and CAPA processes in a closed loop with other quality systems for swift and effective action on product quality issues, risks, and customer complaints.

It builds a closed-loop system for continuous improvement

Having a quality management solution implemented, organizations can build a closed-loop quality system that drives continuous improvements. You can expect far more accurate results with the closed-loop systems since they are built on the feedback mechanism. Such systems also help to improve the organizational effectiveness and productivity for a better decision-making process.

It ensures the safekeeping of electronic records

A quality management solution like Qualityze, built on the most powerful and secure Salesforce platform, ensures that all the critical information is recorded and documented well. You can analyze the same for improved decision making since all the electronic records you store work as evidence. Majority of the modern QMS solutions are cloud-based and offer a safer centralized platform to store all the electronic records.

It helps to maintain master records

You can also easily maintain master records with a cloud-based eQMS since it can scale with your business. Unlike traditional systems, you can leverage the flexibility, scalability, and security for all your master records in one system. This, as a result, improves the quality and consistency of all your business key assets such as product design records, customer data, etc.

It offers real-time data access

A robust eQMS solution enables you to drill into all the gathered data to conduct a quick root cause analysis while significantly improving the product and process quality within minimal time. The decision-making capability improves even more with the QMS having integration capability. It fetches all the important insights from the quality systems implemented in the organization.

It eliminates compliance and traceability issues

With an eQMS that helps to manage and maintain all the master records, traceability and compliance will not be an issue since modern-day quality management software comes with advanced search, filter, and follow record capabilities. For example – In Qualityze eQMS, once you follow a record, you will get all the updates about the record including the modifications or changes made.

In addition to the above-mentioned, you can expect flexibility, scalability, improved security with a cloud-based eQMS like Qualityze.

Face no more quality management and manufacturing challenges with the Qualityze Enterprise Quality Management Software for lifecsiences. It enables you to configurable workflows to streamline the processes in an established manner that makes it easy for your team to cope up with the change management without any resistance.

Would like to know more about the product, get in touch with our customer success team. You can also request a demo for the functional insights of the product and can get 1-week free trial.



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