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Cloud Based Solutions: Surviving World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experiment Amid COVID19 Pandemic

01 Aug 2023

The current COVID19 Crisis has left no industry untouched. It has shaken businesses to their core and drastically changed customer behavior.

The novelty of COVID19 virus is complicating the situation, making people think about the implications that lie ahead. Evidence of what lies ahead, are the changes businesses are already making to adapt to the way they work.

Whether you are monitoring travel or public event cancellations as key indicators, – the bottom line of every business is being impacted. It’s all due to the fear of COVID19 that business and supply chains are being severely impacted.

Cloud Solutions Help Businesses Survive the COVID19 Pandemic

Cloud based solutions emerged as an immediate help to businesses to maintain stable operations and support a large mobile and remote workforce.

Adapting to these new business realities, the new reality of having most of your workforce working from home, is the new business requirement. Qualityze supports this new reality with its Next-Generation Quality Management solution.

The Qualityze EQMS Suite enables you to manage your quality processes with the same “business as usual” ease and efficiency as you had prior to the crisis. Additionally, you can remotely create new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), notices, and guidelines to keep your workforce trained and informed against the corona virus using the Qualityze Document Management module from the confinement of your home.

Make informed decisions concerning:

  • Employees required to be on-site
  • Procedures to protect the on-site employees
  • Guidelines for late shift check-in’s or absence
  • Requirements for working remotely

Secure cloud-based platforms like have enabled the availability of flexible, scalable, and secure solutions to a whole new level in recent years. Leveraging these cloud-based solutions such as Qualityze EQMS can enable you to manage your quality processes from anywhere in the world.

Commitment to quality is something we all strive to achieve – in business and our personal lives – for now, and the future.

Cloud is the New Business Landscape

Working remotely is not only changing the way business used to work; it’s also helping businesses realize their ability to proactively manage a crisis, so they have minimal impact on their day-to-day operations. While many companies may still be discussing the value of Cloud based quality management system solutions, todays current events have made it evident these systems are the future.

Businesses that had already shifted to cloud-based solutions are experiencing greater ease and flexibility in managing their operations. They can collaborate and communicate with their teams working remotely from anywhere in the world without worrying about providing employees access to company business applications.

Cloud solutions not only help businesses escape inconsistencies due to current scenarios; they can keep business-critical data safe from disaster.

The cloud has proven to be a reliable partner for business. It has enabled our economies retain the ability to function by minimizing their dependence on the physical locations to conduct business.

As companies look forward to keeping their productivity undisturbed, employees safe, and having a backup plan for when disaster strikes, Qualityze is set to help you explore its cloud solution as your insurance against any crisis.



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