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CAPA by filtering - It’s not everything that requires a CAPA Management Process!

01 Aug 2023

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Oftentimes in business it is felt that in the quest of excellence organizations tend to capture all adverse effects (events) to initiate CAPA Management Process by overlooking the question of its criticality.

Surprisingly it happens in both type of organizations – one where EQMS Software is comparatively immature and the other where organizations primarily work towards an improved excellence level. The former striving to attain stability and the latter to achieve consistency.

However, by indulging in attaining such perfection level they end up in slowing down the situation and loosing efficiency due to the absence of a filtering system that separates the critical from the non-critical events.

Reason being; in due course of time this accumulated mammoth figure of corrective action will add up and cause a bottleneck for the organization as influx of data that becomes stagnant, because the addressable problem process is jeopardized.

Thus, manually addressing such a large number of corrective actions creates complexity and requires more processing, losing cost and productive time.

Hence it is advisable to have a filtering system in place to be a truly efficient organization which can identify high risk events to separate and address on a priority basis rather than concentrating on less critical events that can be easily corrected with a one-off basis.

Now, that is where the automation is required to speed up the decision-making process.

An automated CAPA management system enables the organization to automate their Problem Addressable Methodology with a self-explanatory guide to CAPA Management processes that filter the critical from the non-critical events.

This is actually the crux of 80:20 Principle… to apply it in phase wise manner to attain the zero-error strategy model.

Hence, now a days it is becoming indispensable for organizations to have an effective and efficient EQMS in place as an automated responsive tool.

And that is where Qualityze Inc. EQMS Software comes…

With a proven history in EQMS space we believe in providing quality solutions for all and focuses on delivering closed-loop quality management Software solutions.

Qualityze CAPA Management System has built-in powerful analytics and reporting capabilities that provide you an early indication of quality issues, so the organization can take simplified corrective action.

The flexibility of Qualityze CAPA management Software helps and allows you to treat the most important part of a CAPA system, The Root Cause Analysis, in an efficient way by prioritizing the critical events and helping you make right decision – every time.

You can get more insights about the fundamentals of CAPA Management Process by visiting our blog – 7 Key Steps to Ensure Successful CAPAs.

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