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Centralized Database to Keep Everyone on the Same Page

01 Aug 2023

Managing the business-critical information and their respective database is one of the challenging tasks for modern organizations especially the ones who still prefer traditional om-premise information management systems. The major reason for the failure of the traditional management system is the lack of centralization. It keeps an organization from making an informed decision for improved profitability. Therefore, a quality management system with a centralized database is required to collect, analyze, and share the relevant information. Qualityze EQMS does exactly that. It comprises a centralized database that serves as a great medium to share, retrieve, and access the information throughout the organization without any hassles. But it doesn’t imply that you need to compromise on the security of critical information including the controlled documents designed to align the processes and teams with quality objectives.

Qualityze EQMS enables you to assign role-based access to the centralized platform so that only authorized people can view, modify, or share the crucial information. Multiple benefits that you can leverage with the centralized database of Qualityze EQMS.

1) Increased Security for Data and Information Improved security is one of the major reasons that organizations are switching to the centralized database to manage the data and information. Moreover, Qualityze EQMS enables you to assign role-based access to ensure data security through a well-controlled process. You need not store your data on multiple devices when you have the most secure cloud platform i.e. Salesforce available.

2) Zero Compromises on Data Integrity Keeping the data integrity maintained is often one of the key benefits you can leverage with the centralized data storage and management of Qualityze EQMS. You can prevent data redundancy since repeated files and databases increase security and quality risks. In a centralized system to manage the business-critical data, you can keep all the information update ensuring that everyone in the organization is referring to the most recent version, mitigating the chances of product recalls.

3) Improved Data Consistency Any organization can ensure consistency in data management and distribution with Qualityze EQMS. It keeps the data updated, managed and validated to circulate throughout the organization consistently.

4) Increased Organizational Productivity When all the critical information is gathered in a centralized database, your quality teams need not spend much time in accessing the required files. Qualityze EQMS helps to save time that your quality teams can invest in other productive chores, giving your employees to improve and increase their contribution to achieving quality objectives

5) Lowered Data Management Costs Unlike the traditional data management systems, you are likely to save huge data management costs with Qualityze EQMS centralized database including the infrastructure costs, storage devices, and much more.

If you are looking for a Quality Management Software with the centralized database but are unsure to select, register today for a free demo. This one-time registration will get you 1-week free product trial to help take a real-time tour of its features and in-built capabilities.

For more queries and information on the product, you can get in touch with our customer success team at info@qualityze.com or call us on 1-877-207-8616 and we will be right there for you.

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