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How Cloud Platform is changing the Quality Management Landscape

01 Aug 2023

In the recent few years, there have been drastic transitions in almost every industry including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and lifesciences due to the intervention of technology especially cloud.

Cloud is the one gained high popularity and traction. It has become mainstream for most of the software solutions including the quality management software. Cloud-based solutions have completely changed the way quality was managed, fostering a culture of continuous improvement through a proactive problem-solving approach.

For many reasons, organizations are likely to move their business processes from traditional on-site to the cloud platform. And, they have multiple options to make this transition successful like – they can choose the cloud-based quality management software applications. The range of opportunities that an organization gets with the cloud is extremely diverse. Make sure you select the service providers wisely.

Six ways the cloud has changed the quality management landscape:

  • Centralized storage for critical data and information

Centralized storage is one of the key advantages that a cloud platform offers to the end-users. In the manual quality systems, you are likely to face much more difficulties just due to information availability. The decentralized system often leads to confusion and unnecessary delays in data collection and analysis.

The centralized database makes daily tasks smooth and efficient as the users can share and retrieve information without any dependencies.

  • Improved collaboration and communication

The cloud platform significantly improves the collaboration and communication in an organization, mitigating all the physical barriers. A manager can collaborate with his team for an urgent task like modifying a controlled document even when he is sitting at a geographically distant location.

Such flawless collaboration and communication cannot be experienced with traditional quality management systems.

  • Increased flexibility and scalability

If you are still relying on the traditional quality management systems, you tend to miss amazing advantages like flexibility and scalability that cloud offers. You need not face space crunch situations any more since the cloud enables you to scale the storage with your needs. Also, you can experience unmatched flexibility with the cloud systems.

Give your business growth a positive push with the real potential of advanced quality management systems that offer flexibility and scalability.

  • Better control and security

The cloud platform allows companies to have better control and security for their critical data, leveraging improved data integrity. The cloud-based storage platforms are not prone to physical damage. You can also put restrictions on the accessibility of the data so only authorized people can modify and share the data.

So, don’t put your data on risks with traditional storage platforms and shift to cloud for secured and controlled quality management landscape.

  • Automated and standardized quality processes

The cloud platform comes with an added advantage to configure the workflows as required. This enables organizations to establish standardize the quality processes and practices throughout the organization, to ensure consistency. It further helps to maintain a culture of excellence.

Standardization through the cloud platform is growing up with speed since it enables companies to take a holistic approach towards improvement.

  • Reduced costs of quality

The cloud platform helps you avoid many expensive calls like hiring experienced IT Professionals, Software Installation, Maintenance Costs, Support Charges, Technical Training, and much more. Even the licensing costs of cloud-based quality management systems are way less than the traditional software license costs.

So, make the maximum advantages of cost savings by shifting to cloud for all your quality management needs with minimum operational hassles.

Don’t Let the Cloud Get Thunderous!

Like everything else, over-usage of cloud technology could lead to increased complexities. Think of a multi-cloud environment with a collection of processes, suppliers, documents, and other services. It will be as complicated as it sounds. If all the cloud environments will not be managed and monitored regularly, your IT department is likely to face more challenges.

For example – let’s understand the data security concept in the context of a cloud environment. When a company works with sensitive information like patient data in healthcare, the location of data should be properly defined since only a few countries have lee strict regulatory standards.

Working on a multi-cloud environment also requires IT teams in the organizations to stay updated in terms or patches, versions, and access-rights. This further makes it difficult to estimate the costs of quality.

The cloud has indeed made the paperless initiative successful. But the extensive growth of cloud, especially multi-cloud environments, finding the right quality management solution can be a challenging task.

The Right Type of Cloud QMS Your Business Need

Most of the highly regulated companies need configurable workflows and advanced features in their quality management software to align their processes with the quality objectives.

On the other hand, some industries like general manufacturing need a simplistic QMS that their employees can readily use without much complexities. Integration is also a consideration nowadays when it comes to an effective quality solution.

What else can differentiate a great QMS from a good QMS? It’s the capability to scale as the business grows since you cannot simply shift the processes all-of-the-sudden to another solution just because it lacks the scalability factor. It will be time-consuming and challenging.

All you need is a single solution with diversified features and inbuilt capabilities to scale and integrate based on your business requirements like Qualityze EQMS. Designed on the Salesforce platform, Qualityze EQMS is a user-friendly solution used for quality management landscape. It helps to establish a closed-loop system to encourage continuous improvements.

Get in Touch for a Demo

Choosing the right EQMS solution is an important decision to make for any organization especially when there are a variety of options available. The best way to go about it is by taking the product demo and ask your questions. You must understand How the QMS you are going to select can serve your organization and its quality processes.

Qualityze Enterprise Quality Management System Software is designed on the most powerful and secure cloud platform to comply with the growing needs of organizations for quality products and processes. To explore the product in and out, request a demo now.

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