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Configurable workflows to avoid Process Flaws

01 Aug 2023

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Creating a workflow is important for every business to streamline the quality processes, minimize the chances for errors, and to improve the organizational efficiency. A workflow further improves the decision-making capability of quality teams since it encourages them to collaborate more productively. Many business owners still feel that they are doing good without any defined workflows. They need to understand that customizing the workflows can set them apart from the competitors.

However, you may not find every quality management software with the capability to configure the workflows. Qualityze EQMS is a robust solution that comprises configurable workflows to enable organizations to streamline and standardize their existing processes for maximum productive results while complying with the regulatory and quality standards.

Establishing workflows with Qualityze EQMS will help you reap multiple advantages including:

1) Lesser chances of errors and mistakes Your quality teams will no more skip a step. Qualityze EQMS comes with alerts and notifications that will help you keep your employees informed about the next step or process. it will ensure that your teams follow the order of processes you have created.

2) No restrictions of customization There are many EQMS software that can be customized based on your business needs. But think about it – will they be suitable for your ever-growing and changing business needs. You cannot afford to get the entire software customized every time you want some new information box or labels. On the other hand, you can get Qualityze EQMS with configurable workflows wherein you can edit the fields, captions, and labels as per your business current needs.

3) Well-defined process orders Business processes that are arranged in well-defined orders ensure that employees are following best practices not just for the first time, but for every time. The configurable workflows allow you to define the process orders clearly without any resistance even with the changes introduced over time. This further ensures that you have the most efficient transactions and process cycles.

4) Lesser needs for training Configurable workflows offer a great advantage in terms of standardizing the process since you don’t need to provide training to every single employee. Neither they need to memorize what’s next. The processes will already be established in an order and they just need to follow that.

5) Standardization becomes easy Workflows eases standardization. You can simply create defined processes to give your employees clear directions to quality objectives and ensure that everyone is on the same page. It will further help you ensure consistency for processes as well as relevant activities to improve.

If you are looking for a Quality Management Software with configurable workflows but are unsure to select, register today for a free demo. This one-time registration will get you 1-week free product trial to help take a real-time tour of its features and in-built capabilities.

For more queries and information on the product, you can get in touch with our customer success team at or call us on 1-877-207-8616 and we will be right there for you.



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