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Qualityze EQMS

Qualityze Calibration Management Solution is a cloud-based simple, yet robust solution to help your organizations manage and maintain a registry of equipment/devices that are used for monitoring and measuring. It enables you to capture all the equipment details including equipment type, unique identification, location, frequency of calibration, method and acceptance criteria to calibrate these equipment/devices.

Qualityze Calibration Management Solution enables you to maintain the asset’s value by ensuring error-free functioning to deliver consistent quality products and services. Regulatory entities like ISO/IEC and FDA mandates organizations to document the routine calibration of the equipment and maintain the calibration records for reference. Besides, periodic calibration activities help to reduce the downtime in the production cycles and potential product/service nonconformity.

Qualityze Calibration Management solution is designed to support and complement the industry requirement and regulatory standards to manage equipment by:

Create Criteria Library

In the first step, a criteria library is required to be created which can be later used to define asset specific calibration criteria in the asset profile of each asset. Criteria can be of 2 types: Variables and Attributes.

  • Attributes

Define the variables based on the standard requirements to ensure precise and productive inspection of equipment and instruments.
It enables you to be more specific to measure the degree of exactness of the asset.

  • Variables

Define the attributes criteria for the different type of equipment and instruments used for manufacturing goods. You can state the Criteria Name, Measurement values, Tolerance (-), Tolerance (+).

Create Asset Library

You can create profile of every asset in the system through details like Asset ID, Name, Type, Status, Location, Physical Location, Owned By, Custodian, Last Calibration Date, Calibration Performed By, and much more.

In addition, you can opt for desired details in asset profile since Qualityze offers configurable fields and workflows. It is first-level documentation to create the calibration schedules for your critical assets i.e. equipment and instruments.

Setup Calibration Schedule

The configurable interface of the Qualityze Calibration Management Solution allows to setup calibration schedules for different assets in advance so to avoid any catastrophic events due to delayed or missed calibrations. You can schedule the calibration activity for Validation, Calibration, and Certification type. You can assign the calibration schedules to a selected Vendor, Internal team member, or both

Define Asset Specific Calibration Criteria

Qualityze enables you to define Asset Specific Calibration Criteria wherein you can specify the standard measurements and tolerance level. You can also create and document R&R Study i.e. Repeatability & Reproducibility for each asset profile and for each whose calibration criteria is defined.

Conduct Scheduled or Unscheduled (emergency) Calibration

Use the system generated scheduled calibration alert to generate a scheduled calibration record or initiate a calibration record in ad-hoc basis for unscheduled (emergency) calibration. Using the predefined criteria at the asset level will allow you to inspect, measure and calibrate the equipment at hand. After checking the tolerance level of the equipment and instruments, you can take further actions such as create an NC for the Out of Tolerance outcome, Remove from the use, Calibrate, Repair, keep it As Received, or mark it unrepairable and other custom actions.

The closure activity will reflect the details such as Time took to Complete, Cost Incurred, Date Returned to Use, Asset Status, Calibration Result, and much more.

Print Calibration Certificate

After the successful calibration activity, you can print a calibration certificate/label to show calibration status, calibration performed date and due date of calibration, demonstrating a control to guarantee that only calibrated instruments are used.

Qualityze Calibration Management Software for Multiple Industries

Qualityze Calibration Management System works for many industries with the same effectiveness and efficiency. From Life sciences to General Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Healthcare, biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Medical Devices, Food and Beverage operations, our solution makes it easy for you to maintain high quality standards by keeping your equipment and instruments calibrated.

Configurable and Cloud-Based Platform

Qualityze Calibration Management Software is built on the world’s leading a cloud-based platform You can configure the workflows based on the individual requirements. It also leverages complete flexibility, scalability, and security to manage calibration records and keep the product quality consistent.

Adherence to Compliance Standards

For every industry, Qualityze follow the relevant standards requirements set by the regulatory committees such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S.FDA), International Standard Organization (ISO), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and Good Clinical Practices (GCP), ISO 17025, etc.
User-Friendly Interface

Qualityze Calibration Management Software possesses intuitive interface that enables user to manage the calibration process with utmost ease and accuracy. It is suitable for every type of industry including General Manufacturing and highly regulated Lifesciences industry. This intuitive software QMS Software simplifies user experience.

Why Calibration is Important?

The main objective of calibrating the equipment is to keep a check on its accuracy by comparing the tool measurements with the standard defined values. It ensures precision in the equipment and instruments reading to ensure consistent quality products. Having a regular calibration schedule enables you to;

  1. Ensure equipment accuracy
  2. Comply with Standard Values
  3. Control inconsistencies in product and service quality
  4. Maintain your assets for longer time
  5. Minimize the downtime and wastage

Calibration Management to Ensure Consistent Product Quality

Qualityze Calibration Management System a compliant solution to maintain the accurate measurements of your equipment, instruments, and devices. It enables you to standardize the calibration process in your organization and store all your device calibration records on a centralized platform.

Our Calibration Management Solution helps manage calibration schedules and send notifications for calibration events before they are due. The solution helps create the calibration criteria and tasks with the specific instructions to the right person for review, approval, and completion. You can maintain the complete record, including the calibration data, for the regulatory inspections and audits.

Do you want to minimize the production downtime and resource wastage? It’s time to get Qualityze Quality Management Software for your organization.

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