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Gretchen Schneider – We chose Qualityze for its simplicity!

Qualityze is an out-of-the-box, ready-to-use, Quality Management System. Since it runs as an independent, Cloud-based application, which is much nicer than trying to expand an expensive ERP system, muddied with a bunch of unwanted ERP features; therefore, it is extremely appealing in regards to cost.

Also, Qualityze is built on the incredibly popular Salesforce platform, currently used by our Sales department. Since Salesforce is well-known for its world-class security measures, we were able to quickly move through the executive approval process, as it had already been vetted by our IT experts.

After researching our QMS options, calling on references, then deciding to move forward with Qualityze, we have been happy with that decision ever since. The Qualityze staff is very personable, knowledgeable, professional, intuitive, and extremely patient. They have developed a thorough implementation system which has flawlessly guided our team through every milestone of our implementation timeline. Never have we felt lost, abandoned, nor ignored….actually, quite the opposite! The Qualityze team has gone to great lengths to ensure we are on-track, have a clear vision, and that we understand their FULL support is just the touch of a few phone buttons away.

We are currently live with NC, CAPA and Audit, and in the process of implementing Document and Change Management, along with ERP integration. It is my pleasure to give Qualityze my company’s highest recommendation.

Gretchen Schneider, Quality Coordinator MasterTag Montague, MI


Yan Purba – New generation of a Quality Management System

Having 15+ years of experience in a regulated Lifesciences and Healthcare environment and now responsible for all technology investments at Larry H. Miller Auto , I am pragmatic and thorough when selecting enterprise solutions. Having an extensive background and experience in selecting and implementing Electronic Quality Management Systems (EQMS) for Edwards Lifesciences and SelectHealth/Intermountain Healthcare, we selected the Qualityze team and EQMS product built on the platform. The solution best met our business requirements, modern user experience and ease of systems management. The Integrated EQMS helps our auditors collaborate all audit compliance issues easily across all 60+ sites. The product is built using industry quality process best practices, which helps us improve our business processes and easily adapt to our dynamic business. The solution is also modern in its user experience which makes it a zero training platform (like mobile apps). The administration screens are also intuitive which makes the solution easy to manage. Given the platform robustness, it is a business solution that delivers business outcomes for the right value.

The Qualityze SaaS EQMS is better than what I have seen in the market for faster and easy configurations such as field level changes and disabling or enabling functionality. The Qualityze team’s experience is extensive, global and their support is superior. Their customer service and implementation approach is agile and thorough, they were able to help us realize the value of the system quickly. The dashboards, reports, approvals through email, C level ability to follow up specific quality issues is all exceptional. The solution is cost effective and we were able to implement within 30 days. I highly recommend Qualityze EQMS as a company that brings the highest level of solution performance to quality processes, value for quality, scalability, configurability, and team expertise.

CIO at Larry H. Miller Dealerships

Miheer G – HD Fire Protect now runs on Qualityze EQMS

HD Fire Protect designs, develops, manufactures and installs firefighting systems for large and reputed companies globally. Complete control of each product and ensuring its quality and reliability have always been our priority. Our mission critical products manufactured in multiple sites, requires a scalable EQMS system to accommodate our constant business changes. We looked for years to find the right EQMS system that is flexible for our business needs, within our budget and meets the needed regulatory requirements. We then found Qualityze, the right business partner to implement QMS, with a highly-experienced team, a complete QMS system, excellent support and attitude of excellence we demand.The Qualityze EQMS system provides closed loop managed processes with built in approvals through a superior well designed user interface. Qualityze expert knowledge on Salesforce platform helped us configure business rules and workflows to automate our internal quality process. Now we are able to initiate a nonconformance event through outlook email from tablets and mobile phones. We also implemented in just weeks, amazing. If you are looking for the best EQMS system, expertise, innovation, business partnership and high value for reasonable cost, I highly suggest you choose Qualityze EQMS built on the Salesforce cloud platform like we did.

Miheer Ghotikar | Director- HD Fire Protect.

Terry Williamson – Experience with Qualityze QMS Solution !!!

With the growth of our company VTEGI, I needed a QMS solution that efficiently supports ISO standards. During my research for a QMS, I spoke with Qualityze and they really stood out for their cloud solution and were helpful in the process. Initially I considered going with an on premise solution but found the benefits of Qualityze and their cloud solution built on the platform to be compelling. I selected Qualityze and they have been excellent throughout the process of implementation. The EQMS is very easy to work with and we were live under a month with 4 modules (Non Conformance, CAPA, Document Management, and Change Management). The Qualityze application UI is very elegant with iconic and color coded interface and also built in contextual help for end users. The Qualityze EQMS solution has excellent functionalities and features, such as ability to easily administer and configure workflows, approvals, audit trail, digital signature, alerts, attaching multiple attachments at the same time and many more. The system is supporting our process orientated business very well.Qualityze is one of the best software decisions and implementations we have put in place. The quality of the their Next Gen EQMS and support team is excellent. We look forward to rolling additional modules in the future as well. We truly recommend you to discuss your QMS needs with Qualityze for a great team and solution.

Terry Williamson | CEO – VTEGI

Atul Gupta – I have already introduced Qualityze to my business partners

E. M. Electro-Mechanicals PVT. LTD is an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures heavy fabrication and machined components. Errors in our business are expensive and our objective is to achieve zero defect product manufacturing. Due to our growth, our semi-automated quality processes were becoming difficult and impacting the ability to reach our targets. It was determined that the best path was to select an EQMS solution and a trusted partner. As I researched EQMS offerings, there were important criteria including being cloud-based, easy to use, secure and price competitive. Additionally it was important to find a seasoned partner that would value our business relationship and bring industry best practices to our quality processes.I considered multiple QMS vendors and evaluated their capabilities through numerous product demonstrations. Qualityze immediately stood out with its best in class user interface. I continued to look into the configurability of the system, budget, QMS knowledge, and the capabilities of the solution at the platform level. The Qualityze EQMS solution continued to stand-out from the other vendors in providing a best in class Next Gen EQMS built on the Technology Platform that met all of our requirements.

Qualityze EQMS was affordable and well within our budget. I was extremely pleased to find the implementation services to be well thought-out, efficient, and Qualityze provided the highest level of commitment to our success.

Within a few weeks we were implemented, trained, and successfully using the Qualityze EQMS. Our team is now using the Nonconformance (NC) and Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA) modules and we have added additional licenses to expand a culture of quality to our entire organization. We are looking forward to implement Document Control, Change Management and other modules.

I have already introduced Qualityze to my business partners and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their quality processes. Their solution truly helps instill and expand a “culture of quality”. We at E. M. Electro-Mechanicals PVT. LTD have accelerated visibility and greater control over managing our product defects and quality process. Qualityze is extremely helpful and earned our status of “trusted partner”. Thank you Qualityze!

Atul Gupta | Owner/Managing Director – EM Electro Mechanicals Pvt Ltd