EQMS software for the Consumer Goods Industry

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Quality Management System for Consumer Goods Industry

Quality continues to be the primary concern for consumers. With the ever-changing and growing customer requirements, the companies are frequently in the pressure to deliver quality products in a timely and hassle-free manner, especially in the consumer goods industry. The quality alone can impact the overall business performance of the providers of the goods. It requires them to upgrade the process, services, and product excellence continuously, even if it involves technology intervention. Quality Management System for Consumer Goods Industry is a must-have for consumer goods companies to take a holistic approach towards quality management and attaining customer excellence. Qualityze EQMS is the next-generation enterprise quality management solution that enables consumer goods companies to take a sophisticated approach to quality management, mitigating the operational and compliance risks. Built on the Salesforce platform, Qualityze provides Consumer Goods companies more flexibility and security in managing product and process quality. It transforms the quality systems into a quality decision-making engine, allowing organizations to reduce wastage and customer complaints significantly. It eventually improves brand reputation and market share.

The Qualityze EQMS software for the Consumer Goods Industry is a closed-loop quality system. It includes Document Management, Change Management, Nonconformance Management, Permit Management, Incident Management, EBR Management, Field Safety Action Management, CAPA Management, Calibration Management, Maintenance Management, Audit Management, Training Management, Complaint Management, Inspection Management, Supplier Quality Management with exciting features like Audit Trail, Electronic Signature, Validations, Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics.

Advantages of Quality Management Software for the Consumer Goods Industry

Quality Management Software for Consumer Goods Industry

The Consumer Goods industry is the one that continuously experiences new challenges due to ever-increasing customer expectations, competition, and stringency of compliance standards. Moreover, they need to emphasize customer experience excellence. It requires them to ensure best practices within the organization. Quality management software enables consumer goods companies to streamline, manage, assess, and track their quality processes efficiently by creating a closed-loop system and gain a competitive edge. Here’s an overview of all the benefits you can leverage with integrating an end-to-end quality management system for Consumer Goods industry:

  • Improved Brand Reputation
  • Reduced Quality Costs
  • Better Business Processes
  • Improved Supplier Processes
  • Better Decision Making
  • Minimized Product Defects

How Does Qualityze Works for Consumer Goods Industry?

Since the Consumer Goods industry’s primary goal is to improve the customer experience while delivering quality goods in a timely and compliant fashion, Qualityze EQMS Suite simplifies the quality management within Consumer Goods organizations, allowing them to maintain the highest standards of quality and reduce overhead expenses. It is a cloud-driven and fully configurable solution. To address the operational, quality, and compliance risks with greater flexibility and security. Let’s have a look at how each module functions for the Consumer Goods industry:

Nonconformance Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryNonconformance Management

Attaining and maintaining customer loyalty is getting tough with rapidly changing purchase behavior. Even one quality issue can break the customer’s trust from even a reputed brand. Streamlining the defects and deviation management can reduce the chances of nonconformances. Qualityze Nonconformance Management helps consumer goods companies to optimize their quality processes, minimize quality and compliance risks, and achieve operational excellence. It is a cloud-based solution that offers greater visibility and traceability through the quality systems, driving continuous improvements. It allows you to manage all types of nonconformances – Process, Product, System, Supplier, and more – within time. It will eventually protect your brand reputation and market share.

CAPA Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryCAPA Management

Consumer goods is an industry that still relies on traditional data management tools such as spreadsheets and paper-based systems to track and manage the CAPA. It is high time for consumer goods companies to consider an upgrade from draining traditional CAPA management systems to technology-driven and efficient ones. Qualityze CAPA Management software enables consumer goods companies to standardize the CAPA workflows, ensuring detailed root cause analysis and effective resolutions. You can quickly track and report the CAPA issues, action plans, and solutions using advanced reporting and analytics tools. It supports various investigation tools, including 5 Whys, Fishbone Diagram, and more to eliminate systemic issues, achieving compliance with applicable regulatory standards.

Document Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryDocument Management

Consumer goods companies often find themselves outdated when it comes to managing quality-related documentation – whether they are training materials, Bill of Materials, SOPs, or audit findings. Qualityze Document Management helps consumer goods companies to capture, manage, and track the critical documentation on a centralized and easily accessible platform. It supports electronic signatures and audit trail to comply with the applicable regulatory standards. It eases version control, providing more visibility through the changes made to the documents. It also helps reducing overall time, cost, and effort associated with the document management processes. Integrated with Watermark functionality, Qualityze Document Management ensures the confidentiality of the documents manages and shared across the business network.

Change Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryChange Management

From introducing new products and services to adapting technologies, enhancing collaboration, and communication to optimizing the supply chain processes, consumer goods companies continuously face challenges that require them to change their approaches to survive in the current competing business environment. Qualityze Change Management helps consumer goods companies to develop and implement an effective change management plan, reducing the overall implementation time. It automatically sends alerts and notifications to the impacted users about the change implementation to plan other relevant activities accordingly. Cloud-based and configurable, Qualityze allows consumer goods companies to embrace the challenges of managing change since it is the only constant of all other things.

Audit Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryAudit Management

In the highly competitive business environment, it is essential for consumer goods companies to not only manufacture the highest quality products but also to comply with national and international regulatory standards. It requires them to have a comprehensive audit management process to keep a check on best practices followed within the organization. Qualityze Audit Management Software helps consumer goods companies standardize their end-to-end audit lifecycle. It enables them to manage both internal and external audits – online and offline – without any hassles. It comes with pre-defined audit checklists that can be configured based on the individual business requirements. You can also schedule your audits well-in-advance to maintain audit regularity even when you are not there. Qualityze ensures timely, compliant audit processes to drive a culture of continuous improvements within the organization.

Training Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryTraining Management

As we have already discussed, consumer goods companies continuously face challenges that require them to change their processes and upgrade to innovative technological solutions to survive in the current competing business environment. Hence, it becomes crucial for their staff to be trained, competent, and updated about the changing products and policies. Qualityze Training Management Software enables consumer goods companies to manage their employee training needs effectively and efficiently. It allows them to create multiple training programs based on the job-function, departments, roles, and more, ensuring all your employees are trained for the roles and responsibilities assigned. You can create both document-based and instructor-led training programs on a cloud-based, centralized platform, giving your employees more flexibility to complete relevant training.

Supplier Quality Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustrySupplier Quality Management

Consumer goods companies need to ensure that their suppliers provide the highest quality products and services while conforming to the compliance requirements. It can be best accomplished with a robust supplier quality management software that can help companies monitor, manage, and track the supplier performance at regular intervals. Qualityze Supplier Quality Management allows consumer goods companies to streamline all their supplier-related processes – from supplier selection to performance review – in a compliant and timely fashion. It improves the overall communication and collaboration with the associated suppliers to ensure they are continuously improving the material/supplies quality. It comes with a pre-defined supplier questionnaire to simplify the supplier selection process, complying with the business requirements.

Complaints Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryComplaints Management

Whether you want to protect the brand reputation or to look forward to long-term product quality improvements, the key to success lies in the way you manage customer complaints. Resolving customer complaints on time is the key driver for customer satisfaction. It requires you to have a standardized complaints management process. Qualityze Complaints Management Software streamlines and standardizes the complaints process to improve customer response management and closure cycle time. It comes with pre-defined complaints report format to simplify the global regulatory submissions and reporting. It helps ensure that all the customer complaints are investigated and resolves promptly while achieving compliance FDA, GMP, ISO, 21 CFR, and other applicable regulatory standards.

Calibration Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryCalibration Management

As the consumer goods industry expand, companies must implement best practices, methods, and technologies to ensure proper process and quality control. It often requires them to have accurately measuring devices in place. But the challenge arises in ensuring the accuracy of the equipment used against the standard defined values. Qualityze Calibration Management Software allows consumer goods manufacturers and packaging companies to maintain their equipment accuracy by keeping it checked with standard values. Whether you want to create an asset profile or wish to define the asset-specific calibration criteria, Qualityze is a fully configurable and intuitive solution to make things simple and straightforward for your quality teams. It automatically generates the calibration certificates for the successfully calibrated equipment to demonstrate compliance at the time of regulatory inspections and audits.

Maintenance Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryMaintenance Management

Manufacturers and distributors face constant pressure to deliver the highest quality goods, simplify supplier processes, and remain competitive while ensuring that all the equipment is right. It requires them to manage the equipment maintenance schedules regularly. It will be daunting and time-consuming if done manually. Qualityze Maintenance Management Software allows consumer goods manufacturers to maintain the life of their critical assets by helping them manage maintenance schedules for a single site as well as multi-site efficiently. Based on the risks involved, you can perform any maintenance for different equipment such as corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, condition-based maintenance, and risk-based maintenance.

Inspection management software for Consumer Goods industryInspection Management

Inspections help consumer goods companies to verify marking, packaging, and labeling specification to meet compliance. The complexity of the inspections lies in the diversified product range in the consumer goods industry. But not anymore. Qualityze Inspection Management solution is specifically designed to serve the critical needs of consumer goods inspections, ensuring delivery of operational and quality goods to the customer. You can define the measurements, materials, and other specifications through sampling plans and inspection standards. The intuitive interface makes it extremely simple for your inspection team to streamline the inspection processes. It can be seamlessly integrated with the existing quality systems to provide more control over the quality of incoming components.

Permit Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryPermit Management

In the consumer goods industry, it is essential to implement a comprehensive documentation plan so that the control system is defined and records are kept to allow permit auditing and verification. That’s where the Qualityze Permit Management solution can help you. It helps manage all types of permits and licenses and their details and documentation, ensuring better traceability. Powered by the most powerful and secure cloud platform, i.e., Salesforce.com, our permit management solution provides the required flexibility, security, and reliability to manage all permits and licenses from one place. In addition, all the details will be automatically stored as a permit record to support auditing processes. Wouldn’t you like to experience the cloud difference to manage permits and licenses yet?

Material Compliance Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryMaterial Compliance Management

Consumer goods companies prioritize responsible sourcing of minerals as part of their supplier sustainability programs. It minimizes access to conflict minerals from mines that directly or indirectly support, or benefit armed groups worldwide. In addition, minerals sourced responsibly from conflict-affected and high-risk regions contribute to the local economy and communities. That’s where Qualityze Material Compliance Management Solution helps consumer goods manufacturers with responsible sourcing initiatives. Our solution comes with pre-defined templates for reporting declaration forms such as CMRT that can be configured to your business compliance requirements. In addition, the in-built notification feature helps notify your suppliers of due declarations.

Forms Management Software for Consumer Goods IndustryForms Management

Our lives revolve around consumer goods. Each day, it touches the lives of billions of people, from eatables to personal care products. A wide array of products and a vast customer base generate enormous amounts of data every minute, resulting in zillions of data warehouses. Unfortunately, a lack of consistent governance processes leads to data inconsistency and duplication, which are constant challenges for industry leaders. With Qualityze Forms Management, leading companies in the Consumer Goods space can easily clean and manage their existing master data, following standard business rules and workflows. In addition, the software provides them greater flexibility and security to manage hundreds and thousands of form records created every day. It also supports the digital signature validation to ensure the accuracy of the data inputs in the forms.

Field safety Management Software for Consumer goods IndustryField Safety Action Management

Millions of consumer products are recalled every year. These products are sophisticated automobiles, electronics and toys, and children’s products. Recalling such products is a critical step in mitigating the risks posed by unsafe products to consumers and communicating those risks to them. While some businesses believe recalls are detrimental to their reputation and brand, others view them as a boon to their confidence. If you want recalls to be beneficial for your business, make sure you manage them well. It would be best to use a powerful tool like Qualityze Field Safety Action Management. It streamlines all your post-market surveillance activities. It enables users to document and store all the relevant details in one place. You can also use the pre-defined templates to record distribution data. In addition, the cloud platform often provides greater flexibility and security to manage recall data.

Incident Management Software for     Consumer goods IndustryIncident Management

Consumer goods companies are all responsible for ensuring product safety. However, food and commodity regulations from the European Union and national governments are a jungle of details. Although the EC Food Safety Directive and the EC Food Safety Regulation are well known, dozens of specific implementing regulations and directives are interwoven with national legislation and sometimes nearly incomprehensible. For example, a business fails to meet legal safety requirements. In that case, consumers complain, government and insurer notifications are required, claims are filed, and recalls are possible – all of which have significant repercussions for businesses’ operations, trading relationships, and reputations. So, whenever an incident occurs, you must quickly respond and reduce its impact. It is made simple with Qualityze Incident Management software. The in-built capabilities, configurable workflows, and intuitive interface of the solution completely transform the way you manage and report incidents.

EBR Management Software for Consumer goods IndustryEBR Management

Qualityze Batch Management software efficiently manages batch operations in the consumer goods industry and other process industries. The system helps you to comply with ISA-88 standards for batch control and guides the management of recipes and batch executions. You can create different forms to collect production-related data consistently and accurately. Using this software, everything from batch activity to material flow and production data is tracked and recorded in a centralized database for a comprehensive electronic batch record (EBR). It helps manufacturers increase productivity and quality by improving the efficiency of their operations. Batch automation produces consistent quality, maximizes asset utilization, eliminates paper records, and speeds up batch release. In addition, it facilitates the launch of new products (NPIs) and helps you respond to changing market requirements more quickly. 

Risk Management Software for Consumer goods IndustryRisk Management

Complex supply chains, millions of third parties, and a global reach expose consumer packaged goods businesses to third-party risks. To maintain brand integrity and trust, all third parties and subcontractors must withstand international regulatory scrutiny. There have been staggering regulatory fines and reputational damage for CPG companies that have engaged third parties for corruption, health and safety, the environment, product safety, and human rights violations. Qualityze Risk Management system enables you to prevent these challenges by building a culture of quality and best practices. It streamlines all risk-related activities, including compliance reporting, documentation, developing an action plan, mitigating risks, and much more. It is a highly configurable and intuitive solution that simplifies risk management processes with advanced in-built capabilities such as Automated Email Approval, Digital Signature Validation, Audit Trail, and many more. Contact our customer success team for more information and a product demo.

Why Choose Qualityze Quality Management System for Consumer goods Industry?

Choosing Qualityze Quality Management System for Consumer Goods industry will be a beneficial decision because it has:

Still Thinking?

Qualityze EQMS offers a lot of value to any organization with its customizable cloud-based software for Nonconformance Management, CAPA Management, Audit Management, Document Management, EBR Management, Change Management, Training Management, Supplier Quality Management, Permit Management, Incident Management, Field Safety Action Management, Customer Complaints Management, Inspection Management, Calibration Management, and Maintenance Management.