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Document Management: Create, Collaborate, Manage, and Communicate Knowledge

Whether it’s a Lifesciences, Manufacturing, Automotive, or Food and Beverage company, every industry relies on control documents to ensure standardized, repeatable processes and trained employees are being used to consistently produce high quality products or services.

Many organizations still struggle to efficiently manage such critical information/documents. Outdated or manual document management processes restrict them from accessing the right information at the right time, placing them in regulatory risk and creating a competitive disadvantage. What is required is an integrated document management approach that connects all quality processes in order to manage critical information and promote best practices for a consistent product or process experience.

Qualityze Document Management enables you to create, collaborate, revise, approve, and train employees on business-critical documents to meet industry and regulatory requirements. You can cost-effectively manage and share critical controlled documents like SOP’s, Work Instructions, Forms, and industry best practices across your organization.

With Qualityze Document Management, you can enable industry standard processes to:

  • Create and Collaborate on Critical Documents
  • Efficiently Review and Approve Documents
  • Associate Reference Documents
  • Setup Training Requirements
  • Streamline Document Release Process
  • Make Obsolete and Archive expired Critical Documents

Document Management Overview

Managing ever-increasing documents securely and efficiently has remained the top concern for businesses. Qualityze Document Management can ease this challenge by enabling organizations to create, revise, and approve controlled documents. It provides a robust framework to help meet industry and regulatory requirements. It supports digital signature and comprises capabilities like Watermark, Third-Party Integration, and Role-Based Access to transform document management experience. Additionally, it allows you to share critical control documents throughout the enterprise and manage them cost-effectively. With Qualityze Document Management, you can effectively and efficiently:

  • Create Documents
  • Collaborate
  • Review
  • Approve
  • Release
  • Obsolete
  • Archive
  • Validate with Digital Signature
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Document Control and Management Software Systems

Create and Collaborate on Critical Documents

The document creation process involves utilizing standard templates to keep the process consistent and efficient. Additionally, different people are necessary to collaborate during the document creation process. Qualityze Document Management system makes this process easy for you. A standard template can be used to generate a document. In the Initiation step, you can capture the details like:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Owner
  • Effective Date
  • Site
  • Department
  • Expiration Date
  • Security information & others

You can also use a ‘check-in’ functionality to store a completed document. Collaboration step is an optional step in which a document owner can invite several people to participate in the creation process of the document.

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Efficiently Review and Approve Documents

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According to the regulatory standards, once a document is drafted, a designated individual(s) should review it for the adequacy of the information and approval prior issuing the same.

With Qualityze, you can use the collaboration step to perform the review process. Alternately, approval process can also be used for a review process even though it is an optional step in the system. Our solution instantly sends alerts and notifications through email regarding the review and approval activities aligned for them.

Qualityze accelerates the document review and approval process, reducing the overall document cycle time.

Associate Reference Documents

Associating reference documents involves linking related documents to provide easy access and facilitate document control. With Qualityze Document Management, you can associate reference documents in a few simple steps. You can link documents that are related to each other, such as procedures, instructions, and records. This ensures that all the relevant documents are easily accessible from a single location.

In addition, associating reference documents enables version control and ensures that the latest version of the document is always available. It also helps to streamline document review and approval processes, as all related documents can be reviewed and approved together. It further helps to ensure compliance, reduce errors, and increase efficiency in managing your organization’s documents and records.

Cloud-based Document Management Software

Setup Training Requirements

 Electronic Document Control Management Software

With Qualityze Document Management, you can easily set up training requirements. It seamlessly integrates with Training Management to help you create and assign training courses to employees, track their progress, and monitor completion rates. In addition, Qualityze Document Management enables you to generate reports on employee training status and compliance, ensuring all employees receive the necessary training. By setting up training requirements in Qualityze Document Management, you can improve employee performance, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and reduce errors and inefficiencies in document management.

Streamline Document Release Process

Once the document has been through the initiation, collaboration, review and approval process, it is time to release the document for the end-user.

Qualityze has made the release process simplified. While setting up the document profile, you can also define the grace period that will control the release process. A document can be released as soon as the approval process is complete. If the effective date is in the future, the document will not be released. Additionally, a built-in review process can be scheduled to check the validity of the document on regular intervals. As a part of the effectiveness review, you have the option to keep the document active or revise or expire.

Document Management System

Make Obsolete and Archive expired Critical Documents

Document Control Management Software

As a part of the document lifecycle process, documents are constantly assessed for the validity of the content. When a document is revised, a new revision is created. In this case, the old revision is made obsolete to remove it from the circulation.

Even though the old revision is withdrawn from the circulation, it needs to be archived based on the company’s record retention policy.

Qualityze document change control management software has made the process of document obsoleting and keeping it archived quite simple. As a part of the document profile, you can pre-define the number of days after which the status of the document changes to ‘Obsolete’.

Why Document Management Is Important?

Document Management is the foundation for any modern quality management system. It includes the creation, storage, review, and modification of business-critical documents in a systematic and streamlined manner. Such a system enables you to:

  • Have better document control
  • Maintain security and safety of the documents
  • Eliminate errors and have better retention
  • Improve decision-making and insight

How does Qualityze Document Management Help You?

Taking control of your document management processes will promote a consistent, repeatable approach to all critical business functions required to develop, manufacture and deliver your product or service.

With Qualityze Document Management you can:

  • Manage Critical Documents from a Centralized Platform
  • Enable Revision and Version Control
  • Ensure Timely Reviews and Approvals for Improved Productivity
  • Integrate Document with Training Processes
  • Integrate with Existing Business Systems
  • Improve Regulatory Compliance
  • Control Document Records and Data

Manage Critical Documents from a Centralized Platform

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Qualityze Document Management uses user-friendly and pre-defined document templates. Our document management system allows you to create detailed control documents with the required form fields: Document Title, Description, Owner, Effective Date, Expiration Date, Site, Department, Product, Process, Supplier, Security information, and much more. These standardized forms (modifiable to your organizational needs) and our configurable workflows allow you to capture your critical product and process details consistently and efficiently.

You can upload documents in MS Word or PDF format, or you can connect to document platforms such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Once you have provided document standardization you can now create digital workflows for teams to access, modify, control, and share documents globally.

Enable Revision and Version Control 

Revision control can be a nightmare. We have designed our document management system in a way that allows you to manage any number of document revisions, turning that nightmare into more of a dream.

Our system assigns a unique reference number to every document which ensures your quality teams refer to the latest version of control documents. This approach helps to provide consistent product and process quality. The audit trial and E-Signature authorization help you keep track of all the changes made to the document with a date and process owner’s name.

Qualityze Document Management is a scalable, secure, and reliable solution. It comes with role-based security controls, password authentication, and audit trail capabilities to ensure safer access to your business credentials and other critical information.

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Ensure Timely Reviews and Approvals for Improved Productivity

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Also, Qualityze Document Management accelerates your document review and approval timelines with capabilities like email approvals, alerts and notifications, task schedulers, and real-time collaboration. You can communicate with the document owners in real-time regarding critical changes, which reduces cycle times and review cycles by quickly addressing deviations and nonconformances.

Finally, a favorite document management feature of our clients is our ability to provide them with a side-by-side comparison of two versions of a document, The saves users time in determining what has changed from an older to newer document version at a glance.

Integrate Document with Training Processes

 Are you sure the documents you have shared with your teams are read and understood by every team member? Document-based training tracks and documents your team’s performance and understanding. Electronic signature features can be used to track your employees and managers’ signoffs, helping you monitor their training progress required for maintaining compliance and quality standards. Qualityze Document Management is seamlessly integrated with Change Management and Training Management to transform documents, changes, and training management processes into an engaging experience for the user. Effective document management is crucial to a quality organization and provides the foundation for ensuring regulatory compliance, and meeting business requirements.

Document Management Solution

Integrate with Existing Business Systems

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Qualityze Document Management seamlessly integrates with all the existing business systems and third-party applications such as CRM, ERP, MRP, LIMS, MES, and PLM, t that are being currently used within the organization. The ability to collect data from different sources and applications reduces the operational oversights and ensures safer data exchange between systems.

Integrating Document Management with existing systems gives you better control of documents produced and shared across the organization.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Qualityze Document Management provides a centralized repository and pre-defined standard templates to manage your critical documents in a compliance-ready format. Whether you want to create and manage SOPs, Work Instructions, SLAs, or any technical documentation, our solution makes the document management process simpler and more efficient to scale.

Make your critical documents instantly accessible with Qualityze.

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Control Document Records and Data

Document Management Software Solution

Qualityze Document Management enables you to establish a standardized document lifecycle, keeping all your quality data and records securely stored on a centralized cloud platform. For added security, you can use role-based security controls, password authentication, or track the audit trail to trace every activity performed on your organization’s quality data. Additionally, you can maintain compliance with regulatory standards, including but not limited to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 by taking advantage of our digital records and electronic signatures functionality.

Qualityze Document Management – Manage & Enforce Best Practices Across your Business

Qualityze Document Management works for every industry — Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cannabis/Hemp/CBD, Nutraceuticals, Biologics/Biotech, Food and Beverages, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Logistics — to accelerate the document lifecycle, improve visibility, and maintain compliance with applicable regulatory standards.

Qualityze Document Management Solution comes with a(n):

  • Centralized Document Database
  • Audit Trail
  • Configurable Workflow and Fields
  • Watermark Feature
  • Automated Email Approval
  • E-Signature Validation
  • Seamless Integration Capability
  • Chatter Platform
Document Control Management System

Qualityze EQMS – The Enterprise Quality & Compliance Management Platform to Manage, Control, and Track Critical Documents

Document management is about more than managing controlled documents for efficient and smooth quality management processes. It is about the centralization of quality information processed within your organization. With an effective document management system, it becomes easier to manage documents and their revisions while ensuring that every change is authorized and recorded on a centralized platform. This approach to document management helps meet compliance and regulatory requirements while streamlining the document lifecycle, improving organizational productivity. Additionally, our centralized platform increases the visibility and traceability of document records. Finally, you can use the watermark functionality to demonstrate the credibility that the documents produced will be used for a limited time.

The Qualityze EQMS Suite helps enterprises align their quality processes with their business objectives while mitigating operational challenges. Built on the most powerful and secure cloud platform,, Qualityze provides unparalleled benefits for managing controlled documents. We empower you to optimize your quality processes by giving you the control and confidence to better manage business critical information, allowing you to focus on business growth opportunities.

Qualityze prepares you to succeed with a next-generation approach for creating, managing, and sharing controlled documents across the organization.

Experience Qualityze Difference to Optimize Quality

Qualityze EQMS Suite enables you to maintain high quality standards while experiencing difference with:

Configurable Cloud-Based Platform

The Document Control and Management System from Qualityze is featured on a cloud-based, configurable platform to offer organizations a personalized solution that can manage and maintain their business-critical documents in a safer cloud environment. It gives users complete flexibility to access, manage, and track the critical information from anywhere across the globe while enabling them to scale the storage with ever-growing data records. Moreover, you can leverage advanced security controls that the cloud offers to keep your critical information securely.

Adherence to Compliance Standards

Qualityze document management software is designed keeping the relevant standards requirements in consideration such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – 21 CFR Part 820, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – ISO 9001, ISO 13485, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), etc. to design user guides, manuals, and How-To tips precisely.

User-Friendly Interface

Qualityze enterprise document management software comes with an easy-to-comprehend interface that makes the user journey easy when it comes to operating the software. One needs not to be technical personnel to understand the functionalities and workflows of our document management solution. The intuitive interface provides users a hassle-free experience, increasing overall productivity. You can also save on the costs of training resources. However, Qualityze is a simple and straightforward solution to all your document management needs.

Let Your Organization’s Document Management Process Be A Winning Process

Qualityze offers a robust, reliable, and secure document management software solution to give the organization a better control over their documents, eliminating all the hassles of the traditional system including storage space. Our solution is cloud-based. Hence, you can upgrade your storage space as and when required without any maintenance or upgrade costs.

With our best-in-class document management system, you can streamline all your process from creation to approval, archival to deletion in a requisite order. Our solution helps you create a centralized repository of the important documents that can be accessed and assessed only by the specific people you have given rights to. Being an admin, you can set the approval date, publishing date, deletion, archival, and even follow-ups well-in-advance.

Don’t you want your documents to be reserved in a safe and secure place? Get Qualityze Document Control Management System. It will serve as a safe vault for your documents that only people with granted rights can access, modify, or delete. The in-built scheduler makes it easy for you to manage the document related tasks even when you are not physically present in the organization by sending reminders on the specified date and to the specified person. This eventually ensures timely information delivery to the end-users.