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Tampa, FL USA, 23rd March 2023: Qualityze is pleased to announce our recent participation in the ISO 9001 and Audits World Conference. The event took place on March 13-14, 2023 and brought together professionals around the globe to discuss quality management and auditing. The ISO 9001 and Audits World Conference is a premier event in […]

Quality Management System for Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utility businesses continuously try to improve their energy efficiency to reduce wastage and unnecessary costs. Improving energy efficiency makes a good impact on the environment too. In recent years of technological evolution, it has become quite difficult for organizations to cope with the innovative ways of managing quality processes while keeping their workforce competent and maintaining compliance with applicable regulatory standards. Fortunately, robust and reliable quality management software is available these days for energy and utility agencies to simplify all the quality management tasks in a compliant manner.  Qualityze EQMS is the next-generation enterprise quality management solution that helps the Energy and Utility Industry optimize their key processes while mitigating the operational and compliance risks. Built on the Salesforce platform, Qualityze allows Energy and Utility agencies to manage product and process quality with greater flexibility and security. It transforms the quality systems into quality decision-making engine, allowing you to reduce the energy wastage significantly. It eventually improves brand reputation and market share.

The Qualityze EQMS software for the Energy and Utilities Industry is a closed-loop quality system. It includes Document Management, Change Management, Nonconformance Management, Permit Management, CAPA Management, Calibration Management, Maintenance Management, Audit Management, Training Management, Incident Management, Field Safety Action Management, Complaint Management, Forms Management, Material Compliance Management, EBR Management, Supplier Quality Management, Inspection management with exciting features like Audit Trail, Electronic Signature, Validations, Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics.

Advantages of Quality Management Software for the Energy and Utilities Industry

Quality Management System for Energy and Utilities industry

The Energy and Utility industry is experiencing multiple challenges due to continuously evolving technologies, increasing competition, and stringent compliance standards. Moreover, they operate 24*7 to ensure uninterrupted services to the customer. It becomes even more important for Energy and Utility agencies to maintain a culture of quality and efficiency to serve customer requirements. A quality management software makes it easy for utility companies to streamline, manage, and track their quality processes efficiently by creating a closed-loop system. Here’s an overview of all the benefits that you can leverage with the integration of an end-to-end quality management software for Energy and Utility industry:

  • Improved Brand Reputation
  • Reduced Energy Wastage 
  • Better Business Processes
  • Improved Operational Efficiency 
  • Better Decision Making
  • Improved Costs Savings

How Does Qualityze Works for Energy and Utilities Industry?

The primary objective of the Energy and Utility industry is to lower the energy costs while maintaining the quality of utilities. Qualityze EQMS Suite streamlines the critical processes of energy and utility organizations, allowing them to maintain the highest standards of quality and reducing energy expenditures. It is a cloud-driven solution that offers greater flexibility, security, and reliability. With Qualityze, the Energy and Utility industry can seamlessly address the operational risks while complying with the applicable regulatory standards. Let’s have a look at how each module functions for the Energy and Utility industry:

Nonconformance Management Software for Energy and Utility industryNonconformance Management

With the limited budget available, it is a challenge for every energy and utility company to manage their quality processes with aging infrastructure. The companies must consistently improve their processes to deliver quality and attain customer satisfaction while reducing the oversights. Qualityze Nonconformance Management software is the right solution that makes it possible to enhance service quality while reducing costs. It is a cloud-based solution that requires no additional infrastructure or storage space to manage and document nonconformances. The configurable forms and workflows allow you to customize the process flow without any hassles. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with the existing business quality system for improved visibility.

CAPA Management Software for Energy and Utility industryCAPA Management

Eliminating systemic issues and risks is a common challenge for every industry, including Energy and utilities. The organizations often need the right insights to manage risks, identify and eliminate the root cause, and, most importantly, preventing their recurrences. Qualityze CAPA Management System makes it simple by allowing energy and utility agencies to perform detailed root cause analysis with different investigation tools. It enables you to evaluate the severity of the risks while increasing visibility through all the related information available. The right insights help you to take a proactive approach in preventing the issue from recurring. Qualityze CAPA Management is an intuitive software that can be easily operated by all your employees without requiring any intense training.

Document Management Software for Energy and Utility industryDocument Management

Document management for the energy and utility agencies is critical in every sense since the costs and competition are continually increasing. The most challenging part of document-related challenges is the accessibility and management of property record information, which was inefficiently stored in traditional systems. Qualityze Document Management for Energy and utility companies is a cloud-based solution that allows you to access all your critical records anywhere. It saves you costs of storage space and ample time to invest in other core activities than just managing paper-based records. It scales with your growing business storage requirements and keeps your critical documents safe with advanced security options like role-based security controls, password authentication, and more. It supports electronic signature to meet compliance with applicable regulatory standards, including CFR Part 11.

Change Management Software for Energy and Utility industryChange Management

The energy and utility industry is one of those industries that are slow to change. The increasing pressure of technological revolutions and the aging workforce reduced the overall productivity. They must utilize the technological transformations to unlock their workforce’s potential and bring improvements in operational efficiency. Qualityze Change Management Software helps the Energy and utility embrace the challenge of change to evolve as more productive and efficient. It reduces the overall change implementation cycle time while assisting them in achieving compliance and operational excellence. It automatically sends the alerts to the impacted users to notify about the upcoming change, helping them plan, prepare, and execute the change effectively.

Audit Management Software for Energy and Utility industryAudit Management

The audits in the energy and utility sector generally focus on the processes implemented to reduce energy consumption. It is a systematic approach to analyze the flow of power and resources to reduce wastage. Qualityze Audit Management Software helps energy and utility agencies to make a systematic approach for managing Energy and related resources. It helps them analyze the processes to identify the areas of improvement and ensure efficient use of Energy. It comes with pre-defined audit checklists that can be configured based on the individual business requirements. You can schedule the multiple audits without any hassles, even if they are for different geographies. The centralized platform resolves the issue of accessibility and traceability, fostering a culture of informed decision-making.

Training Management Software for Energy and Utility industryTraining Management

For the energy and utility industry, it is imperative to continuously improve processes and communication skills to deliver utility services efficiently, such as gas, Energy, and water. Qualityze Training Management Software enables utility agencies to efficiently manage their workforce training, ensuring that they deliver excellent customer services and communicate effectively. It allows them to create relevant training programs for improved knowledge of customer service. You can create both document-based and instructor-led training with/without assessments. It also allows you to generate the training certifications for specific training programs, demonstrating the best practices culture of the organization. It seamlessly integrates with the document management system to help you manage the training-related documentation efficiently.

Supplier Quality Management Software for Energy and Utility industrySupplier Quality Management

In the energy and utility industry, it is common to experience quality failures and complaints due to poor visibility of the supply chains that further increases the risks. Qualityze Supplier Quality Management software, enables energy and utility agencies to control their supplier processes right from the selection. It comes with a pre-defined supplier questionnaire that can be customized for quick supplier selection. You can also review and evaluate supplier performance regularly to ensure that you are getting quality raw materials. It seamlessly integrates with existing business applications to provide you more control and confidence in managing all the supplier-related processes while achieving compliance.

Complaints Management Software for Energy and Utility industryComplaints Management

Resolving customer complaints in the energy and utility industries is daunting. The complaints could be regarding the products, customer service, and sometimes the resolution process itself. While utility providers’ goal is to reduce the number of complaints, it is also essential to ensure sufficient resolution for every complaint to make customer experiences delightful. Qualityze Complaints Management Software helps energy and utility agencies manage customer responses promptly while complying with the regulatory guidelines and gaining customer confidence. With the pre-defined templates, it also reduces the time and efforts for global regulatory reporting and submissions.

Calibration Management Software for Energy and Utility industryCalibration Management

It is imperative to continuously monitor and continuously improve the instrument performance in the energy and utility industries to ensure accurate measurements. Whether you want to calibrate environment meter or re-calibrate them periodically, Qualityze Calibration Management Software is what you need to manage multiple equipment calibration schedules in a hassle-free manner. It enables you to create an asset profile, criteria, and asset-specific calibration criteria over a few clicks. Its user-friendly interface makes it super-easy to use. It automatically alerts the calibrators for the due calibrations, so they don’t miss the deadlines and keep the equipment accuracy in check. It seamlessly integrates with nonconformance management to address the equipment issues quickly and effectively.

Maintenance Management Software for Energy and Utility industryMaintenance Management

Managing utilities is critical for plant maintenance since most of the equipment used in the energy and utility industry operates 24*7. Downtime could mean disruptive hindrances in the services they offer. It will further result in wastage of time, efforts, and Energy. Qualityze Maintenance Management Solution saves you from all such unwanted scenarios by allowing you to create, manage, track the maintenance schedules in a timely and compliant fashion. You can schedule any type of maintenance, including – corrective, preventive, risk-based, and condition-based. It never lets you miss any maintenance schedule that could result in service downtime.

Inspection Management Software for Energy & Utility IndustryInspection Management

Whether it is electrical safety or work at height inspections, or supplier risk evaluations, Qualityze Inspection Management for Energy and Utilities enables you to collect, manage and report inspection results in a hassle-free manner. It further helps reducing risks and improve performance. Qualityze offers you a centralized database to store all your inspection records in one place for improved visibility and improved decision-making. You can also generate inspection reports efficiently and accurately to share across the organization. Qualityze Inspection Management seamlessly integrates with the existing business applications to supply more control and confidence in managing inspection data. Switch to intelligent inspection management today!

Permit Management Software for Energy and Utility IndustryPermit Management

Since the energy and utility industry includes plants and equipment of a dangerous nature and high voltages in live systems are present, the permit to work process emphasizes the correct management of isolations. A license to work is necessary to ensure that all controls and governance are in place to safely manage isolations and work. Therefore, it becomes essential to keep permits renewed and active for smooth operations. That’s where Qualityze Permit Management comes to the rescue. It helps you manage and track permit renewals for your staff and facilities in one centralized system. It also notifies your team before renewal is due to ensure compliance. Furthermore, the system’s intuitive workflow and interactive dashboard ensure more efficiency.

Material Compliance Management Software for Energy and Utility IndustryMaterial Compliance Management

The Conflict Minerals Rule (Rule) requires companies filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission to report the use of specific minerals. Companies that manufacture or procure the manufacture of conflict minerals, including gold, tantalum, tin, and tungsten, must comply with the Rule, which applies to all SEC reporting companies. In addition, the Rule applies to all industries, including power corporations, public utilities, and energy companies, and companies should determine what reporting obligations they have in their industry. Qualityze Material Compliance Management helps the energy and utility sector comply with the abovementioned rules for conflict minerals. You can use the pre-defined reporting declaration or configure them to your business needs. In addition, the solution comes with excellent in-built capabilities like Alerts and Notifications that notify your suppliers of due declarations. Experience the Qualityze difference today!

Forms Management Software for Energy and Utility IndustryForms Management

When it comes to utilities and energy, the more information you manage, the better able you are to take advantage of the investments you’ve made to lower operating costs, improve response times, and minimize downtime. In addition, having reasonable control over the data that goes into making business decisions increases your likelihood of reaching your goals. Usually, this involves streamlining form management activities for better information management. It can significantly increase your profitability too. Qualityze Forms Management solution can simplify the entire process for you. You can create, modify, track, and share forms with utmost ease and security. It comes with pre-defined templates to reduce overall administrative time and money in managing physical forms. It seamlessly integrates with enterprise-quality systems, so you can easily connect all the data points to build a robust database.

Field safety Management Software for Energy and Utilities IndustryField Safety Action Management

With numerous geographic locations and many field service staff in the energy and utility sector, it isn’t easy to effectively manage the countless standard work orders for safely installing, maintaining, and replacing infrastructure parts. In addition, there is a need to provide services most efficiently, improve our competitiveness, and comply with health and safety standards. Energy and utility professionals need error-free and efficient Field Safety Action Management software that automates many post-market surveillance activities and enables customized workflow configurations. One of the reliable software is Qualityze Field Safety Action Management. It comes with advanced in-built capabilities to support recall management activities and ensure a faster resolution time for safety issues. In addition, the audit trail feature of the solution enables users to track previous recall records in a few clicks. Would you like to experience the Qualityze difference yet?

Incident Management Software for     Energy and Utilities IndustryIncident Management

It is imperative that energy and utilities organizations can see, control, and act when incidents occur. Unfortunately, the process of handling critical incidents is still commonly handled manually through email, paperwork, and phone calls, which lead to inefficiencies and bottlenecks that stall response times. An organization needs automated processes for notifying, routing, taking action, and resolving incidents faster, whether they arise from a not-at-fault accident, a security threat, or a natural disaster. With the Qualityze cloud platform, you can gain better control and visibility for the incidents to respond effectively and mitigate risks, costs, and safety issues. It comes with pre-defined reporting templates that can be modified as desired. The intuitive interface makes incident management simpler than ever.

EBR Management Software for Energy and Utilities IndustryEBR Management

It is crucial to collect and analyze energy consumption data in manufacturing facilities to make better decisions about production in the future. However, data analysis is not always as easy as it seems since data quality and quantity play a prominent role in the results. In addition to these factors, you must collect data about gauges, meters, and transmitters. This data represents the total energy use of the production facility, as well as computer power, lighting, and HVAC. Data analysis is carried out to differentiate production areas’ energy consumption from other daily resources. As evident, data is of paramount importance. The energy and utility industry must adopt advanced technological solutions to collect, manage, and track batch production records, such as Qualityze Electronic Batch Record Management. It comes with advanced in-build capabilities and cloud functionalities to simplify the entire process, from collecting data to analyzing and decision-making. 

Why Choose Qualityze Quality Management System for Energy and Utilities Industry?

Choosing Qualityze Quality Management System will be a beneficial decision for the Energy and Utilities industry because it has:

Still Thinking?

Qualityze EQMS offers a lot of value to any organization with its customizable cloud-based software for Nonconformance Management, CAPA Management, Document Management, Incident Management, Field Safety Action Management, Forms Management, Material Compliance Management, Change Management, EBR Management, Training Management, Supplier Quality Management, Permit Management, Customer Complaints Management, Calibration Management, Inspection Management and Maintenance Management.