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Quality Management System for Healthcare

Healthcare is an industry that constantly needs improvements. All the regulatory standards must be retained with the utmost precision to offer quality care to the patients. The quality management system has a key role to play in everyday processes conducted in the healthcare industry and helps professionals to achieve their quality targets. A Quality Management Software for Healthcare also helps you to identify the areas where your services need significant improvement in order to fine-tune the entire hospital’s performance.

Built on the most powerful and secure cloud platform i.e. Salesforce.com, Qualityze is the next-generation quality management software for healthcare industry. It helps healthcare professionals to unleash the power of analytics to implement new changes and bring quality care to the patients. The software is built around regulatory compliance requirements. It also delivers a great amount of flexibility, ease of use, scalability, and risk mitigation features. Its robust platform opens great integration possibilities with other established systems used in the enterprise. It enables healthcare professionals to extract much-needed reports and analytics while keeping the processes and workflows compliant with internal and external regulations.

The Qualityze EQMS software for healthcare is a closed-loop quality system which includes Document Management, Change Management, Nonconformance Management, CAPA Management, Audit Management, Training Management, Complaints Management, Permit Management, Inspection Management, Field Safety Action Management, Supplier Quality Management, Material Compliance Management, Forms Management, Incident Management, Calibration Management, Risk Management, EBR Management, Maintenance Management with exciting features like Audit Trail, Electronic Signature, Validations, Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics.

Advantages of a Quality Management Software for Healthcare

A quality management system can streamline key processes, including performance evaluation, staff planning and training, and patient satisfaction for the healthcare industry. Here’s an overview of all the features that you can leverage to efficiently manage the quality processes for your healthcare organization:

  • Meet Compliance Standards
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Efficient Supplier Management
  • Better Storage & Safety for Patient Data
  • Extended Support for Current Teams
  • Secure & Easy Access for Decision Makers

How Does Qualityze Works for Healthcare Industry?

Qualityze QMS Software for healthcare industry facilitates configurable workflows to maintain the standardized processes and systems while complying with the quality specifications of regulatory compliances, ensuring patient satisfaction. Qualityze is a complete package of 18 different modules that helps to manage critical healthcare quality instructions in a simplified manner. Let’s have a look at how each module functions for the healthcare industry:

EQMS software for healthcare Industry

How Does Qualityze Works for Healthcare Industry?

Qualityze QMS Software for healthcare industry facilitates configurable workflows to maintain the standardized processes and systems while complying with the quality specifications of regulatory compliances, ensuring patient satisfaction. Qualityze is a complete package of 18 different modules that helps to manage critical healthcare quality instructions in a simplified manner. Let’s have a look at how each module functions for the healthcare industry:

Nonconformance Management Software for healthcare industryNonconformance Management

Get Qualityze Nonconformance management system for healthcare to manage critical issues, deviations, and nonconformance in a streamlined and precise manner. Our solution helps you to track every detail about the nonconformance recorded including batch no., unit, date, place, impact, etc. It makes the classification easy for you: which issues require CAPA evaluation and which can be fixed with minor correction. Since it’s a cloud-driven solution, you can leverage flexibility, scalability, security. Moreover, it comes with a variety of features including electronic signature that allows you to meet the industry-specific regulatory standards.

CAPA Management Software for healthcare industryCAPA Management

Qualityze CAPA Management Software solution for the healthcare industry is designed to serve the precision and accuracy since a minor fault could impact a life. This powerful, cloud-based solution allows you to access and resolve the quality issues from anywhere anytime. The user-friendly interface is easy to comprehend and use so that even a new team member can continue the CAPA investigation without much technical assistance. Qualityze CAPA solution serves the needs of both proactive and reactive approach to avoid unnecessary delays in quality care.

Document Management Software for healthcare industryDocument Management

Healthcare industry deals with an elephantine amount of data on an everyday basis including the patient and staff records. This implies the need for an electronic document management system that cannot only help to store employees and patient records but also can help manage the other critical documentation including the work instructions, policies, etc. Qualityze document management system for healthcare industry is the most suitable solution for all your document management needs from creation to release. It also takes care of version control to ensure that healthcare teams refer to the most recent version of the document, limiting the chances of errors/mistakes.

Change Management Software for healthcare industryChange Management

A change in the process or policy could invite a lot of trouble and confusions, especially in the healthcare industry. Qualityze Change management software makes change implementation faster and easier without facing any resistance from your own team, which is one of the most common and critical challenges with change management. It also helps you to analyze the impact of the changes implemented to evaluate the need of reverting back. It helps you create an effective change management cycle wherein your teams get notified about the change activities before it hits them as a surprise, ensuring timely and efficient change implementation

Audit Management Software for healthcare industryAudit Management

Healthcare audits are quite intense. They need to be planned and schedule in a regular manner to maintain the culture of continuous improvement, especially in patient’s care. Qualityze Audit Management Software is meticulously designed to serve the critical audit needs of healthcare. You can create your own audit checklist using the pre-defined templates that match your needs best. Ours is an intuitive and easy-to-use solution with in-built capabilities that allow you to schedule the audits and their follow up in advance while allowing you to analyze the audit findings effectively. It’s a perfect solution to manage end-to-end audit lifecycle.

Training Management Software for healthcare industryTraining Management

In the healthcare industry, it is prominent to maintain the consistency of best practices to ensure the best quality care to your patients. It is possible when your employee is well informed and trained based on the jobs/tasks assigned to them. With Qualityze training management software, you can train your employees to make them competent for their respective jobs. You can create different courses, monitor and track your employees’ training success, perform the evaluation, and generate certification for successful training. It, in fact, offers complete flexibility to trainees and trainers to learn and educate respectively.

Supplier Quality Management Software for healthcare industrySupplier Quality Management

As we already discussed above, the supplier quality management is a key aspect to deliver quality care. Qualityze Supplier Quality Management Solution helps you to communicate with your suppliers more effectively while monitoring their performance on a regular basis. The careful evaluation of the medical supplies including drugs, machines, equipment, etc. at the initial stage saves you from bigger troubles since wrong medication or machine reading can put many lives to risk. Make sure you take care of quality right from where it starts to avoid frightening consequences.

Complaints Management Software for healthcare industryComplaints Management

An effective complaints management solution for patients includes collection and analysis of the complaints data while implementing right action plans based on the information collected. Qualityze complaints management system is designed considering the two main issues of managing patient complaints – the feedback and complaints received from the patients, and the implementing change and improvements according to the feedback received. Our solution helps you to take care of both the aspects effectively to ensure implementing the changes and CAPA as requisite.

Calibration Management Software for healthcare industryCalibration Management

Every single item and device in the healthcare industry must be calibrated regularly since unaligned equipment could lead to inaccurate readings. Qualityze Calibration Management Software for the healthcare industry helps hospital staff to keep their equipment and instruments calibrated so they can provide the best medical care and most accurate readings. Our solution makes calibration a productive and consistent activity to ensure excellence. Whether it’s for single-site or multi-sites, in-house or external, you can schedule all the calibration activities and efficiently document the details with Qualityze. And, you will not be dealing with non-compliance with FDA regulations anymore.

Maintenance Management Software for healthcare industryMaintenance Management

Healthcare services are critical and sophisticated that makes the equipment and facility maintenance of utmost importance. Failing to keep the equipment, facilities, and instruments maintained could lead to citations, fined, and, unfortunately, death. Qualityze Maintenance management software helps healthcare companies to streamline all assets, facilities, spare parts, equipment, procedures, maintenance schedules, and minimize the chance of catastrophic events. It improves the reliability of critical assets that can help improve the patient’s healthcare experience. Be more proactive in the schedule, manage, and track all the maintenance activities with Qualityze.

Inspection Management Software for healthcare IndustryInspection Management

Healthcare institutions require a powerful inspection management system to maintain a safer environment for their patients and staff. Qualityze Inspection Management is the one to trust. It streamlines the inspection processes while fostering a culture of quality improvement in patient care. It enables your inspection teams to work more efficiently towards reducing the overall risks in healthcare facilities. It further increases customers’ confidence in your healthcare facilities. Our inspection management solution helps you to measure, monitor, and manage all the critical parameters to achieve customer satisfaction and compliance excellence. Qualityze Inspection Management enables you to perform safety performance inspections at regular intervals, so you don’t miss addressing any nonconformances.

Permit Management Software for healthcare IndustryPermit Management

Keeping track of important dates, mandatory licenses, and monthly and annual charges without using a license tracking software program can be difficult and time-consuming for healthcare companies. Qualityze Permit Management helps you manage the licenses required by your healthcare business and track their status. In addition, it provides reminders and notifications with routine updates as part of its tracking capabilities. It helps keep track of all staff licenses across multiple sites to prepare for internal and external audits. You can also receive automated reminders when license renewals are approaching and overdue, thus keeping your facility in full compliance with licensing requirements. Furthermore, you can track employee license information, expiration dates, and renewals with a centralized application.

Material Compliance Management Software for Healthcare IndustryMaterial Compliance Management

Healthcare compliance issues become increasingly complex as regulatory pressures increase, so the need for effective risk management processes increases. Healthcare compliance solutions must be intelligent and adaptable to meet regulatory challenges. To meet increasingly stringent regulatory expectations, you can implement a robust risk-based compliance solution like Qualityze Material Compliance Management. It can be seamlessly integrated with the training management solution to ensure that all your suppliers are trained on best practices. The in-built reporting templates reduce the administrative time and efforts your supplier invests in making compliance declarations against the use of components like 3TGs, conflict minerals, and more. In addition, the solution is fully configurable to meet your business’s growing needs.

Forms Management Software for Healthcare IndustryForms Management

When working in the healthcare industry, the more time you spend locating, filling out and filing paperwork, the less time you have with your patients. In addition, the inaccessibility of paper files makes it more likely that vital information will not reach those who need it promptly. With electronic forms and digital workflows, Qualityze Forms Management Solution can help you become more efficient with healthcare e-forms so your workers can engage in connected care. A seamless flow of information occurs between admissions, care providers, health information systems, human resources, billing, and communication with affiliated physicians and partners. Your workers can modify forms on the fly — a screen that looks exactly like a paper form. Our solution enables them to verify and validate data fields and versions. Also, you can use multiple forms for a single record so your teams can access relevant information instantly.

Field safety Management Software for Healthcare IndustryField Safety Action Management

Health care delivery should place patient safety at its core. The main objective of the health care industry is to fight illness with safe products. Unfortunately, this objective is often compromised due to recalls triggered by faulty products. It may be accrued from incorrect labeling, defective products, and wrong ingredients, primarily due to safety concerns. Recalls must be carried out immediately; otherwise, the risks of using the product will cause injury or death to users. However, Electronic Health Records (EHR) make it easy to identify patients who used or are using faulty products (in this case, drugs). Therefore, it would be best to implement a comprehensive solution such as Qualityze Field Safety Action Management to optimize the process. It enables healthcare companies to streamline post-market surveillance and recall management activities. It will thus help save lives by alerting users to potentially harmful products at an early stage.

Incident Management Software for     Healthcare IndustryIncident Management

Keeping patients safe is a journey, not a destination. Yet, despite its collective efforts, the healthcare industry continues to struggle to adhere to quality care. Managing incidents in the modern medical setting is more demanding than traditional patient safety models, which assume that policy and procedure guidelines for patient safety are clearly defined, understood by all, and predictable. An incident management process collects and analyzes data, reports on it, and learns from it, aiming for greater patient quality and safety. And Qualityze Incident Management makes all these processes simpler. It helps establish a well-structured approach to reporting and managing incidents. It enables you to perform investigation and root cause analysis to mitigate the cause of incidents and prevent them from reoccurring. The intuitive and configurable workflows make this Incident Management Software easier to learn and operate for everyone.

EBR Management Software for Healthcare IndustryEBR Management

Healthcare institutions must master precision marketing, enhance the patient experience, and improve network utilization using patient and physician data collected from EHRs, surveys, and personal data sources. Unfortunately, Healthcare has historically been slow to adopt the technology. Most systems still use outdated tools for batch processing, which cannot process data quickly due to their large data size. That is where Qualityze comes in handy. It enables healthcare organizations to collect, manage, and track batch process records more efficiently than ever. Its highly configurable and user-friendly interface makes it easier for your quality teams to analyze the data and make intelligent decisions. In addition, you can utilize the advanced reporting capabilities of the solution to generate comprehensive reports for compliance. It comes with pre-defined templates to ensure consistent batch data collection. It seamlessly integrates with ERP and other enterprise quality systems to give your more control of your batch production records. 

Risk Management Software for Healthcare IndustryRisk Management

In healthcare, risk management is implementing, monitoring, assessing, mitigating, and preventing clinical and administrative risks. Healthcare organizations employ risk management practices to ensure patient safety and to safeguard their assets, market share, accreditation, reimbursement levels, brand value, and community standing. Enterprise Risk Management is becoming more prevalent among hospitals and other healthcare facilities to expand the role of risk management across the organization. It can be achieved using a next-generation software solution like Qualityze. With Qualityze Risk Management, you can manage risk not just from a traditional viewpoint, such as patient safety and medical liability but from an enterprise-wide perspective. The risk workflows can be configured with desired data capture fields to ensure consistency. In addition, the intuitive interface makes managing all your risk-related activities simple without extensive training.

Why Choose Qualityze Enterprise Quality Management Solution for Healthcare Industry?

Choosing Qualityze Enterprise Quality Management Solution will be a beneficial decision for the Healthcare industry because it has

Still Thinking?

Qualityze EQMS has a lot of value to offer to any organization with its customizable cloud-based software for Nonconformance Management, CAPA Management, Document Management, Change Management, Permit Management, Training Management, Audit Management, Incident Management, Supplier Quality Management, Risk Management, Complaints Management, Material Compliance Management, Forms Management, Calibration Management, EBR Management, Field Safety Action Management, Maintenance Management and Inspection Management.