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Incident Management Solution: Helping Enterprises to Manage, Report, and Track Safety Incidents on Cloud

The most common perception of incidents is that they are just the tip of the iceberg, indicating a much larger problem that lies below the surface. Unfortunately, due to the negative undertone associated with the word “incident,” businesses often overlook the opportunities to improve safety that incidents and near-miss events can bring. However, organizations that aim to create a safe workplace environment should manage incidents effectively and efficiently to achieve this goal.

Incidents can take various forms, including near-misses, slips, trips & falls, chemical spills, vehicle accidents, and ergonomic injuries. While they are inevitable, their impact can be mitigated with the right incident management software. Such software can help you devise effective action plans for potential incidents and is critical to the success of your operations. It is essential to ensure that incidents are never overlooked and that the appropriate personnel are promptly notified when they occur. The safety and quality teams must collaborate to identify areas for improvement after an incident and assess the response activities. Automating the entire process creates synergies throughout the organization and saves time. Therefore, companies need robust incident management systems to handle company-wide vulnerabilities and incidents efficiently.

With its next-generation reporting and tracking capabilities, Qualityze Incident Management empowers you to proactively identify and handle near-miss events, manage incidents effectively, and efficiently report on compliance. This solution streamlines all aspects of incident management, including documentation, identification, organization, prioritization, investigation, escalation, resolution, and review. By establishing proper controls, you can prevent many workplace incidents, reduce your company’s liabilities, resolve incidents in a timely manner, and maintain compliance with standards like ISO and OHSAS guidelines. Most importantly, you will earn the trust of your employees. Brand building goes beyond creating a positive customer experience; it also involves fostering a positive and safe work culture.

Qualityze Incident Management enables you to implement standardized processes to achieve the following:

  • Report and document all incidents on a centralized database.
  • Manage various types of incidents and their causes,
  • Track the people and sites affected by the incidents.
  • Manage incident reporting for both business and regulatory requirements
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of reported incidents.
  • Integrate with enterprise Quality Systems.

Incident Management Overview

Qualityze Incident Management help enterprises to capture, manage and track the company-wide vulnerabilities on cloud. The configurable workflows enable them to create best-practices workflows to mitigate and report incident in a timely and compliant manner. You can use the pre-defined reporting templates as is or modify them as per your requirements. Timely incident management and reporting ensure minimal compliance risks for the businesses. Furthermore, it helps retain trust of employees in the organizational culture. Qualityze Incident Management is a one-stop solution to maintain operational excellence and prevent incidents.

With Qualityze Incident Management, you can effectively and efficiently:

  • Capture, manage and track incident details.
  • Investigate and assess risks.
  • Determine the effective resolution and action plans.
  • Support single-site and multi-site workplace safety management activities.
  • Manage documentation.
  • Streamline incident reporting.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Analyze incident data trends for intelligent decision-making.
cloud-based incident management
cloud-based incident management system

Report and Document Incidents on Centralized Database

To ensure workplace safety, it’s essential that all critical information related to incidents is easily accessible and traceable. Qualityze Incident Management’s configurable workflows and intuitive interface make it the perfect solution for achieving safety excellence.
By setting up a standardized workflow, you can capture all the necessary information, such as incident details, individuals affected, and severity levels, and streamline your operational processes to improve efficiency. Plus, with Qualityze Incident Management, you can effortlessly capture, manage, and track all incident-related data in a centralized database. This includes:

  • Incident Number
  • Incident Description
  • Incident Type
  • Country of Origin
  • Reported Date
  • Reported By
  • Name of all Involved

Enterprises can create better action plans when they have all the incident-related data in one place. Qualityze Incident Management’s cloud-based platform offers enhanced security controls for all your data, ensuring that you don’t lose any incident details. Furthermore, a centralized system can improve visibility into incident trends, helping your quality teams make informed decisions for mitigating company-wide vulnerabilities. The software is designed to free you from all the administrative worries of managing incident records. Why would you still rely on outdated, siloed systems to record and manage incident-related data?

incident tracking and management system

Manage Various Types of Incidents and Their Causes

Best Incident Management Software

Compliance requirements for incidents, whether they be near-misses, slips, trips & falls, chemical spills, or ergonomic injuries, are becoming increasingly stringent. As a result, businesses must document and manage these safety incidents in a compliant and timely manner. However, traditional incident management and reporting systems can add complexity to the process. Fortunately, Qualityze Incident Management can help simplify things for you.

The software enables you to store all incident details in a consistent structure, avoiding data inconsistencies. With configurable workflows, you can create an incident workflow that includes investigation, root cause analysis, risk assessment, and resolution steps to mitigate the root causes of incidents and prevent their recurrence.

Qualityze helps you align incident workflows with industry-proven best practices, ensuring ongoing compliance. Additionally, it supports digital signature to enable validation at every step, helping you build a culture of responsibility necessary to manage critical incidents.

Track the Impacted People and Sites

Different types of incidents can occur in the workplace, such as vehicle-related incidents, security breaches, illnesses, injuries, and more, and each incident must be documented with all the required details. However, maintaining consistency is challenging with traditional incident reporting systems. This is where Qualityze Incident Management comes in. It helps businesses create standardized forms and reporting templates that teams can use to report incidents consistently. For example, if a chemical spill occurs, with Qualityze, you can select the chemical spill section and specify the people impacted, whether the ERT was contacted, whether the employee took or refused medical treatment, the quantity and type of chemical spilled, and more. In addition, robust built-in capabilities, like the audit trail, make it simpler for you to track incident details, no matter how recent or old.

The intuitive and configurable nature of Qualityze makes it easy for team members to add or remove fields based on varying business or compliance needs. Additionally, incident data can be analyzed to track trends and make data-driven decisions.

Incident Management Software

Manage Incident Reporting for Both Business and Regulatory Requirements

Incident Management Software systems

To assess the impact of an incident, it is important to appropriately and accurately document all details. A paper-based system can result in inconsistencies and gaps, making it essential to have powerful incident reporting software in place. Qualityze is a comprehensive solution that offers advanced built-in capabilities, such as pre-defined templates, to help companies maintain compliance and meet business reporting requirements for safety incidents. This ensures you comply with relevant standards such as OHSAS 18001 guidelines. The software is highly configurable in nature so you can modify the templates with the required fields.

Qualityze Incident Management is intuitive software that does not require extensive training. All you need to have is a Qualityze user license and you are ready to go. Moreover, it enables higher productivity by eliminating the administrative workload associated with manual incident reporting systems. Would you like to experience the smart way of managing incident reporting?

Perform Detailed Investigation for Reported Incidents

Once an incident is reported, it is important to conduct a thorough investigation to determine its root cause and mitigate its impact. Qualityze Incident Management simplifies this process by offering a detailed investigation process that includes incident reporting, formation of an investigation team, root cause analysis, recommended corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), and review and closure. You can also add approvals, adhoc tasks, and functional tasks to the incident workflow to ensure effective implementation of the action plan and control over incident occurrence and recurrence. By covering all aspects of the investigation, you can inform all concerned parties about the action plan.

Moreover, Qualityze Incident Management has built-in notification capabilities to keep all involved parties informed about the next steps. This ensures that changes in procedures or documentation resulting from an incident do not affect ongoing operations.

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Integrate with Enterprise Quality Systems

incident management software in workplace

Integrating Qualityze Incident Management with third-party systems creates a comprehensive incident management system that is transparent and precise. By seamlessly integrating incident reporting with CAPA management software, the software ensures the most effective resolution. This allows you to efficiently identify the root cause and mitigate it to prevent similar incidents in the future. In addition, Qualityze Incident Management integrates with all your enterprise quality solutions to give you better control and confidence in managing workplace safety. It further increases employee trust and confidence in the workplace, knowing that adequate measures are taken to reduce safety risks.

With our Incident Management solution, you can manage all information related to safety incidents and their resolutions in one place. Schedule your free demo today to see Qualityze Incident Management in action.

Why Incident Management is Important?

It may seem overwhelming, but it’s essential to remember that every business faces a fair share of daily threats. Numerous incidents can threaten a business’s productivity, including security threats, fraud, injuries, and harassment. A lack of incident management or failure to prepare for incidents can be costly. Therefore, businesses must carefully and timely manage such incidents.

There are several reasons why incident management is crucial, including:

  • Standardizing procedures and methods for responding to incidents, documenting, analyzing, reporting, and monitoring.
  • Improving communication and transparency with incident reporting.
  • Enhancing business operations through a systematic approach to addressing incidents.
  • Organizing and prioritizing incident management activities as needed.
  • Improving employee satisfaction.
  • Helping to create a culture of continual improvement 

How does Qualityze Incident Management Help Businesses?

Qualityze Incident Management helps enterprises report, manage, and track company-wide incidents in an efficient and compliant manner. It allows them to identify the most effective resolution to prevent incident recurrences and near-miss events from resulting in severe consequences. It comes with pre-defined templates to make reporting a delightfully simple task for you. Most importantly, you can easily track the incident trends, analyze them, and make intelligent business decisions.

With Qualityze Incident Management, you can:

  • Collect incident details seamlessly on the cloud
  • Proactively manage incident reporting
  • Efficiently investigate, resolve, and review critical incidents
  • Determine an effective action plan to prevent incident recurrence
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Securely store incident records

Collect Incident Details Seamlessly on the Cloud

Incident Tracking Software

Effective incident management requires a reliable data reporting system to make informed decisions. Inconsistencies in reporting could adversely affect the decision-making capability. With Qualityze, you can transform your quality systems into a decision-making engine by consistently collecting all the required incident details, so no critical information is missed. Quality data translates into better decisions to manage incidents more effectively and efficiently than ever. Delivered on a cloud platform, Qualityze Incident Management ensures the flexibility, security, and scalability needed to handle all your incident records in one place. Finally, our system automatically stores the data on a centralized database that your teams can access and share without any security concerns. .

Proactively Manage Incident Reporting

There may be specific compliance obligations for reporting workplace safety incidents for different businesses, and these compliance requirements may change over time. Therefore, there can be no one-size-fits-all method of reporting incidents. Ideally, it would be best to have an intuitive, robust, and configurable solution like Qualityze Incident Management that can adapt to varying business and regulatory requirements. The software allows you to modify the data fields and redesign the incident reports as required. This ensures that your reporting procedures are in accordance with the growing compliance requirements. With a comprehensive set of in-built features, the software enhances overall efficiency by speeding up the reporting cycle and reducing costs.

Best Incident Management and Tracking Software

Efficiently Investigate, Resolve, and Review Critical Incidents

Incident Management and Tracking Software Systems

As mentioned above, Qualityze Incident Management provides an array of impressive features that allow you to proactively manage safety incidents. With a proactive approach, it is possible to prevent production downtime and severe workplace injuries, thereby improving operational efficiency. The software utilizes the best-practice workflows to efficiently review, investigate, and resolve the cause of incidents. In addition, it automatically stores the data on a centralized database that can be easily traced as and when required through the Audit trail. By utilizing this software, enterprises can establish a culture of continuous improvement for workplace safety, enabling their teams to constantly strive for improvement.

Determine Effective Action Plan to Prevent Incident Reoccurrence

Qualityze Incident Management, integrated with CAPA management, helps enterprises mitigate the root causes of safety incidents. This approach helps prevent similar incidents from reoccurring and stops near-misses from resulting in an incident. Additionally, the software’s advanced integration capability creates a closed-loop system that fosters a culture of quality, safety, compliance, and continuous improvement. This easy-to-use software provides visibility and traceability into incident trends, enabling your team to make intelligent decisions to manage safety incidents in a minimal amount of time. The safer the workplace you create, the more trust your employees will have.

Incident Management Systems

Ensure Compliance with Regulations

Incident Management System Software

Utilizing next-generation capabilities, Qualityze Incident Management ensures timely and compliant reporting and mitigation of all incidents. It comes with pre-defined templates for creating different types of reports, such as those for employees’ medical treatment, applicable compliance, and more. The alert and notification features keep you aware of regulatory reporting schedules before they are due, preventing potential legal repercussions. Additionally, the system’s audit trail feature allows you to track safety incidents and near-misses that have been mitigated or are still being investigated.

Securely Store Incident Records

Qualityze Incident Management System maintains all incident-related information in a central and secure database, making it easily accessible whenever and wherever you need it. This allows organizations to quickly mitigate the causes of incidents and potential incidents. Furthermore, they can create global reporting templates with this software. The intuitive Incident Management Solution allows you to record all the necessary detail, so you do not have to worry about missing any crucial information. For instance, reporting the incident to the appropriate individuals promptly helps ensure the earliest resolution. Additionally, the software has advanced security controls that limit access to authorized users only, ensuring the captured data’s confidentiality.

Incident Management Solutions

Qualityze Incident Management – Reporting and Managing Incidents and Near-Miss Events Was Never This Simple!

Qualityze Incident Management works for every industry, including Medical Devices, Lifesciences, Pharmaceuticals, Cannabis/Hemp/CBD, Nutraceuticals, Biologics, Biotech, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverages, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Logistics. It helps these industries create a streamlined workflow for incident reporting and management activities. While ensuring employee safety and compliance with applicable regulatory standards.

Qualityze Incident Management Solution comes with:

  • Centralized Incident Database
  • Configurable Workflow and Fields
  • Pre-Defined Reporting Templates
  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Automated Email Approval
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • E-Signature 
  • Seamless Integration

Qualityze EHS – The Next-Generation Environment Health and Safety Management Platform to Manage Safety Incidents More Proactively Than Ever

Reporting incidents quickly can prevent them from becoming more serious. A report with more data can lead to better analytics and corrective actions. Qualityze Incident Management makes incident reporting and management effortless for your employees and safety department. Your teams can leverage configurable workflows aligned with industry-proven best practices for managing and mitigating workplace incidents. The software’s built-in capabilities, such as audit trails, reporting, notifications, dashboard, and more, help reduce process cycle time.

The software enables you to uncover safety risks associated with potential incidents through its comprehensive investigation step, where you can perform root cause analysis and determine an effective action plan. You can also report on the actions taken to ensure safety for impacted people. For example, if a machine broke down and caused severe injuries, you can easily track those who received medical treatment and those who had minor injuries and did not opt for medical treatment. This ensures that you have taken the required safety measures for all affected people, demonstrates your organization’s commitment to employee safety and health, and helps maintain employees’ trust. Following good practices can make a world of difference. So, do you have a powerful incident management and reporting system in your workplace yet?

As one of the integrated modules in the Qualityze EHS suite, Incident Management helps enterprises proactively manage and report workplace safety incidents. The Salesforce.com platform provides enhanced security, performance, and flexibility. The system also gives you greater control over recurring incidents and near-miss events, allowing you to take care of employee safety in the workplace.

With Qualityze next-generation Incident management software, you can manage company-wide vulnerabilities while ensuring compliance.

Experience Qualityze Difference to Optimize Quality

Qualityze EQMS Suite enables you to maintain high quality standards while experiencing difference with:

Configurable Cloud-Based Platform

The Qualityze Incident Management solution is a next-generation solution that helps continuously report, manage, and control workplace incident for employees’ safety. This software offers a configurable and cloud-proven structure that allows organizations to capture and analyze all the Incident-related details for improved decision-making. Moreover, you can add or remove any number of fields as per your business needs.

Adherence to Compliance Standards

Qualityze Incident Management helps you align process workflows and configure forms for various business and regulatory requirements to remain compliant. You can either use the predefined distribution data templates as they are or configure them to your business needs. You can align Incident data collection forms and templates according to the guidelines of OSHA and other relevant standards applicable to your business operations.

User-Friendly Interface

Qualityze Incident Management software provides organizations with an intuitive interface for capturing, managing, and tracking incident-related details in a standardized and streamlined manner without requiring technical expertise. With our Incident Management solution, you can use configurable workflows to align workplace safety, and compliance activities to achieve excellence. Experience the Qualityze difference to simplify incident management and control activities.

Improves Visibility into Company-Wide Vulnerabilities to Manage and Control Incidents in Time

Qualityze Incident Management software streamlines all incident management and reporting activities. It’s an integrated solution that helps you determine the root cause of incidents, enabling you to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents and control near-miss events before they cause harm. The software eliminates repetitive incident management procedures in organizations. With its powerful built-in capabilities, the software makes it easy for you to configure and manage incident reporting for safety and compliance excellence.

With all incident records in one place, your team can perform trend analysis and make better decisions to reduce incidents and their impact on daily operations. Qualityze Incident Management makes incident workflows more manageable by combining the capabilities of a cloud platform with an innovative approach.