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Inspection Management: A Simplified and Intuitive Way to Manage Complex Inspection Processes While Meeting Regulatory Compliance

Inspections are crucial in maintaining product quality, regardless of the industry or company size. Extensive paperwork, such as checklists and records of nonconformances of defective materials, are necessary. However, traditional inspection processes may no longer be efficient and effective. The advancement of technology has made it necessary to shift to a cloud-based Inspection Management process. This will standardize their inspection procedures and meet regulatory compliance requirements, reducing risks related to product quality and suppliers at the early stages of production. This not only improves product quality, but also saves time, money, and resources.

Qualityze Inspection Management streamlines the end-to-end process for incoming, pre-shipment, and production inspections, managing compliance risks effectively. It fosters a culture of continuous improvement by ensuring prompt reviews. Its advanced reporting tools offer quality teams improved visibility into inspections, ensuring that incoming materials or components adhere to the latest standards and guidelines.

With Qualityze Inspection Management, you can use standardize processes to:

  • Setup Sampling Plans, Inspection standards, Inspection Types and Purchase Orders
  • Perform Inspections
  • Verify Sample Variables and Attributes
  • Implement a severity-based sampling plan for more stringent inspection
  • Produce Nonconformances (NCs) for samples that do not meet inspection criteria
  • Assess the need for Material Reinspection
  • Integrate with ERP systems for Purchase Order information

Inspection Management is a critical aspect of quality control as it involves measuring, examining, and reviewing materials against your established standards to guarantee that materials and components comply with the latest regulations and guidelines.

Inspection Management Overview

The quality of a product depends on how useful, robust, and reliable the inspection management process is during the design and manufacturing stage. Qualityze Inspection Management (QIM) simplifies and efficiently manages the complexity of the inspection process. With QIM, you can conduct incoming inspections, production inspections, pre-shipment inspections, or any other type of inspection mandated by your process or regulatory requirement. Furthermore, you can manage the sample size calculation using the pre-configured AQL table or even create your own. This ensures the product quality is verified before it is released to consumers. QIS helps organizations to:

  • Initiate the Inspection
  • Specify the Sample Inspection Plan
  • Perform Inspection
  • Identify Nonconforming Materials
  • Re-inspect the Samples
  • Provide Digital Signatures
  • View Audit Trails
  • Deliver Notification & Alerts
Inspection in Quality Management

Setup Sampling Plans, Inspection Standards, Inspection Types and Purchase Orders

inspection management system software

With Qualityze Inspection Management System, you can prevent quality problems by conducting material inspections before production. The initial step enables you to gather essential information about the product, such as:

  • Product
  • Inspection Type Name
  • Inspection Standard
  • Sample Plans
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Work Order/Batch Number
  • Supplier
  • Priority
  • Inspection Owner & others

Additionally, you can configure new fields based on your organizational structure to collect the necessary information. Upon completion of the inspection initiation, you will receive a unique system-generated reference number to monitor subsequent processes.

Perform Inspections

Qualityze Inspection Management standardizes inspection processes to prevent non-conforming materials from entering production or being shipped from your warehouse. Our user-friendly system simplifies the creation of ad-hoc tasks to be performed before or after material inspection of materials to ensure quality and safety.

With Qualityze Inspection Management System (QIS), you can also schedule approvals for your inspections and ad-hoc tasks for improved control over the inspection process. Would you like to experience the most efficient method of managing inspection processes for effective quality control?

Inspection Management System

Verify Sample Variables and Attributes

inspection management system software

Qualityze Inspection Management enables thorough inspections by validating the variables and attributes for a specified number of samples during initiation. By entering measurements into designated columns, the system compares the entered values with standard values to automatically determine the inspection results as Pass or Fail.

QIm securely and automatically stores all inspection details for reference in action plans, such as initiating a NC, disposing of materials, providing supplier feedback, and more. With Qualityze, you can ensure that only conforming and compliant materials are advanced to the production process, reducing the cost of recurring quality issues, particularly those caused by defective materials.

Implement a severity-based sampling plan for more stringent inspection

With Qualityze Inspection Management, you can implement a severity-based sampling plan for thorough inspections. The configurable workflows and forms make it easy to personalize sampling plans based on relevant regulatory standards. The system allows you to set the Acceptable Quality Level and Lot Tolerance Percent Defective (LTPD) to carry out stringent inspections efficiently.

Establishing a severity-based sampling plan ensures that incoming materials meet both quality and compliance requirements.

inspection management and reporting software

Produce Nonconformances (NCs) for samples that do not meet inspection criteria

Inspection Tracking System

With Qualityze Inspection Management, you can inspect each raw material for conformity and quickly identify any defects. The system allows you to initiate a nonconformance record with a click, streamlining the transition from one process to another. This helps keep your team’s productivity intact while traceability from the inspection process to the management and documentation of the non-conformance process.

You can initiate or override the NC based on the severity of the defects found in the material.

Assess the need for Material Reinspection

With Qualityze Inspection Management, you can assess the necessity for re-inspection of materials if any minor discrepancies were found in prior measurements. This can be done considering any uncalibrated equipment used in the initial assessment or double-check the material before disposing of it or returning it.

Qualityze Inspection Management streamlines the inspection and re-inspection processes, allowing you to maintain the delivery of high-quality products to your customers. The system is an easy and straightforward system to use, eliminating the hassle of managing material inspections.

inspection management and reporting software

Why Is Inspection Management Important?

Inspection management is an essential need for any organization to achieve product quality, safety, and compliance while also reducing the chances of failures and excessive overhead expenses. It encourages an organization to:

  • Prevent unnecessary delays, failures, and costs.
  • Ensure the right resources are used in production.
  • Understand the underlying cause of issues and develop an appropriate action plan.
  • Gain deeper insights through detailed inspection results.
  • Collect key data to evaluate the performance of a supplier base.

How does Qualityze Inspection Management Help Businesses?

Organizations that want to ensure quality and compliance with regulations must streamline their inspection processes. Qualityze can help by providing flexible inspection programs that can help to identify and address any job quality issues.

With Qualityze Inspection Management, you can:

  • Define Sample Plan and Inspection Standard
  • Streamline Incoming, In-Process, or Outgoing Inspection
  • Mitigate Supplier Risks
  • Integrate with Existing IT eco-system
  • Controlled Inspection Records and Data

Define Sample Plan and Inspection Standard

Qualityze Inspection Management comes pre-loaded with internationally recognized ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) statistical sampling standard, which ensures that a representative sample product is selected for inspection, instead of relying on the supplier’s predefined sample. In addition, you have the option to create your own sample plan to suit your inspection needs. When using the ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 standard to create your sample plan, the sample size and acceptance threshold are determined by the International Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) matrix. You can also choose different acceptance thresholds based on the severity of the characteristics being inspected.

QIS allows you to set inspection standards for raw materials, parts, components, etc., and includes the characteristics that need to be inspected, which can be either attributes (pass/fail) or variables (nominal and tolerance). The system is integrated with the Qualityze Document Management system, making it easy to store reference drawings, artworks, and standard operating procedures. Additionally, you can choose to calculate the sample size during the inspection process based on the Ordered Quantity (from the Purchase Order), Received Quantity, Work-Order Quantity, or Lot Quantity, offering greater flexibility.

Inspection Management Software System

Streamline Incoming, In-Process, or Outgoing Inspection

Inspection Management Software Solution

When an inspector is ready to perform the inspection at the receiving dock or manufacturing line, you can have confidence that they are using the correct standard and characteristics for each product. QIS automatically displays the sample plan, sample size, acceptance threshold, and related documents for each lot to be inspected, enabling you to manage the inspection process smoothly and efficiently with compliance. The interface is user-interface and the results for each sample are automatically displayed in real-time, giving you a clear indication of the inspection process.

Mitigate Supplier Risks

It is essential to realize that suppliers may make mistakes and catching these errors early can reduce the cost of dealing with them. Qualityze Inspection Management offers a solution by helping to identify critical suppliers and allowing you to define different inspection standards, sampling plans, and severity based AQLs for critical materials. This helps to minimize the risk and expense of poor quality. In addition, it provides the option to switch the sample plan and the inspection based on the supplier’s past performance, allowing you to optimize your supplier base and reduce or maintain the costs of substandard quality.

inspection management process

Integrate with Existing IT Eco-system

Inspection tracking system

Qualityze Inspection Management seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure, enhancing the supply chain process. It can be integrated with your ERP system to access purchase order, work-order, and lot information during the inspection process. Upon successful inspection or final shipment release, the inspection data can be seamlessly transmitted back to the ERP system, updating the received PO material as stock.

Controlled Inspection Records and Data

Qualityze Inspection Management allows you ensure that all of your inspection observations, as well as the associated action plans, are documented and securely stored in a centralized cloud platform. This helps to maintain compliance with regulatory standards, including FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11(e.g., digital records and electronic signatures).

Inspection Quality Management System

Qualityze Inspection Management – Managing Quality Inspections for Every Industry Flawlessly

Qualityze Inspection Management is versatile and suitable for various industries, such as Hospitality, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cannabis/Hemp/CBD, Nutraceuticals, Biologics, Biotech, Food and Beverages, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, and Logistics. It enables companies to efficiently manage inspection programs and maintain compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

The Qualityze Inspection Management Solution offers a range of features, including:

  • A centralized database for easy access and organization
  • Pre-defined inspection criteria for streamlined processes
  • Sample plans based on the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL)
  • Robust reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Automated email approval for added efficiency
  • Alerts and notifications to keep you informed and on track
  • Secure e-signature capabilities
  • Seamless integration with your existing IT ecosystem
  • The ability to use Chatter and other tools for enhanced collaboration and communication.

Qualityze® EQMS – The Enterprise Quality & Compliance Management Platform to Perform Inspections and Drive Continuous Improvements

Inspection management recognizes the presence of non-conforming materials, which can lead to costly product recalls and decreased customer satisfaction. Qualityze Inspection Management streamlines the inspection process for efficient production while adhering to regulatory standards. With pre-defined checklists, alerts and notifications, reporting, and informative dashboards, the inspection process cycle time is significantly reduced, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Our solution functions as an effective inspection management tool promoting a proactive approach to managing product quality issues, resulting in significant improvements in product quality, safety, and global compliance.

Qualityze EQMS Suite aligns critical processes with business quality objectives while overcoming operational challenges. Built on the most powerful and secure cloud platform, Qualityze offers unparalleled cloud benefits for managing all types of material inspections. Our solution empowers you to optimize your quality processes, giving you more control and confidence in addressing compliance, quality, and operational risks through timely inspections. This helps to significantly reduce the cost of internal quality and expensive product recalls.

With a next-generation approach, Qualityze prepares you to effectively identify non-conforming materials before they lead to catastrophic consequences.

Experience Qualityze Difference to Optimize Quality

Qualityze EQMS Suite enables you to maintain high quality standards while experiencing difference with:

Configurable Cloud-Based Platform

The Qualityze inspection management system is built on the world’s leading a cloud-based platform Allowing you to easily configure it to your individual requirements. It is a flexible and scalable solution that expands as you grow. If you are in automotive industry, you can simply opt inspection management software for automotive industry to manage your quality processes.

Adherence to Compliance Standards

For every industry, Qualityze follow the relevant standards requirements set by the regulatory committees such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – 21 CFR Part 820, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – ISO 9001, ISO 13485, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), etc.

User-Friendly Interface

Qualityze inspection management and reporting software is built with an intuitive interface so that any user can operate it with utmost ease by simply entering the fields data correctly. The need for technical expertise is eliminated especially for industries like General Manufacturing. You can use the inspection management software system in Manufacturing with complete ease.

Verifying and Validating the Quality Standards for Businesses

Qualityze Inspection tracking and reporting software complies to the industry-specific standards including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 11, 21 CFR Part 820, AS9100, and IATF 16949 to ensure that only best practices are followed. Our solution is designed carefully to allow verification and validation of the problem identified through containment and disposition steps.

Our Inspection software for quality management supports multi-level and multi-site approval process so that every disposition activity is documented and verified to propose the appropriate action plan. You can track all the necessary details including the product code, issue, concerned department, number of products, and much more. Being on cloud you can maintain as much history of your quality data as your organization requires.