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Qualityze EQMS

Qualityze Maintenance Management Software, built on the most powerful and secure cloud platform, i.e., Salesforce, enables organizations to manage the maintenance schedules to avoid any catastrophic faults. It allows you to anticipate equipment breakdowns so that the production process doesn’t face any delays and incur unnecessary costs. It ensures that the maintenance process is regularly scheduled without a miss.

Qualityze Maintenance Management Solution simplifies the maintenance tasks – be it Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Risk-Based Maintenance, Reliability-Based Maintenance, or Condition-Based Maintenance. It helps you manage all the maintenance tasks quite well that makes you stand apart from your competitors, giving you a competitive advantage.

Qualityze Maintenance Management Software is a robust solution to increase your organizational productivity while coping up with the regulatory requirements. It is a user-friendly and straightforward solution that helps you to:

Create Criteria Library

In the first step, a criteria library is required to be created, which can be later used to define asset specific maintenance criteria in the asset profile of each asset. Criteria can be of 2 types: Variables and Attributes.

  • Attributes

Define the variables based on the standard requirements to ensure precise and productive inspection of equipment and instruments.
It enables you to be more specific to measure the degree of exactness of the asset.

  • Variables

Define the attributes criteria for the different types of spare parts used in the instruments and equipment. You can state the Criteria Name, Measurement values, Tolerance (-), Tolerance (+).

Create Asset Library

You can create a profile of spare parts in the system through details like Spare Part Name, Part, Quantity on Hand, Threshold Quantity, and the status. With the capability to integrate with your inventory management system, will help to make sure that you have adequate spare parts on hand.

In addition, you can opt for desired details in the asset profile since Qualityze offers configurable fields and workflows. It is first-level documentation to create the maintenance schedules for your critical assets i.e., equipment, spare parts, and instruments.

Setup Maintenance Schedule

The configurable interface of the Qualityze Maintenance Management System allows you to set up maintenance schedules for different assets in advance to avoid any catastrophic events due to irregular maintenance. You can schedule the maintenance activity on Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily basis. You can assign the maintenance schedules to a selected Vendor, Internal team member, or both.
It helps to minimize the production downtimes by keeping the equipment, instruments, and devices maintained.

Define Asset Specific Maintenance Criteria

Qualityze enables you to define Asset Specific Maintenance Criteria wherein you can specify the standard measurements, tolerance level, and Units.

Conduct Scheduled or Unscheduled (emergency) Maintenance

Use the system generated scheduled maintenance alerts to generate a scheduled maintenance record or initiate a maintenance record on an ad-hoc basis for unscheduled (emergency) maintenance. Using the predefined criteria at the asset level will allow you to inspect, measure, and maintain the spare parts at hand. After performing the maintenance activity and tracking spare parts usages, you can take further actions to create and document any potential nonconformity that may have occurred.

The closure activity will reflect the details such as Time took to Complete, Cost Incurred, Date Returned to Use, Asset Status, Maintenance Result, and much more.

Print Maintenance Certificate

After the successful maintenance activity, you can print a maintenance certificate/label to show maintenance status, maintenance performed date, and due date of maintenance, demonstrating a control to guarantee that only maintained spare parts are used.

Qualityze Maintenance Management Software for Multiple Industries

Qualityze Maintenance Management System works for many industries with the same effectiveness and efficiency. From Life sciences to Complex or General Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Healthcare, biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Medical Devices, Food and Beverage operations, our solution makes it easy for you to maintain high-quality standards by keeping your equipment and instruments regularly maintained. It possesses:

Configurable and Cloud-Based Platform

Qualityze cloud based Maintenance Management Software is a configurable solution that enables your maintenance teams to access the relevant details and collaborate with the right people at the right time to manage the maintenance of your critical assets. You can configure the maintenance workflows with the utmost ease to ensure standardization. So, are you ready to leverage the flexibility to manage the maintenance schedules?

Adherence to Compliance Standards

For every industry, Qualityze follows the relevant standards requirements set by the regulatory committees such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S.FDA), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and Good Clinical Practices (GCP), etc.

User-Friendly Interface

Qualityze Maintenance Management Solution is a user-friendly solution that enables users to effectively and efficiently manage assets maintenance. From accessing asset details to work instructions and tracking inventory records, you can perform any task within a matter of a few seconds. It gives you better control of assets and their maintenance schedules to avoid any unfortunate events.

Why is Maintenance Management Important?

Maintenance management is critical for quality assurance and cost control that gives your organization a competitive advantage. It is not just about preventing sudden breakdowns of equipment; it is more about ensuring the operational excellence of equipment in accordance with specifications to produce consistent quality products. Having regular maintenance management tasks scheduled enables you to:

  1. Ensure good health of equipment to avoid failures
  2.  Comply with standard requirements
  3. Reduce the production costs and maintenance costs
  4.  Maintain the life of productive assets
  5.  Make optimum and efficient use of assets
  6.  Improve safety for the employees

Maintenance Management Ensure Reliable Equipment & Consistent Quality Products

Qualityze Maintenance Management Solution is a compliant solution to help organizations to manage production time, cost, and efficiency while maintaining the resources. It ensures that all the equipment is in good health to continue reliable and consistent quality production. It also provides a higher level of safety for the employees. Having software for maintenance management tasks helps to avoid data inconsistencies that could impact a business’s decision-making capability.

Qualityze cloud based Maintenance management software is designed to assist organizations with maintenance tasks, including repairs and workflows, while keeping the costs to a minimum. Qualityze Quality Management System is reliable and scalable solution to improve your business approach towards maintenance. You can be proactive rather than reactive.
Do you want to take a proactive approach toward equipment maintenance? It’s time to get Qualityze Maintenance Management system for your organization.

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