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Quality Management System for Metals and Mining Industry

The metal and mining organizations should deliver quality products and services reliably and sustainably. It further increases its market share. The best way to accomplish the goal of quality management is by investing in quality management software that can help streamline the implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement. A quality management system can also bring the mining companies into compliance with international standards.

Qualityze EQMS is a powerful quality management solution specifically designed for the Metals and Mining industry. This cloud-based solution enables organizations to manage their quality processes on a centralized platform to ensure consistency, quality, and excellence. Built on the Salesforce platform, Qualityze allows Metals and Mining companies to achieve their quality objectives with greater flexibility, security, and reliability. The other advantages include reduced costs of quality, lesser time-to-market, and increased brand reputation.

The Qualityze EQMS software for the Metals and Mining Industry is a closed-loop quality system. It includes Document Management, Change Management, Nonconformance Management, CAPA Management, Forms Management, Material Compliance Management, Audit Management, Training Management, Complaint Management, Incident Management, Field Safety Action Management, Inspection Management, Calibration Management, EBR Management, Maintenance Management, Permit Management, Supplier Quality Management with exciting features like Audit Trail, Electronic Signature, Validations, Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics.

Advantages of Quality Management Software for the Metals and Mining Industry

Metals and mining companies face many critical challenges in many other industries. It is among the sectors where one mistake can cost many lives. It could be due to resource issues that could result in a high-risk environment. However, the advanced health and safety systems are helping metal and mining companies’ lower risks while guiding them to digital transformation for a protected environment. Metal and mining organizations must demonstrate a culture of continuous improvement. Here’s an overview of all the benefits that you can leverage with the integration of an end-to-end quality management software for the Metals and Mining industry:

  • Improved Brand Reputation
  • Reduced Rate of Incidences
  • Improved Business Processes
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Lowered Supplier Costs

How Does Qualityze Works for Metals and Mining Industry?

Reliable and secure, Qualityze EQMS Suite is the cloud-driven enterprise quality management solution for Metals and Mining companies. It helps to create a safe environment that can be scaled with growing customers’ needs. It has an intuitive interface and configurable workflows that can adjust to every enterprise’s specific needs – big or small – to attain the highest quality standards. Qualityze enables Metals and Mining companies to manage all their quality records on a centralized database, offering greater flexibility and security. Let’s have a look at how each module functions for the Metals and Mining industry:

Nonconformance Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustryNonconformance Management

Qualityze Nonconformance Management enables metal and mining companies to quickly identify the materials that don’t meet the defined specifications and initiate the necessary action including containment, disposition, and investigation for CAPA. Handling nonconformance becomes even more accessible due to the seamless integration capability that Qualityze offers. You can record all the relevant information for the nonconformance(s) identified, storing complete information and risks related to them. You can also leverage configurable workflows to manage the critical processes with flexibility. Qualityze Nonconformance management solution for metal and mining also helps you reduce the overall cost of compliance, giving you improved visibility through the defects and deviations documented.

CAPA Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustryCAPA Management

The metal and mining companies can experience simplified corrective action and preventive action workflows with Qualityze CAPA Management. It helps mitigating risks by maintaining compliance with applicable regulatory standards. You can determine the systemic issues and investigate root causes from a single system. The user-friendly interface allows you to generate CAPA reports quickly. You can also use the pre-defined forms to store information in a standardized format. It further helps maintain a culture of quality and continuous improvements in the organization. Qualityze CAPA Management software for metal and mining companies helps implement a proactive approach towards resolving quality issues.

Document Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustryDocument Management

Generally, mining companies are spread across multiple locations. The documents processed in the industry include procedures, policies, CAD drawings, health and safety documents, designs, quality and regulation documents, and external communications. All these critical documents should be available and accessible 24*7 to your quality teams, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Qualityze Document Management for metal and mining companies comes with pre-defined templates for all the critical documents that you can customize and configure as per your business requirements. It is a powerful, cloud-based solution that allows mining companies to manage and share essential documents on a centralized platform with advanced security controls.

Change Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustryChange Management

Metals and mining industries are often classified as a cyclical industry, facing challenges in multiple ways. One of the critical change-related challenges is technology implementation. Overcoming such challenges requires them to have a standardized change management process. Qualityze Change Management enables metal and mining companies to manage all the complex change requirements while meeting compliance. It helps configure the normalized change workflows and align them with the quality objectives for implementing change smoothly and on time. It comes with alerts and notification capability to automatically send signals to the impacted users, giving them time to plan and prepare for the upcoming change. Qualityze prepares you to succeed by making your organization change ready.

Audit Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustryAudit Management

Audits and inspections matter for the metal and mining industry to ensure more quality, safety, and compliance. However, there are many other functions that audit cover, such as assessing compliance, monitoring the controls, analyzing the operational performance, and evaluating the risk management approach taken in the organization. Qualityze Audit Management for metals and mining helps manage end-to-end audit cycles for all the organizational processes. It gives insightful information on the processes and documentation that don’t meet compliance specifications to drive continuous improvements. With Qualityze, you can utilize the pre-defined audit checklists to check on all the processes on a yearly, half-yearly, and quarterly basis.

Training Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustryTraining Management

Training is essential to keep miners safe and healthy. According to Federal law, all miners should be provided with primary and annual refresher training to guide and assist them with safety management procedures. Qualityze Training Management helps the metal and mining industry develop high-quality training programs and gives learners the flexibility to complete their training through collaboration with instructors. You can create both document-based and instructor-led training with/without assessments. The trainees also receive the certification for the training completed, demonstrating the best practices being followed in the organization. Our solution seamlessly integrates with the document management system to help you manage the training-related documentation in a hassle-free manner.

Supplier Quality Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustrySupplier Quality Management

In the context of the metal and mining industry, supplier quality management spans from procurement to selling off the finished materials to the end-user. Supply Quality Management (SCM) is the process that includes multiple operations, including supplier selection, managing their records, evaluating their performance, and more. The main objective of the supplier quality management process is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, providing them quality products on time. Qualityze Supplier Quality Management for metals and mining industry simplifies the complicated business-supplier relationships, strengthening it to the core with regular communication on material quality and other performance metrics. Our solution offers a supplier scorecard to evaluate supplier performance and develop a list of approved suppliers for continued business excellence.

Complaints Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustryComplaints Management

For the metal and mining industry, where projects generally have significant impacts, it becomes even more critical to handle customer complaints effectively. Qualityze Complaints Management enables metal and mining companies to manage and resolve customer complaints on time systematically. It helps them create a complaint workflow wherein they can efficiently provide the complaint resolution or escalate the issues to investigation and CAPA processes. The ability to handle customer grievances promptly is also considered as the best practice to meet compliance. Our solution comes with standardized forms to record the complaint related information consistently, simplifying the regulatory submissions. 

Calibration Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustryCalibration Management

The metal and mining industry involve the usage of sophisticated machines and equipment. Inaccurate measurements can turn into an irreversible loss as we have already discussed above; one mistake could cost lives. Metal and mining companies require powerful calibration management software to manage equipment calibration schedules for all the equipment without any hassles. Qualityze Calibration Management is a reliable solution for mining companies. It enables them to schedule multiple calibration activities, regardless of the geographical location of equipment. It automatically sends alerts to calibrators whenever equipment is due for calibration. Qualityze provides you a smarter way to manage equipment calibrations.

Maintenance Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustryMaintenance Management

Maintenance optimization is critical to maintaining asset performance and life. Proper maintenance in metals and mining is all about keeping equipment functioning for a more extended period, reducing the overall costs. Qualityze Maintenance Management System works reliably well to maintain the mining equipment and give them a longer life. It enables mining companies to schedule mall types of maintenance activities – be it preventive, corrective, risk-based, or any other maintenances. It automatically sends alerts to equipment managers whenever equipment is due for maintenance. Qualityze Maintenance Management seamlessly integrates with Nonconformance Management solution to manage the equipment and devices that cannot be maintained further.

Inspection Management Software for Metal and Mining IndustryInspection Management

The value of metal and mining products can be best evaluated through inspections. It can be visual inspection, quantity inspection, sampling, sample preparation, and commercial analysis. Qualityze Inspection Management enables to streamline and standardize the inspection processes to ensure the best quality products. The configurable workflows and intuitive interface make it easy for you to define sampling plans and inspection trends. It also enables you to initiate NC and evaluate the need for the reinspection of the nonconforming materials identified in the inspection process. The cloud platform provides you required flexibility, scalability, and security to manage inspections and the relevant data.

Permit Management Software for Metal & Mining IndustryPermit Management

The metals and mining industry requires a systematic process to assure the effectiveness and thoroughness of all environmental studies, permits, and licenses and the timely approval of all documents and permits. One solution that can streamline all the processes effectively and efficiently for you is Qualityze. In addition, you can integrate Document Management and Permit Management Solutions to manage all the critical documents securely and meet compliance. However, Qualityze Permit Management for the metals and mining industry is explicitly designed to help track permit and licenses renewals to avoid lapses and penalties. Upgrade to the next-generation Permit Management Solution today to make things efficient and compliant.

Material Compliance Management Software for Metals and Mining IndustryMaterial Compliance Management

Mining will be a crucial source of low-carbon energy in the future. To facilitate this shift, technologies such as wind turbines, solar panels, and improved energy storage need substantial mineral and metal inputs, which will come from the mining sector without dramatic advances in technology or a corresponding increase in the use of recycled materials. In countries with strategic reserves, how they are sourced will determine whether this transition promotes peaceful, sustainable development, reinforces weak governance, and escalates local conflict. That’s where Qualityze Material Compliance Management comes into action. It helps keep track of suppliers and the sources from where they are getting minerals and metals like cobalt, lithium, and bauxite, ensuring they are conflict-free. In addition, our solution simplifies making compliance declarations with pre-defined templates that can be configured to your business needs.

Forms Management Software for Metals and Mining IndustryForms Management

The mining industry needs to rethink its vision, strategy, operating model, and capabilities to capitalize on forms and data management digital innovations. Mining operations will increasingly create value by learning to gather, analyze, and act on information to move material more efficiently and effectively. The industry leadership must believe it is worth the effort to make this change successful. That’s where Qualityze Forms Management helps. It enables enterprises to unlock the potential of data they collect using forms. It allows them to create, manage, and track all types of forms for capturing valuable data. You can further analyze the data to make informed business decisions and cope with the needs of the dynamic market. The software also has impressive capabilities such as digital signature, notifications, and much more to reduce process cycle time.

Field safety Management Software for Metals and Mining IndustryField Safety Action Management

After three years of hardship, there has been some improvement in the metal and mining industry. But some areas and changes are still challenging, especially quality assurance and recall management after product release. For example, damaged conductor coatings can lead to short circuits, creating a fire or shock hazard. The company must have a recall management plan for such events. That’s where the metal and mining industry needs a change in approach. Next-generation solutions like Qualityze Field Safety Action Management should replace the traditional system. It is the one-stop solution to manage post-market surveillance activities. It helps you track recalls, develop a communication plan, perform health hazard evaluation, and manage regulatory reporting. It comes with pre-defined templates for distribution data. You can further analyze the data to make intelligent decisions.

Incident Management Software for     Metals and Mining IndustryIncident Management

In the metals and mining industry, incidents are more severe problems, such as death at a mine; serious injuries to an individual at a mine, resulting in the injury being treated in a hospital. OSHA recommends investigating all mining-related accidents and incidents. An accident report should answer six key questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how. “Near misses” are incidents when injury or damage could have resulted from a slight change of time or position. It is imperative to interview everyone involved thoroughly during an accident or incident investigation. The primary goal is to prevent similar incidents in the future. Corrective action should be initiated based on the results of the investigation.” The aging technology solutions may not be effective in such a case. Therefore, metals and mining businesses need a next-generation incident management solution like Qualityze to manage all the activities following best practices.

EBR Management Software for Metals and Mining IndustryEBR Management

Advances in digital technology may transform the future of mining and metals. While everyone is at different stages of maturity and acceptance of digital technologies and capabilities, one can already see a wide range of tests, adoption, and benefits across mining and metals companies. Digital-first movers can provide significant value for organizations that move from being tech laggards to technology leaders. By strengthening their technological capabilities, metal and mining companies can improve their bottom line, become more responsive to industry challenges, and become more sustainable and transparent. The first critical step to digital transformation is adopting a next-generation electronic batch record management tool, such as Qualityze. The software enables enterprises to create different types of production record forms to consistently capture all the necessary information it takes to make intelligent business decisions. 

Why Choose Qualityze Quality Management System for Metals and Mining Industry?

Choosing Qualityze Quality Management System will be a beneficial decision for the Metals and Mining industry because it has:

Still Thinking?

Qualityze EQMS offers a lot of value to any organization with its customizable cloud-based software for Nonconformance Management, CAPA Management, Document Management, Forms Management, Material Compliance Management, Incident Management, Field Safety Action Management, Change Management, Training Management, Supplier Quality Management, EBR Management, Audit Management, Complaints Management, Permit Management, Calibration Management, Inspection Management and Maintenance Management.