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The Oil and gas industry is one of the critical industries that need to follow heavy regulations and scrutiny. Even a single failure could mean disaster for the environment in addition to the harms and impacts on the other connected sectors of the industry. The industry needs a quality management system with an emphasis on compliance that can provide them comprehensive insights into processes and product quality to identify the scope of improvements going forward.

Qualityze EQMS is the next-generation QMS designed on the platform to enable the Oil and Gas industry to manage the quality of all the products, systems, and solutions by enabling organizations to comply with the regulatory standards and ensure highest standards of safety, health, and environmental care. This cloud-driven quality management software for oil and gas industry ensures consistent product quality by allowing companies to follow the industry best practices defined as Quality Standards i.e. ISO 29001.

The Qualityze EQMS software for Oil and Gas Industry is a closed-loop quality system which includes Document Management, Change Management, Nonconformance Management, CAPA Management, Audit Management, Training Management, Complaint Management, Supplier Management with exciting features like Audit Trail, Electronic Signature, Validations, Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics.

Advantages of a Quality Management Software for Oil and Gas Industry

As already discussed above, the Oil and Gas industry needs to meet the stringent compliance and regulatory standards to ensure minimum impact on environmental, health, and other related factors. This implies the need for a powerful Oil and Gas QMS Software. Here’s an overview of all the benefits that you can leverage with the integration of an end-to-end quality management software for Oil and Gas industry:

Improved Business Processes

A powerful and compliant quality management system for oil and gas industry helps to ensure consistency of process quality to avoid severe consequences. A quality management system for oil and gas industry not only streamlines and standardizes all the processes but also helps you to perform regular audits and identify the improvements that can make regular processes and practices progressively better. Having a comprehensive quality management system is a perfect way to manage all the significant processes with great flexibility, ease, and precision.

Culture of Continuous Improvement

The oil and gas industry is the one that lags behind all other industries when it comes to the adoption of an effective quality management software. They need to develop a culture of continuous improvement than any other industry not just to meet the compliance standards, but also to stand firm against the test of time. Implementing an all-inclusive quality management system can make it way easier for them to develop and maintain a culture of continuous improvement without any hassles. In fact, a QMS is a tool they need to pace up with the improvements required in the process and product quality.

Improved Customer Safety

Since the oil and gas industry involves safety risks for the people involved, it becomes significantly important to adhere to a compliant quality management system that can help them avoid dreadful consequences. A QMS helps to ensure safety at every process level, which triggers a proactive approach to manage quality issues before they grow into a menace. When safety and quality cannot be compromised at any cost; it is better to get the quality management system that suits your compliance preferences the most.

Increased Employee Engagement

The success of a business lies in the hard work and dedication of its employees. Ensuring that every employee of yours contribute to the process and product quality becomes easy with a cloud-based quality management system because it helps you establish a centralized platform where you can communicate and collaborate with your team for their inputs on improvements required – be it process-based, product-based, or any specific job-related training requirements. A QMS can, therefore, help boost employee engagement.

Better Planning & Decision-Making

A quality management system for oil and gas industry eases the everyday task to capture and record all the relevant information and documents, keeping them organized in a standardized manner. This fosters better communication among the team while providing detailed insights on every process, action plan, or the decision made that can impact future business planning and decisions. With a quality management system for oil and gas, you can easily analyze the previous logs of activities performed and their respective outcomes to decide and continue with the most beneficial ones from the business perspective.

Detailed Reviews and Gap Analysis

Every organization has its own definition of perfection when it comes to a quality management system, but every organization wants an effective oil and gas QMS software that can help them perform reviews and gap analysis efficiently since it helps them to keep up with the industry best practices and compliance standards. A quality management system for oil and gas industry should be effective enough to identify process gaps that need to be filled for enhanced organizational productivity and efficiency in a streamlined manner.

How Does Qualityze Works for Oil and Gas Industry?

Qualityze Oil and Gas Quality Management System is a perfect pick for the oil and gas industry to ensure all the quality standards are followed for delivering quality and safe products. Built on the most powerful and secure platform, the Qualityze EQMS suite comprises 8 different products that enable Oil and Gas industry to maintain quality quotient in a simplified manner. Let’s have a look at how each module functions for the Oil and Gas industry:

NonConformance Management

The oil and gas companies can face severe consequences due to process failure. This is why; it is important for them to identify and document the conformity of the products as well as processes, which can be done using Qualityze NonConformance Management Software. It is designed to capture all the relevant details about a nonconformity including the evidence. You can also upload the related documents while reporting a nonconformance that may be required for ISO 29001. This cloud-driven nonconformance management software for oil and gas, can be your perfect digital nonconformance reporting and tracking tool.

CAPA Management

With the quality standards getting stringent, Oil and Gas companies are losing their pace with the industry’s best practices to ensure product and process quality. They need an effective CAPA system to track, analyze, and resolve the nonconformities reported. Qualityze CAPA Management Software is designed considering the critical needs of the oil and gas industry to help them perform detailed root cause analysis to resolve the quality issues effectively so that they don’t reoccur. You can select the investigation tool as per industry-specific best practices to ensure compliance with Quality.

Document Management

With the compliance standards asking for digital documentation, every industry needs to upgrade to digital means of capturing and distributing data including the oil and gas industry. Qualityze Document Management Software is a perfect solution to all the documentation needs of oil and gas companies such as creating the controlled documents, modifying, sharing, editing and even deleting. You can also enable the role-based access controls for your critical documents while enabling you to validate and verify all the approvals using an electronic signature.

Change Management

The oil and gas companies that wish to comply with ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 require to maintain the quality of their controlled documents. And, Qualityze Change Control Management Software helps them with document quality management by processing their change requests effectively and efficiently. It also helps to notify the impacted users over a single click so as to make change-adaptability easier. It reduces the change implementation cycle time while keeping its impact on ongoing processes to the minimum.

Audit Management

The oil and gas industry include complex processes for petroleum products including refining, extraction, transporting, marketing, etc. The industry also offers a variety of raw materials for pharmaceuticals and plastics. Having so many diversified functions, the oil and gas industry needs robust audit management software like Qualityze to review and assess every business process independently and mitigate compliance and quality risks. Qualityze Audit Management System is a single solution to manage end-to-end audit-related processes.

Training Management

The oil and gas professionals need to be extra careful with product handling, process conformance, and quality control to avoid major consequences. Qualityze Training Management Software is meticulously designed to serve such specific needs with great flexibility to increase the competency of every employee based on the roles and responsibilities assigned to them. This advanced training system also allows you to monitor and track individual performance for the particular training session for quick assessment and certification.

Supplier Quality Management

Having the right supplier quality management solution could help you to identify, track, and manage key suppliers while ensuring that their potential is fully unleashed. If you want to ensure the right suppliers by your side, you can implement the Qualityze Supplier Quality Management Software system to manage supplier quality, supplier audits, supplier SCAR, etc. This will not only improve your product quality but will also ensure quality for every ingredient or component used while maintaining long-term supplier relationships.

Complaints Management

The oil and gas industry may report numerous types of complaints due to a diversified array of products it offers. Qualityze Complaints Management Software helps you to establish a streamlined complaint management process so that you can address all the complaints in a timely manner. Qualityze also helps you to centralize the complaints database for easy and quick review and analysis. Moreover, it helps you to transform every customer complaint into a growth opportunity for your business.

Why Choose Qualityze Quality Management System for Oil and Gas Industry?

Choosing Qualityze Quality Management System will be a beneficial decision for oil and gas industry because it has:

  • User-Friendly Interface : Our quality management software for oil and gas industry comes with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require you to be a technical expert to work with it.
  • Configurable workflows and Fields : Our solution is highly flexible, and you can configure workflows and fields as per your company’s requirements.
  • Seamless Integration : Our QMS can seamlessly integrate with the organizations’ existing system for enhanced functionality
  • Low-Cost Implementation : With a cloud-based management solution like Qualityze, you need not worry about the implementation costs.
  • Cloud-Based Platform : Qualityze Quality Management for oil and gas companies is a cloud-based platform that ensures complete flexibility and safety for the data accessibility.
  • Low Maintenance Cost : Our Quality Management software for oil and gas industry doesn’t have any specific hardware requirements. You can access it anywhere.
  • Automated Upgrades : Automated upgrades can be made available with new releases as part of the subscription.
  • Flexible and Secure : Our solution resides on world’s most powerful and secure cloud platform,

Still Thinking?

Qualityze EQMS has a lot of value to offer to any organization with its customizable cloud-based software for Non-Conformance Management, CAPA Management, Document Management, Change Management, Training Management, Supplier Management, and Customer Complaints Management.

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