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Consumer Goods: Benefits of Automating Quality Management

01 Aug 2023

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Product recalls, lack of traceability, and data integrity issues can affect the business’s bottom line especially if you are manufacturing consumer goods. You must implement proper quality controls in place to ensure consistent quality products and processes. You can utilize a next-generation quality management software to align your key processes with the quality objectives. 

Consumer Packaged Goods is one of the most competitive sectors where customers can switch to any brand, based on the quality and cost expectations. However, the demand of the consumer goods stays consistent. Delivering the right quality to the customers on the right time can help maintain customer loyalty for a longer term. 

To ensure continued success and profitability, it is critical for consumer goods manufacturers to streamline and standardize the quality processes in accordance with industry-proven best practices. Relying on manual processes can be overwhelming. It would be best to implement a next-generation enterprise quality management software.  

Automating quality management processes for consumer goods industry can drive multiple benefits, including: 

A better reputation for the brand 

Gaining customer loyalty is the key to improving the brand’s reputation in any industry, including consumer goods. Customer confidence and trust in your brand can be shattered by just one quality failure. In addition, you must have confidence in the processes you use. To gain the confidence the consumer goods industry needs, quality management software streamlines and standardizes the company’s functions based on customer and compliance requirements. QMSs also enable businesses to drive continuous improvements that contribute to an improved bottom line, better customer experience, and improved brand reputation. 

Reduction in Quality-Related Costs 

Despite the constantly changing buying behavior of customers and the ever-evolving challenges faced by consumer goods companies, minimizing quality costs has always been among the top-quality objectives. Quality management software provides a closed-loop quality management system for managing product quality and processes efficiently. It decreases defects and nonconformances, which in turn reduces resource wastage. In addition to saving on infrastructure costs, cloud-based quality management solutions can also reduce other overhead expenses for consumer goods companies. 

Streamlined Business Processes 

The consumer goods industry needs to follow best practices and processes to meet changing customer expectations and comply with increasing compliance pressures. A quality management system that aligns the critical functions of the business with quality objectives is the only way to achieve this. Additionally, a QMS may assist organizations in improving their business processes by building a culture of quality and continuous improvement. As a result of improved business processes, products are better, which translates to more significant market share and customer satisfaction.

A Better Supplier Process 

It is common for consumer goods companies to work with many suppliers to provide the best products at the right time. The challenge lies in managing the records of many suppliers, including SLAs, invoices, and many other documents, and evaluating their performance regularly. Performing these processes manually isn’t efficient anymore. Using quality management software can help businesses manage all the processes related to suppliers, including selection, documentation, audits, and more. In other words, a QMS enables companies to take a proactive stance toward improving their suppliers’ processes and relationships. 

Improved Decision Making 

The increasing compliance and regulatory requirements have made traceability and visibility of business processes and information increasingly important. To address these complex challenges, consumer products companies require data analysis tools that help them analyze available data, reduce operational risk, resolve adverse events, reduce product recalls, deliver compliant products on schedule, and avoid noncompliance. With advanced reporting and analytics tools, the next-generation quality management software enables organizations to meet all their quality goals in a hassle-free manner. 

Low product defect rates 

Consumer goods businesses cannot reduce product recalls and nonconformances through manual processes and systems. Instead, a proactive risk management approach is needed.  Consumer goods companies can manage risk more effectively using a quality manage 

ment system, which results in fewer defects, recalls, nonconformances, and noncompliance. In addition, you can conduct regular quality audits through a robust QMS to continuously improving quality. 

Increased Organizational Effectiveness 

QMSs help to establish important operational goals while providing a means of tracking your organization’s progress on reaching these goals. The advanced quality management software often comes with dashboard functionality that provides instant insights into the overall performance and task progress. 

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 

Customers are the lifeblood of any business; incorporating their feedback into your QMS results in greater customer satisfaction. you can also integrate the customer complaints management system with QMS to manage reported issues more effectively and efficiently. 

Improved Compliance 

A quality management software integrates compliance into documentation, measurement and reporting systems, and internal auditing systems, thereby easing some pressure to meet key standards and regulations. Credit goes to the new-age technology, you can leverage integration capability to have better control on data and processes.  

Better Organizational Culture 

To understand what is expected from your quality team, a quality management system establishes, communicates, and aligns operational activities with organizational goals and priorities. It enables you to establish a culture of quality wherein everyone is responsible for maintaining highest standards of quality. 

Controlled Documentation 

A quality management system will document critical processes and objectives to ensure knowledge and information is shared throughout the organization. However, you can also integrate a cloud-based document management solution for improved document control, version control, and audit trail. You can easily find the document management solution that supports electronic signature for meeting compliance with regulatory standards such as FDA Part 11. 

But you can leverage all the above-mentioned benefits only when you choose the right quality management software for your business needs. One of the highly recommended EQMS software for Consumer Goods Industry is Qualityze EQMS Suite. 

Qualityze EQMS Suite is an integrated, cloud-based solution that enables consumer goods companies to gain more visibility into the data collected so they can proactively:   

  1. Cut down the operational costs   
  2. Ensure quality product delivery timely and consistently.   
  3. Prevent defects and deviations by driving continuous improvements   
  4. Ensure better traceability and flexibility to manage quality processes.   
  5. Collect and work data to make informed business decisions, and much more.   

Built upon the world’s most secure and reliable platform, Salesforce.com, Qualityze enables your quality teams to manage key processes from anywhere across the globe.   

With the Qualityze Enterprise Quality Management Solution, you can adopt industry best practices and easily configure predefined workflow templates that enable you to meet quality, compliance, and regulatory requirements. For a total QMS solution, Qualityze’s integrated design ties all processes together. It comes with amazing functionalities such as Email Approval, Centralized Database, Dashboards, Advanced Reporting, Audit Trail, and much more. 

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To meet customer demands, manufacturers must take measures and implement workflows. Digital tools such as advanced quality management software, which automates workflows, can help manufacturing companies improve their product traceability and maintain quality data.   

For more information, please get in touch with our customer success team at +1-877-207-8616 or email us at info@qualityze.com, and we will be there for you. 



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