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Stages & Challenges of Quality Management in Cannabis Industry

01 Aug 2023

Quality management encompasses a set of activities and processes for Quality management includes a set of activities and processes for ensuring that Cannabis products meet customer requirements. Cannabis manufacturers must understand their customers’ needs to develop products that will satisfy them – the goal of quality management in the Cannabis industry.  

At every stage, from allocating raw materials to production, packaging, shipping & storage to delivering products to the customer – multiple inspection points have been identified where Cannabis quality checks need to be carried out regularly. If Cannabis goods do not pass these tests, then more likely than not, they end up as scrap or get reworked, which will affect the bottom line. That is why it is pivotal for manufacturing companies to implement a sound Cannabis quality management system to ensure that all the products meet customer expectations. 

The Cannabis industry is just like any other industry that aims to produce quality goods that can stand out in terms of features and aesthetics while offering a high degree of safety for users’ health and wellbeing. Therefore, cannabis manufacturers should realize it is about producing and manufacturing Cannabis products right. 

Top 6 Challenges of Quality Management in the Cannabis Industry 

#1: Shifting Regulatory Scenario – It is obvious that complying with set regulatory requirements while managing quality will always be a challenge for Cannabis manufacturers. But these challenges become more prominent when government bodies introduce volatile changes at regular intervals, thus disrupting what was being done so far. However, the industry must adopt quality management processes that synchronize with changing local and national Cannabis regulations. 

#2: Lack of Quality Standards – Cannabis industry does not have any specific quality standards yet; there is no consensus on how Cannabis products should be manufactured & tested for conformance to applicable Cannabis quality norms. Cannabis manufacturers need to develop quality management methods based on their own best practices (which may not be the same across all companies).   

#3: Increased Complexity During Production– With an increase in demand for high-quality Cannabis products, the manufacturing process becomes more complex since it involves multiple production stages viz. cultivation, processing, packaging & distribution, which might include different people including growers, Cannabis lab technicians, Cannabis quality assurance team members, and Cannabis distributors. Cannabis manufacturers must ensure they have put suitable quality management systems to integrate all the production stages seamlessly. 

#4: Lack of Cannabis-Specific Metrics – There is not any set standard for measuring Cannabis product quality; there is no consistent metric to use throughout the Cannabis industry like ppm (parts per million) & BRIX (Brix) in the beverage industry or TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) in the engineering industry. The quality manager must remember that each Cannabis product type has its characteristics and may require different quality metrics to measure it correctly. Therefore, it increases the difficulty quotient while doing Quality Management in Cannabis Industry.  

#5: Prohibition of Key Tools & Techniques -The cannabis industry also prohibits specific quality management tools and techniques that include testing Cannabis goods for CBD & THC content. It also checks the product label that claims materials used in manufacturing, packaging, and testing Cannabis products for microbial contamination and over the counter (OTC) drugs. As a result, it becomes more challenging than ever to do Cannabis quality management while ensuring all the relevant production stages are covered.  

#6: Lack of Pre-defined Processes– There is no set Cannabis quality management process out there that can be adopted by Cannabis manufacturers right away; they have to come up with their approach on how to manage Cannabis quality assurance, including testing strategies, regulatory compliance norms, templates required for new or existing quality forms, etc. this difficulty becomes more prominent when the manufacturer is trying to perform Cannabis quality management for the first time; they may end up not following any Cannabis quality management process at all.   

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The advent of Qualityze Cannabis Quality Management Software has significantly addressed these challenges. It can be used to manage Cannabis quality assurance by adopting best practices & protocols defined by industry experts, meeting changing Cannabis ISO standards, staying compliant with regulatory requirements, and producing high-quality multiple Cannabis varieties. Also, using automated Cannabis tracking software like Qualityze helps track all-important testing data (like lab test report generation) in one place, thus reducing the complexity of Cannabis quality management.   

Qualityze – Best EQMS for Cannabis Industry: 

Qualityze EQMS Suite is one of the most powerful industry-specific software available in the market.    

1. Centralized Cannabis Tracking System:

Qualityze Cannabis Quality Software covers the entire Cannabis value chain from inspection, processing stages through packaging & distribution. It helps Cannabis manufacturers manage Cannabis quality assurance at all production stages.   

2. Advanced Investigation Tools:

With advanced yet simple Cannabis industry-specific investigation tools (like five whys) built into Qualityze EQMS for Cannabis, users can easily track the cause of quality issues. These innovative cannabis tracking tools integrate with existing lab software and deliver reports in real-time to improve operational efficiency.  

3. Configurable Workflows & Templates:

Quality managers can quickly configure the process workflows with pre-defined templates in Qualityze Cannabis Quality Management Software. These templates cover all the standard test cases like passed, failed, & recalled Cannabis good, ensuring that the testing process follows best practices & protocols for validated outcomes.   

4. Faster Reviews and Approvals:

Qualityze helps cannabis manufacturers to accelerate their review and approval processes. It allows users to submit experiment results or any other Cannabis production data for expert review; experts can look at the information post its submission and communicate with the involved parties for faster reviews and approvals. In addition, the software alps provide complete transparency and traceability for Cannabis data throughout its life cycle.   

Suppose you are a Cannabis manufacturer looking for an industry-specific quality solution. Qualityze Cannabis Quality Management Software can be a reliable EQMS choice you can get in the market. It has advanced in-built capabilities that help manage all Cannabis quality data in one place and produces high-quality outcomes.    

For more information on implementing the best Cannabis Quality Management Software, contact info@qualityze.com or visit www.qualityze.com.  



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