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Different Types of Document Management Software

01 Aug 2023

Technology has made our lives simpler to the extent that going back doesn’t look like an efficient option. From working in flexible schedules to do shopping on the go, we have different tools, devices, and applications to rely on. One such tool we will be discussing today is Document Management Software.

Could you imagine your workspace as organized as it is today with traditional paper-based systems that require numerous filing cabinets for storage?

Definitely not, right?

The traditional document management systems are both time and space consuming. They are highly vulnerable to errors, physical damage, and confidentiality leaks. Even making changes to a document is a challenge in paper-based files. The document needs to be transferred from one person to another manually until it gets approved by all the stakeholders. And, you can imagine the time a single document change could take.

Fortunately, we have got electronic document management software to manage all types of controlled documents efficiently. They have improved organizational productivity by eliminating all the sharing, approval, and change-related challenges.

Different Types of Document Management Software

There are basically two types of document management software, i.e., On-Site Document Management Software and On-Cloud Document Management Software. Before we jump to any discussion regarding which one to choose, let’s have a quick introduction to both types of document management systems.

On-Site Document Management Software

The on-site document management software that requires you to use internal storage and server system. You or your internal team will be responsible for keeping all the documents securely and maintaining the system from time-to-time. You must keep it regularly backed-up to keep a hold of documents even if any unfortunate event hits.

For these types of document management system, you need dedicated IT resources to keep control of your critical documents. The software updates and technical support are also optional based on the subscription package you choose.

On Cloud Document Management Software

On cloud document management software, commonly known as cloud-based document management software/solution, that doesn’t have any infrastructure requirements to help manage controlled documents. Your service provider hosts it and makes it accessible for everyone in your organization. It generally comes with a monthly or annual subscription, including the maintenance, support, and software upgrades. Some cloud-based document management software comes with configurable workflows so you can create a standardized system to manage critical documents.

For these types of document management solutions, you don’t need dedicated IT resources. You can easily find the ones with an intuitive interface that makes setting up a document system a simple plug and play task. Your team can leverage the flexibility to access their documents from anywhere, anytime, without worrying about the storage space.

Which One to Choose?

Choosing the right document management system can be tricky. You need to consider a lot of things, including storage, security, infrastructure, and so on. Most of the organizations today are opting for a cloud-based document management system due to hassle-free management. Moreover, they don’t need to make investments in infrastructure or IT resources expansion. Just a subscription, and they can manage their controlled documents with utmost ease and flexibility. It also includes maintenance, software upgrades, and technical support from the experts. They are a feasible option for all – big, small, and medium enterprises.

However, there are still many companies that don’t prefer cloud systems. They equip a dedicated team, and IT resources to manage everything by themselves.

Cloud has become a necessity for businesses operating in dispersed locations since it’s quite cost-effective. Even the security is significantly improved in recent years to cater to the ever-growing and changing needs of modern-day businesses.

Once you are done with the selection between on-site and on-cloud document management system, you must head to in-depth research on the type of document management solution you are going to opt for. You must consider the capabilities, features, and functionalities that a software solution has to offer you. It will help you make an informed purchase decision for the most suitable software.

Here’s the list of some critical things you must look for in a document management system that you would like to implement in your organization:

  • Structured Approach

The system should allow you to streamline the document management process to avoid any confusion or repeated tasks. A structured approach ensures that everyone is following the best practices to manage the business-critical documents.

  • Searchability

The system must offer easy search options so that the user can quickly locate the desired file without causing delays in the related processes. Searchability can help optimize organization productivity.

  • User-friendliness

The systems must have a user-friendly interface so all your team members can quickly learn to operate it – even if they are not tech-savvy. The objective of electronic document management systems is to make work easier, not complicating it with complex functions.

  • Accessibility

The system must offer ease-of-accessibility to the users so that they can manage their critical documents anywhere, anytime, with the availability of the Internet.

  • Integration

The system with integration capabilities can increase the overall effectiveness of the organization since it allows you to gain more insights about the document record you are processing.

  • Security Controls

The system must offer great security controls so that you can keep confidential information safe and protected. Some document management systems come with role-based access rights for improved safety.

  • Compliance

The document management system must allow you to store and manage records for regulatory purposes. The systems with e-signature capability can be a perfect solution to meet your compliance needs.

Now that you have a general idea of types of document management software and the standard functionalities you must look for, you will be able to make the right selection of document management system based on your business needs.

One Quick Tip Here

When you feel stuck between your options of document management solutions, the best way to escape a wrong decision is by taking the product tour through demo. Most of the software companies offer free demo to give you a deeper understanding of the product and why it is suitable for your needs. Another advantage of the demo is getting answers to all your doubts in real-time directly from the experts.

So, wouldn’t you like to experience the ease and flexibility to create, edit, and manage all your critical documents like never before with the right document management software?

For more information on the cloud-based document management software, you can get in touch with the Qualityze customer success team on 1-877-207-8616 or write to us at info@qualityze.com, and we will be right there for you.



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