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How to Choose the Best Training Management Software?

01 Aug 2023

It can be overwhelming and confusing to search online for keywords like “training management” or “training management system.” The basic idea of training management may remain the same. However, not all training management systems (TMS) are the same.

Those without any experience in training management solutions may not be able to spot the difference between different training management solutions. But if you end up purchasing one, believing it to be the other, the mix-up could be unforgiving for your business. So, what exactly is a training management system? And how can you choose the best one for your organization?

Defining Training Management System/Software

A training management system (TMS) refers to a software system designed and explicitly intended for training teams. It enables them to streamline processes, save time, reduce costs, aid compliance, and improve operations by managing all the training in one place.

The system provides such functionality as task scheduling and management of resources, automated alerts and notifications, detailed reporting, analytics, and much more. Training management software will enable training teams to become more efficient by automating processes.

How to Choose the Best Training Management System/Software?

It is challenging to choose the right training management software. However, you can opt for a solution that can make a difference by:

1. Reducing administrative tasks through automation

The ideal world would be for your employees to spend more time training than on administrative tasks. Automating several training tasks with training software saves your employee’s valuable time. It can track training certificate expiration dates, digitize documents, and reduce paperwork. Employees who use automation can concentrate on learning because they are not distracted by monotonous tasks. For example – you do not have to print out forms and complete them manually, nor do you have to hunt through a mountain of files to find the right document. The software can automatically assign courses to employees based on their roles and previous training.

2. Streamlining mass uploads

It takes an extended amount of time to upload and enter data manually. If large companies do not use software that can mass upload, they may need to hire full-time administrative staff. In addition, the number of training records generated by a significant corporation increases along with its headcount, creating thousands of new training records in a fleeting period. An Excel spreadsheet or an existing database should be able to pull substantial amounts of data into training management software. Otherwise, updating information and employee profiles will require many hours of data entry. Employees can perform this task more efficiently and without human error with software that can complete it in seconds.

3. Making a free trial available

You should test the main functions of a training management software before purchasing it and see if it meets your needs. Software providers who offer a free trial are confident about their products. Some software options may seem like good deals, but hidden charges may be. For example, it may have a low price for its basic version, but you must pay more for its robust features.

4. Providing greater accessibility and traceability

Accessibility and traceability have become even more critical in recent years. The software that does not allows access to or track your training activities is not likely to gain the user’s attention. Today, training managers look for a training management solution that gives them and employees complete accessibility to training documents while enabling them to track their progress. You can achieve the required level of accessibility and traceability only by using robust training management software like Qualityze.

5. Delivering detailed reports.

The amount of data managed by Training Software is unchanged, despite eliminating physical documents. A quality piece of software will be able to generate detailed reports with this information, which can help decide future courses and other management decisions. Additionally, companies can use automatic reports for gap analysis, identifying their weaknesses and skills they need to improve. You can use a detailed report for compliance as it provides all the information an inspector needs instantly – no need to gather information and prepare reports manually.

Key Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based Training Management System/Software?

A cloud-based training management software can drive multiple benefits for an organization, including:

Centralized database for keeping all the training materials in one place without any confusion. The software stores training documents in a systematic order so you and your teams access the most recent version. It further ensures that everyone is on same page when it comes to maintaining a culture of quality.

Digital signature validation to ensure that only authorized people are accessing to the training documents. It also helps training managers to track people who completed the training in the specified time.

Improved control with the software integration capabilities. You can integrate it with third-party applications like Document Management Software so your training managers can create training documents without putting much of administrative efforts and time.

Improved security with advanced security controls for the compliance training documents. You can use password protection or role-based access rights to control the document access. You can also share it across different departments and business units globally without any security concerns.

Better analysis and reporting. With next-generation training management solution, you can quickly track the training and performance trends to make data-driven decisions especially when it comes to introducing new training for different job functions.

These are just a few to mention. You can leverage many other benefits with a cloud-based training management software. Make sure you choose the best one having the features discussed above. It can be little time-consuming to search through a variety of options available online. But we can make it simple for you with a quick yet worthy recommendation i.e., Qualityze Training Management Software.

With Qualityze training management, you can manage, execute, and maintain your organization’s training program in the cloud. With this feature, you can organize all the training essentials your company’s training team needs, including certifications, qualifications, and training records. This keeps you in compliance with internal and external requirements. Depending on the job function, department, business unit, process, location, site, and individual, you can create different training requirements.

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