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Advantages and Disadvantages of Instructor-Led Training 

01 Aug 2023

The importance of training for organizational success cannot be overstated. Employees and employers both benefit from it. With the proper training, an employee will become more productive and efficient. 

In addition to increasing employee competency, it prepares them for more significant roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, it enhances their knowledge and skills to manage competitive challenges more effectively and efficiently. Training is generally categorized into two forms: Document-Based Training and Instructor-Led Training. 

Though Instructor-Led Training is the primary form of learning for many organizations, it has certain limitations that compel organizations to find new and innovative training management solutions.  

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In this post, we will dig deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of instructor-led training.  

To begin with, what is Instructor-Led Training ? 

It refers to classes led by an instructor rather than self-paced, on-demand ones. Integrated learning with technology is an example of synchronous learning, in which learning takes place in real-time.  

Different types of ILT are available, including:  

  • Face to face training delivered in person 
  • Virtual live training conducted online using webinar applications or other virtual facilities 
  • Private classes tailored to fit the needs of the customer 
  • Public courses open to any interested individuals 

Is ILT a good fit for my company? 

An instructor-led training course can significantly benefit companies that wish to customize their customer and employee training based on the quality and compliance requirements. 

What Are the Advantages of ILT? 

Instructor-led training has several advantages: 

1. It provides an opportunity for open dialogue 

ILT facilitates open dialogue. An ILT provides learners with opportunities for collaboration through open discussions and engagement activities that enrich learning.  
Furthermore, instructors can read the body language of the class and alter direction according to the learners’ needs at the moment. 

2. It connects people to learn 

Students will build organic relationships in the classroom by attending the training for a few minutes or several days.  
Participants can rely on these relationships that form before, during, or after their training to build a learning network.  

3. It offers flexibility 

A great advantage of ILT is its flexibility. Instructors can provide additional clarification on the participants’ requests. 
Also, the instructors can observe whether learners understand a concept or struggle with it during a session.  

4. It has no distractions 

In general, 49% of learners are distracted by digital tools for reasons other than learning.  
Thanks to ILT, learners can concentrate more easily. In addition, participants will retain more information if instructors create an engaging learning environment.  

5. A fun and interactive experience 

The activities that participants can complete with ILT make the course engaging and interactive.  
It is best to learn from others to help participants retain information over time and build stronger relationships with colleagues. 

What Are the Disadvantages of ILT? 

Instructor-led training has several disadvantages: 

1. It Costs a lot

ILT has the disadvantage of being expensive. Consider these factors before planning an ILT: 

  • Booking a rental space 
  • Instructor Fee 
  • The cost of travel (flights, gas, accommodations, meals, etc.) 
  • The cost of equipment 

2. It requires you to take time off from work

It takes time away from work regardless of whether you are traveling across the country or staying local. ILT Programs may have sessions that range from a few hours to a few days or even weeks.  

3. It trains fewer people at once

It is ideal to have a smaller number of participants for ILT sessions so that they can be engaging and interactive. It will probably take an instructor multiple sessions to cover all learners.
Moreover, maintaining training consistency becomes a challenge when instructors try to recreate the same session a number of times. 

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But what if you could escape the disadvantages of Instructor Led Training and can still leverage all its benefits to train your teams especially when they are working remotely? 

Yes, that is possible! 


You just need to find the right Cloud-based Training Management Software that can fit your business and compliance training needs. 

One of the most reliable training solutions is Qualityze Training Management. 

Qualityze training management is a cloud-based, intuitive, and comprehensive solution designed to manage, execute, and maintain your organization’s training programs. It allows you to organize all the training essentials your company’s training team requires, including certifications, qualifications, and training records in a central repository, to remain compliant with internal and external requirements.  

You can create specific training requirements by setting up relevant job functions for a department, business unit, process, location, site, and individual. Qualityze Training Management is seamlessly integrated with Document Management System to define training requirements of SOPs, procedures further, and work instructions. In addition, utilize refresher training options and define pre-requisites to enhance training requirements.  

Qualityze Training Management comes with two types of training processes, document-based training, or instructor-led training. The Document-based training can be Read and Sign off or have employees go through a Read and Sign Off with Assessments. Additionally, employees can be added individually or through Job functions.  

The instructor-led training allows creating the creation of courses where the employee can enroll, withdraw, perform an assessment, get manager approval, and many more. As the instructor, you can create multiple course sessions, manage the start date, end date, roaster list, attendance of the participants, and assessments.  

Enhanced dashboard capability allows you to monitor the progress of your training and your direct reports, real-time.  

Qualityze Training Management is a comprehensive solution to streamline the training programs for your employees to increase their efficiency and productivity. Combined with powerful analytics and reporting capability, you can perform trend analysis and gap assessment to proactively respond to training requirements that drive continuous improvement and regulatory compliance. 

After all, managing and maintaining employee training records is one of the key parts of quality programs of any company – big or small. 

Still Thinking? 

Do you want to start building your ILT? Would you like to know more about other functionalities a cloud-based training management solution can offer? Please contact our customer success team directly at +1-877-207-8616 or email us at info@qualityze.com, and we will be there for you. 

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