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Is your training management software ready for the post-COVID work environment?

01 Aug 2023

The pandemic has compelled almost every business to reboot the way they used to work. The change of processes is often overwhelming. However, many companies have realized the surprising benefits of adopting new practices and technologies to streamline their quality processes. Also, there is a significant drift in demand for cloud-based solutions, especially for managing critical business documents and employee training.

The latter is less discussed because organizations never before realized the need for a powerful Training Management System. Now that the people are working from home, they need to be trained on new practices, technologies, and methodologies that organizations are upgrading to. It will help combat everyday work challenges and prepare them for a sustainable work environment.

The first and foremost requirement is to ensure your existing training management system’s credibility for the post-COVID work environment. You need to measure it against the following metrics:

1. Is it readily available?

Availability of resources has become a critical concern for the organizations and the employees because of the new normal – remote work culture, especially for the organizations relying on paper-based systems. Also, continuing with a traditional training management system could incur high costs on the organization.

It would be best to consider how to shift to next-generation training management software, which will be readily available to all your geographically dispersed teams without any hassles. It may sound hectic but will be beneficial for your business in the long-term. Utilizing cloud-based software will save both costs and time to invest in other core activities.

2. Does it offer flexibility?

Does your existing training management system provide flexibility to your employees in registering and completing the course/training whenever they have time? If no, you must upgrade to cloud-based training software that gives your employees the convenience of online registrations, training completion, automatic notifications, and traceability of the simple requirements. The software also gives you the flexibility to monitor class registration, trainee participation, and their results at any point in time while allowing you to create courses based on specific needs for role-based, initial, revision training, or refresher training.

The traditional training management systems lack the flexibility that could impact your employees’ productivity and efficiency. And no organization can ever afford the productivity loss. Remember, if you give your employees the flexibility to cope with the new normal, gain a competitive edge without extra effort.

3. Does it offer traceability?

When performed effectively, training traceability allows you to track courses, trainees, registrations, trainers, assessments, gap analysis, certifications, and much more involved in the training management process, providing you the better control of the training activities being conducted in the organization. It may be a little challenging to get traceability with the traditional training management systems. It would be best to consider an upgrade to the cloud-based training management software that maintains the history and records of all the training activities conducted with the relevant details, including the trainers.

The software comes with advanced reporting and analytics tools that allow you to fetch all the training records in a standard format, demonstrating the best practices followed in your organization.

4. Is It easy to use?

The whole point of intuitiveness and ease-of-use in the software is to make it easy for everyone to work with. The self-explanatory training management software eliminates the need for training on software usage and is likely to make the learning curve less steep. If your existing training management software is among the sophisticated tools, you are just adding more frustration to your employees’ work life.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go for an intuitive training management software that can actually increase your employees’ effectiveness, ensuring that they can manage all their training related activities on their own. When your employees’ will be able to work with the software confidently, their productivity will significantly improve.

5. Is it integration-enabled?

Can you integrate your existing training system with all the business applications without any hassles? If no, you might be lacking critical inputs for decision making. Having an integration enabled training management software provides you better control and confidence in aligning your training programs with business objectives. You can also integrate a training management system with a document management system to ensure that your teams are trained on all the latest terms, procedures, and policies.

Most importantly, an integration-enabled training management system won’t disrupt your existing systems or processes, saving your staff enough time to complete their training programs.      

6. Is it configurable?

It was impossible to configure the training management systems before, unlike web-based training management systems. From creating courses to generating reports, creating document-based training to instructor-led training, and automated grading, everything has become simple and accessible with the cloud-driven training management software that comes with configurable workflows.

If your training management system is not configurable, you and your teams are likely to waste their time on unnecessary things instead of enrolling in the appropriate training program.

7. Does it help meet compliance?

Regulatory bodies such as ISO have defined some mandatory workplace and environment-related training for the workforce, especially for the job roles vulnerable to health risks. At the time of inspection, you might need to present records that demonstrate all your employees have undergone specified training and certifications for their job role. It can be challenging with traditional training management systems.

Fortunately, you have the cloud-based training management software that automatically stores the employees’ records, including their training performance, on a centralized platform, demonstrating the commitment to excellence and compliance with standard requirements.

Suppose this is too much for your training management system to manage. In that case, you certainly need to upgrade it with an advanced cloud-based training management software that can help achieve all your employee training and development goals without any hassles.

It is not easy to find the right training management software when the internet is flooded with too many options. It would help if you will be specific about your requirements to find the right fit. The most important thing to consider here is the sustainability of the solution you choose for the unforeseen business challenges.

Talking of sustainability, Qualityze Training Management Software is the one you can rely on. Built on the powerful cloud platform, i.e., Salesforce.com, Qualityze allows you to organize all the training essentials that your company’s training team requires, including certifications, qualifications, and training records in a central repository, to remain compliant with internal and external requirements.

Qualityze Training Management is a comprehensive solution to streamline the training programs for your employees to increase their efficiency and productivity. Combined with powerful analytics and reporting capability, you can perform trend analysis and gap assessment to proactively respond to training requirements that drive continuous improvement and regulatory compliance. 

Wouldn’t you want to gear up your teams with a smart and intuitive training management solution?

The Bottom Line

With everything being reset in the business processes due to the pandemic, there is a need for powerful, flexible, and scalable training management software for enterprises to maintain their workforce’s competency skills since traditional training practices are no longer sufficient.

If you want to know more about the benefits of cloud-based training management software that can help your organization to manage post-COVID work environment, get in touch with us on 1-877-207-8616 or write to us at info@qualityze.com, and our customer success team will be right there for you. You can also request a free demo right now.

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