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Quality Assurance in Logistics - What Does It Mean?

01 Aug 2023
Qualityze assurance for logistics

Every organization should have a quality assurance program. Logistics companies should ensure quality assurance when implementing next-generation technologies to protect their sophisticated processes. Also, they must be able to see the entire operations process, from A to Z, to be more efficient and profitable. For this purpose, they need robust and compliant quality management software.

Logistics have become an increasingly critical point of contact between sellers and buyers as e-commerce and virtual marketplaces gain popularity. Beyond its increasing significance in the B2C segment, logistics’ traditional role in B2B value chains is growing at unprecedented rates.

Logistics operators are an integral part of any supply chain. Transferring raw materials from various sources to manufacturing facilities and finished goods to multiple warehouses includes transportation. It then plays a role in moving the goods to different channel partners, outlets, and end customers.

The product must be delivered on time to the right place without damage, all of which need well-designed coordination. That is where quality assurance is crucial to ensuring that best practices are followed when moving a product from one place to another.

But that does not mean that you do not need a quality management system in your organization. You must understand quality assurance is just a part of the quality management spectrum that includes many other things such as quality control, risk assessment, and more. It becomes important to understand the operations of the logistics industry to develop quality assurance programs and strategies.

Managing Logistics Involves Complex Operations

There are many points of origin and destinations associated with logistics operations. Some of these activities include:

  • planning logistics networks,
  • transport management,
  • vehicle management,
  • inventory management, materials handling, order fulfillment,
  • packaging and assembly,
  • Managing suppliers and third parties’ vendors.

Logistics processes are often more complex when handled by a third-party vendor.

Quality assurance and management are crucial to all these activities running smoothly. Logistics providers enhance a manufacturer’s reputation for quality, on-time deliveries, and within budget based on their dependability.

Quality Assurance: A look from the ISO perspective

As per ISO, Quality Assurance can be defined as: “A coordinated set of actions assures that a product, process, or service will fulfill the quality requirements.”

Businesses that implement a quality management system for quality assurance demonstrate their ability to conform to specified quality management system requirements. The function of quality assurance is to support quality improvement, identify and address the risks and opportunities associated with an organization’s context and objectives, and guarantee that customers’ requirements are met while complying with regulatory and legal regulations.

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There are several aspects of quality assurance, such as:

  • External audits by an independent company
  • Document control and management (GxP documents, SOPs, specs, and work instructions) so Logistics Value Chain personnel can access the required information promptly.
  • The logistics value chain should employ adequate training for all employees to discharge their tasks, follow processes, and adhere to SOPs.
  • Take corrective action when quality events occur.
  • Analyze trends, determine root causes, and prevent them from occurring again.
  • Reducing delivery delays and lowering costs.

Improving Logistics Management Quality through Automation

As a result of strategically integrating quality assurance, quality control, and quality management, logistics quality management system provides the following advantages:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher productivity
  • Better customer service
  • Cost savings
  • Timely deliveries

Manual systems inevitably fail due to the complexity and multiple points of contact associated with logistics operations. It results in confusion and delays. By automating quality management in logistics, tracking and monitoring can become smoother and more efficient, minimizing events.

Logistics operators can manage quality control and quality assurance with Qualityze EQMS Suite, a cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management System. It helps you meet compliance requirements. As an integrated system, it assists organizations in gathering, sharing, and managing safety and quality information and is compliant with the following regulations:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001/45001
  • ISO 13485
  • FDA

Next-generation Capabilities of Qualityze EQMS for Logistics

  • Analysis and Reporting: Streamline performance tracking and reporting by capturing metadata. Clients, regulatory agencies, and the board can generate reports with full transparency using the intuitive dashboards in the solution. It allows you to lower insurance costs and enhance your safety program.
  • Integrate and Eliminate Redundancy: Ensure your quality and safety programs continuously improve by collecting data from all sources and reporting the results.
  • Assuring Quality Throughout the Lifecycle: Managing the audit lifecycle by providing checklists and online or offline resources to your auditors, so they can complete their work and produce the audit report at the click of a button. It also simplifies the management of external and third-party audits.
  • The Reporting of Quality Events and Deviations: Improving safety culture and awareness through proactive and reactive reporting of quality events. Ensure the employees have the authority to collect, review, and report information relating to adverse events, failed controls, barriers, and near misses. Encourage employees to share experiences. Auto-report adverse events to regulatory agencies.
  • Corrective/Preventative Actions: It provides an efficient means to take immediate corrective action in an incident and prevent further occurrences.
  • Root Cause Analysis: It allows your teams to identify the root cause and take appropriate action to resolve them. The system allows you to assign and manage investigators, standardize their workflow, and keep track of their progress, activities, and results.
  • Digital Signature Validation: Qualityze EQMS Suite helps users to control and validate the data using in-built digital signature capability. It ensures that only authorized users have access to the business-critical data. Moreover, it becomes easy to track the details of a record/activity. For example – who has performed the audit, when, and what are the tools used.
  • Quick Notifications and Alerts: The software allows users to schedule their tasks well in advance, so get the task notification before they are due. It helps save penalties and fines too especially when it comes to permit renewals, declaration reports, compliance forms, and much more.
  • Quality Control: Qualityze EQMS provides tools for reducing errors and managing third-party operations. It includes pre-defined templates for Permit to Work, training, and certification. Another feature helping with quality control is checklists for inspections, pre-use of equipment, inventory, change management, and maintenance procedures.

Additionally, Qualityze can facilitate audit and document management, training, CAPA (Corrective Action and Preventive Action), root cause analysis, change management, management reviews, and risk management through its powerful and secure EQMS solution. By utilizing the integration capabilities, customers can manage safety, quality, and compliance from one platform.

For continuous improvement, Qualityze enables businesses to identify and define key performance indicators (KPIs) across their supply chain.

The Bottom Line:

Logistics play a significant role in facilitating any supply chain, regardless of the industry. The quality monitoring market is also experiencing massive changes as increasingly disruptive solutions emerge, notably software as a service. Keeping up with this can be frustrating, but it is ultimately good for the industry. Innovative solutions make it easier to establish continuous communication channels and end-to-end visibility across all supply chain aspects.

The introduction of innovative technologies can be challenging. Logistic companies should ensure that the implementation process goes smoothly and that the technology they adopt is effective. In this situation, there is an absolute need for quality assurance to make sure the supply chain does not fall into madness and is functioning as optimally as possible. But Qualityze EQMS Suite simplifies it all. Learn more about it here: Qualityze

You can learn more about the Qualityze EQMS Suite and how it can help you improve productivity, quality, and safety in your logistics processes by contacting our customer success team on +1-877-207-8616 or write to us at info@qualityze.com. We will get back to you at the earliest.



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