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Qualityze recognized by CIO Review magazine as ” 20 Most Promising QMS Solution Providers – 2018 “.
An annual listing of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing QMS solutions and impacting the industry.

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Qualityze Provides Enhanced Visibility of Employee Training Qualifications in its Latest Software Release

Tampa, Fl – June 30, 2018 – Qualityze the leading cloud-based provider of enterprise quality management software built upon the Saleforce.com technology platform announced today its latest release of Qualityze Training Management. The solution makes it easier for companies to Certify Employees for Compliance, Drive Efficient Training Processes, Improve Employee Effectiveness with Organizational Oversight while facilitating IT and Regulatory Compliance.

Qualityze Training Management is a comprehensive solution that provides the required tools to ensure that employees are certified for documents, SOPs, work instructions, procedures and industry regulations by managing required skill sets / certifications to maintain their qualifications.

The system supports your organization’s enterprise training process and will help you anticipate and proactively respond to training needs – enabling you to build consistent, efficient employee behaviors to increase productivity, reduce job quality issues, and meet industry and regulatory requirements.
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CIOReview 2018 Award

Qualityze is awarded as one of Top 20 most promising Salesforce Solution Providers of 2018.

Qualityze Suite is now Lightning Ready

Qualityze EQMS suite is built with greater user experience. Salesforce new Lightning platform is a new standard of a User interface that Salesforce applications are going to carry in the future. Since Qualityze is committed to bringing simplicity to an Enterprise Quality Management System, we have successfully acquired the Lightning Ready certificate from Salesforce.

And the Good news for our Users is; Even if you are going to take a bit of time to migrate your Salesforce systems to Lightning, Qualityze application still provides you a lightning-like clean user experience even in the classical mode.