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Employee Training Management System: 7 Critical Features you Should Look for

01 Aug 2023

So, you have finally realized the need for an effective employee training management system to enhance employee competency and improve organizational productivity. You must understand that acknowledging the need is just a first step.

A significant journey is yet to be made, i.e., selection of the right training management system.

Some of you might not find investment in training management system a worthy one., especially in the challenging time of Pandemic. A quick look at the statistics may help you decide.

According to the 2020 Training Industry Report,

Since the COVID 19 started taking a toll on business, there has been a significant decline in the overall expenditure. Surprisingly, the average training expenditures of large enterprises increased from $17.7 million in 2019 to $22 million in 2020.  Also, training expenditures increased this year to $29.4 billion from $23.8 billion in 2019. This percentage is likely to increase even more in 2021 due to increased emphasis on quality.

So, prepare and upskill your employees for upcoming challenges before those challenges take a toll on your business. You will need an effective training management solution to train your geographically dispersed workforce on quality-first industry best practices.

This post will highlight the seven critical features you should watch for while selecting the employee training management system. It will help you make an informed purchase that will improve your employee competency, filling their skill gaps effectively.

Seven Critical Features You Should Look for in a Cloud-Based Training Management System

1. User-Friendly Interface

The most fundamental requirement for choosing the right training management software is a user-friendly interface. It should be easy-to-use for every type of user – with or without technical expertise. It is, in fact, a must-have if you want your employees to focus on learning new things and getting upskilled rather than spending their productive time merely using the software.

You can easily find a variety of cloud-based training management solutions with intuitive interfaces online. Make sure you take a demo, along with some selected team members, to figure out if the solution works for your employees. Some solutions even have a one-week trial available. Leverage the advantage to make the appropriate selection.

2. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Tracking employees’ progress is crucial when it comes to training since it reflects the effectiveness of training programs. Reports are an excellent way to keep track of employees’ engagement and training effectiveness. You can configure the report in the desired structure to focus on insights that matter and improve decision-making. Reports also help demonstrate best practices you have implemented for your employees’ training, especially when regulatory authorities or auditors want to see them.

The well-structured reports make it easy to track training success while helping you to meet compliance. So, you should pick a powerful training management tool that leverages your full potential of reporting and analytics to track employee progress and make informed business decisions.

3. Configurability

Although you have plenty of options for training templates, make sure the software you choose is configurable. It enables you and your quality managers to create and format training programs as desired. For example, specific training requires employees to take assessments to get the certification, while some need simple read and signoffs. So, your training management system should provide you with options to easily configure different training programs with/without assessments.

A configurable training management solution enables you to design, modify, and delete courses suitable to your business needs and compliance requirements without creating a fuss for you and your employees.

4. Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration is another crucial aspect to look for in a training management system. For example, if you will integrate with your existing document management system, it will become easy and efficient for you to create document-based training. You can further define the training requirements of SOPs, procedures, and work instructions. Utilize refresher training options and define pre-requisites to enhance training requirements.

Also, integrating the employee training management system with the existing quality system enables you to drive continuous improvements more effectively than ever while building a culture of quality. Make sure to select an effective training solution that is seamlessly integrated with your existing business systems.

5. Compliance and Certification

Tracking compliance is the top-most priority for organizations integrating training programs. It would be best if you go for a training management solution that tracks all the training-related activities so that you can maintain quality records for audits and regulatory inspections. Generating certificate plays a vital role in engaging and motivating your employees. It not only boosts your employee confidence but also reflects the brand priorities accurately.

You must opt for a training management solution that fulfills your requirements for compliance and certification while bridging the skill gaps.

6. Flexibility

The post-covid work environments strive for a cloud-based training management solution that can serve the employee training requirements at their respective locations. It provides your team greater flexibility to complete their training at any time without hindering their regular tasks. Most importantly, the employees can collaborate with their colleagues and instructors regarding training issues they experience.

Make sure you choose the right cloud-based training management solution that provides your employees and trainers greater flexibility to manage their training schedules and other relevant activities with ease.

7. Insightful

An ongoing online training initiative will require periodic evaluations of your employees to address any knowledge gaps or re-training when necessary. Therefore, your training management solution must support a broad scope of assessment methods. It should include built-in tracking monitoring, notifications, and re-training reminders so you can see when someone needs to retake training at a specified time. To automate the compliance training process, the system should be configurable and send notifications about compliance training opportunities to users when they need to take them.

Be sure to select a training management solution that provides you with valuable insights and enables you to make informed decisions.

I hope this list of features will help you evaluate the right training management software for your organization.

A Quick Recommendation

Considering the ongoing scenario of work from home, you should go for a cloud-based training management system like Qualityze that can streamline all the training-related processes from enrollment to certification.

Qualityze training management is a cloud-based, intuitive, and comprehensive solution designed for managing, executing, and maintaining your organization’s training programs. It enables your training team to keep track of all training essentials in one place, including certifications, qualifications, and training records, so that you may remain compliant with internal and external regulations.

With powerful analytics and reporting capability, Qualityze allows you to perform trend analysis and gap assessment to proactively respond to training requirements that drive continuous improvement and regulatory compliance.

Settle Only for the Best!

You can undoubtedly find many options of Employee Training Management System online but keep your focus on the key features to make an informed purchase.

In addition to the critical features discussed above, you may have specific business requirements to meet with a training management solution. Do not forget to add those to your list of considerable factors.

Merely researching for the options will not help make the right purchase. Make sure you take a demo tour for the best options. A virtual tour will give you real-time insights into software features and functionalities, especially ease-of-use for your teams. After all, this is an investment meant for your team’s increased productivity and efficiency.

Settle only for the best training management solution to improve employee competency!

If you want to know more about the benefits of a training management solution, please contact our customer success team directly at +1-877-207-8616 or email us at info@qualityze.com, and we will be there for you.

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