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How Predefined Templates Redefine Document Management?

01 Aug 2023

Over the years, the way enterprises used to manage their critical business documents has changed. It has become crucial for meeting compliance. Even the FDA recommends the use of electronic documentation and signature for recordkeeping and validation. That’s why it has become significantly critical for enterprises to reconsider their document management system and upgrade to a more reliable solution.

Thanks to technology, you can easily find cloud-based document management software that offers flexibility, security, reliability, and scalability. The next-generation document management solutions also support functionalities like Watermark, E-signature, version control, etc., to provide users more control and confidence in managing their critical documents in a hassle-free manner.

The best part about advanced document management software is that they come with predefined templates for SOPs, Work Instructions, SLAs, technical documentation, and configurable workflows to make things simpler and straightforward.

Predefined templates have added more value to the document management solution. In addition to efficiency, you can have multiple other benefits as mentioned below:

1. Predefined Templates help to Maintain Consistency

Consistency is fundamental to excellence. With every piece of information organized in a similar pattern, it becomes easy for everyone to access the required information on time. Predefined templates ensure a consistent flow of information throughout the organization, keeping all your team members on the same page even if they all are working at geographically dispersed locations.

It is even more essential for the regulated industries to ensure consistent delivery of sensitive information since it reduces the risk of compliance issues, failed inspections, and traceability issues. It makes document management a little less burdensome task.

Consistent documentation offers flexibility to handle all the relevant tasks, even if it is a small change in the document or the document structure. In the cloud-based document management systems, you get a centralized platform to store and manage all your documents in a consistent structure. Most importantly, you get more control of your critical information. It can save you from lawsuits and compliance issues, especially when you are handling confidential information. Even if it is not a compliance mandate, keep good control of your company data to avoid more significant future problems.

And remember, “People like Consistency. Whether it’s a store or a restaurant, they want to come in and see what you are famous for.”

2. Pre-Defined Templates help reduce Manual Effort

Predefined templates are easy to manage. They save you enough time to focus on core activities and drive more value to the organization. Fortunately, you have a combination of the cloud-based document management system and predefined templates; you can create and share critical documents efficiently than ever. It helps reduce efforts to produce documents and manage the changes you and your team make to the document over time.

Forget about downloading every single file, making changes, reviewing changes, and then sending it to everyone. A cloud-based document management system also offers flexibility to configure the predefined templates in the required format while allowing you and your teams to collaborate and communicate effectively to finalize the documents, saving everyone’s time. It boosts overall productivity as well.

Predefined templates also reduce your effort to ensure documents’ validity for the compliance and regulatory inspections while demonstrating the commitment to excellence and quality. Aren’t predefined templates a clear value-addition for the modern document management software, making all the document related activities effortless and easily manageable?

If you want your quality teams to “Focus on being productive instead of busy,” cloud-based document management with predefined templates is all you need.

3. Predefined Templates help reduce Compliance Issues.

As we have already discussed above, predefined templates ensure consistent document records, which is the core requirement for meeting compliance. It also minimizes the documentation errors that could invite lawsuits and fines. The next-generation document management software is designed explicitly with predefined templates for enterprises keen on quality and compliance excellence.

The seamless information management with predefined templates makes it easy for you to categorize and quantify the critical data for easy future reference, making it readily available for all the departments and regulatory bodies.

To be compliance-ready, your data needs to be identified, documented and stored consistently. Consistency is the most organic output of the predefined templates, after all.

Predefined Templates: Complementing the Document Management Software for Good

It is quite clear from the above discussion that predefined templates complement document management software for the good since it offers Consistency, efficiency, and a productivity boost while meeting the applicable regulatory requirements.

The highly regulated industry can benefit from predefined templates for automation and gain more control over the data during the production lifecycle, but they also need a centralized platform. It can make the document lifecycle, workflows, collaborate with colleagues, track, and manage all the related tasks more manageable than ever. The only way to centralize the enterprise-wide documents is by cloud-driven document management solutions.

But we all know cloud technology makes data more readily available, transferable, and vulnerable to theft than ever. Hence, there is a need for powerful document management software that can boost efficiency and productivity while ensuring the documents’ security.

One of the top-rated and highly recommended cloud-based document management software is Qualityze. It comes with predefined templates, advanced security controls, functionalities like Watermark, and supports E-Signature to meet compliance.

What Qualityze Document Management Software Does?

 Qualityze Document Management enables organizations to create, collaborate, revise, approve, and train employees, providing a robust framework to meet industry and regulatory requirements. Our Document Management helps you cost-effectively manage, share critical control documents and best practices throughout your entire enterprise.  

You can quickly and easily create the critical documents, including SOPs using the standardized document type templates that contain details like Title, Description, Owner, Effective Date, Expiration Date, Site, Department, Product, Process, Supplier, and Security information. It has advanced capabilities and controls like Email Notification and Approvals, real-time Collaboration, and Role-based security to accelerate the document review and approval process without any data loss issues.

It also allows you to perform the best practice periodic review using the effectiveness review task to keep the document in current or revise or expire status through an approval process.  You can enable security at the user and or group level through multi-level profile-based access controls, ensuring that only authorized people can access the controlled documents. Watermark capability provides validity, credibility, and reliability of printed information to meet controlled documents’ compliance requirements.

Qualityze Document Management seamlessly integrates with Change Management and Training Management to transform document, change, and training management processes into a fantastic experience for the user.


The predefined templates serve as a revolutionary trend in document management for the regulated industries to maintain consistent and compliance-ready documents with minimum effort. You can utilize this trend to gain a competitive edge by implementing a reliable cloud-based document management software like Qualityze.

Give your quality teams a smarter alternative to the traditional document management system today and experience a significant productivity boost in no time.

If you want to know more about the software or the predefined templates, get in touch with our customer success team on 1-877-207-8616 or write to us at info@qualityze.com, today and we will get back to you at the earliest.



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