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Why Should You Implement A Powerful Inspection Management System?

01 Aug 2023

Managing quality is more than just hiring the right people. It involves streamlining the critical processes such as inspections that can save your business from avoidable risks.  But managing ongoing results, continuous assessments, and inspections take substantial work time and effort. 

Since the quality of raw materials directly impact the quality of the product you deliver, you need to perform regular inspections at different stages of production. Therefore, you must have a powerful inspection management system in place to simplify the entire process, 

Implementing the right inspection management software to manage, monitor, and track material quality would be best. 

What Exactly Does an Inspection Management Software do? 

A reliable Inspection Management software enables you to define, approve, and control incoming inspection plans. Clearly define the characteristics that need to be examined, including attributes (pass/fail), variables (nominal and tolerance), and checklist items. You can also reference current drawings and standard operating procedures (SOPs) by integrating your existing document management system

How to Choose the Right Inspection Management Software? 

Choosing the right inspection management software is challenging, especially when you have plenty of options available online. So before making the final purchase decision, make sure your inspection management software helps you to: 

Mitigate Supplier-Related Risks 

The Inspection Management solution you choose should help you focus on critical suppliers to reduce risk and cost of quality. Ask these questions: 

1) Whether the solution allows you to define a sampling system? 
2) Is it possible to use skip lot logic and switching rules? 
3) Whether the solution allows you to define the acceptance quality limits (AQL). 

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With all those capabilities in-built, Inspection Management software simplifies it to monitor and control your incoming inspection requirements. The system should allow you to track which suppliers pass or fail to receive inspections and automatically reduce or tighten inspection accordingly. In addition, it will help you monitor your high-risk suppliers and materials efficiently and fetch the data you need to optimize your supplier base. 

You’ll also reduce the overall cost of quality by streamlining inspections for low-risk suppliers as and when they are needed. 

Control Incoming Quality Requirements 

The application should provide you with the capabilities of defining, approving, and controlling incoming inspection plans. Ensure you can outline Inspection-specific characteristics, such as attributes (pass/fail), variables (nominal/tolerance), and checklist items.  

Streamline Supplier Inspections 

When an inspection is due, you can be confident that your inspectors measure the correct characteristics for each product. Choose the Inspection Management software that automatically displays the current inspection plan, related documents, and sampling plan for each lot to be inspected. It helps you to ensure compliance and control while maintaining an efficient incoming inspection process. 

You can easily find next-generation inspection management software with personalized dashboards and email notifications to give your inspectors quick access to incoming lots that are awaiting inspection. It further simplifies data entry by automatically displaying the number of samples to be taken based on both the pre-defined sampling plan and previous inspection results. As a result, inspectors can quickly see which characteristics need to be inspected and record results for each sample. 

Integrate with Existing Business Systems 

Detecting raw materials that do not meet quality standards can help you avoid the costly and hazardous effects of manufacturing products with defective parts. That’s why you need an Inspection Management solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP system to obtain receipt information and triggers the incoming inspection process. 

The integration capabilities help streamline your investigation and resolution process for incoming quality defects, late/early deliveries, or over/short lot quantities. For example, when a lot fails delivery checks or incoming inspection, the system automatically generates a defect record. In addition, it allows you to address supplier defects before their materials enter your manufacturing process. 

Monitor Delivery and Inspection Trends 

Inspection Management’s reporting capabilities take the guesswork out of managing your supplier base. For example, you can utilize trend reports to identify high-risk suppliers and products so that you can make informed, impactful quality decisions. In addition, when provided with capabilities like automatic scheduling and email notifications, you can keep your team updated on incoming quality trends and data. 

Keep Inspection Records and Data Secure 

The biggest concern that businesses have is the safety of their data. Unfortunately, you can only automate your inspection management process with the confidence that your data is protected. The advanced inspection management solutions provide role-based security, password authentication, and a complete audit trail. These features help you facilitate IT and industry compliance with requirements for electronic signature and electronic records, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11

In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, you can consider the inspection management solution’s cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and reliability.  

What are the benefits of Implementing the Right Inspection Management Solution? 

There are multiple benefits of implementing the right inspection management solution, including: 

  • Proper Training Control 
  • Faster Audits 
  • Streamlined Compliance 
  • Improved Decision Making 
  • Better Risk Management 
  • Increased Employee Engagement 
  • Enhanced Customer Service 
  • Improved Business Relationships 
  • Lower Product Recalls 
  • Accelerated Production Cycles 
  • Increased Brand Reputation 

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Best Inspection Management Software: A Quick Recommendation 

Now that you know implementing a powerful inspection management software is beneficial for your business in every aspect, you may want to get started with your inspection management software as early as possible. The only stumbling block you have now is research for the solution having the capabilities mentioned above.  

But we have got you covered with a quick recommendation. 

You can simplify managing incoming quality with Qualityze Inspection Management Software.  

It streamlines incoming inspections and makes sure you inspect the right product from the right supplier at the right time with our risk-based workflow. It is a one-stop solution to manage inspection practices at single or multiple sites with global visibility into incoming quality. 

Qualityze Inspection Management utilizes standard processes to help you: 

  • Create a sampling plan, inspection standards, inspection types, and purchase orders 
  • Perform Inspections 
  • Verify Samples’ Variables and Attributes 
  • Implement a severity-based sampling plan to ensure more stringent inspections 
  • Generate an NC for samples that fail inspection criteria 
  • Identify materials that require re-inspection 
  • Integrate with ERP systems for Purchase Order information 

StartUs Insights Recognizes Qualityze Inspection Management Solution Among Top 5 Inspection Solutions for Process Industries. To read full article click here.

Qualityze’s closed-loop, industry-leading cloud platform delivers process integration like no other solution. The electronic signatures, audit trails, validation packs, and electronic reporting of Qualityze give you control and confidence. As a result, we provide Next-Generation solutions for your business success, regardless of whether you want to automate just a single process or optimize your complete quality management system. 

If you have any questions about Qualityze Inspection Management, you can reach out to our customer success team directly by calling +1-877-207-8616 or emailing Our team will assist you at your earliest convenience.



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