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11 Reasons You Must Upgrade to an Inspection Management Software

01 Aug 2023

Quality checks and inspections are generally considered the simplest activities of quality management, but it is one of the most complicated and critical activities. It requires a combination of the right people and the right tools to perform the quality control job well.

The foundation of quality inspections lies on the well-thought, streamlined, and standardized processes. Before you proceed further, you should first understand the objective of inspections and their contribution to the overall quality management process.

Why is there a need for quality inspections?

Inspection plays a vital role in achieving quality. The manufacturing industry is an indispensable tool to control and manage quality, reduce production costs, minimize losses, and eliminate product recalls/rework.

Inspections help analyze the quality of incoming raw materials and the end-product manufactured, maximizing manufacturer confidence and customer satisfaction. It involves checking raw materials and components against the standard requirements to sort out the lot/batch’s nonconforming and defective items of the lot/batch.

It will not be wrong to say that Inspection measures the degree of conformance with standard defined metrics to categorize the conforming and nonconforming materials. But it doesn’t go beyond categorizing. It will not involve detailed information about the root cause(s) why nonconforming materials were produced. In fact, Inspection helps manufacturers to attain consistency, standardization, and compliance.

However, manufacturers perform different inspections, including floor inspection, first piece inspection, end product inspection, and final Inspection. The only goal that Inspection helps achieving is separating superior quality materials from inferior quality materials to ensure the quality and reliability of the manufactured product, protecting customer interest and brand reputation.

How to Ensure Timely Quality Inspections?

The advent of next-generation technological solutions has already proved their caliber over manual inspection management systems regarding accuracy, reliability, and compliance. You and your quality teams need not spend hours recording the inspection data for all the materials/batches regardless of the number of materials inspected. Another significant advantage of using inspection management software is the timely management of the processes.

Reasons Businesses Need A Web-Based Inspection Management Software

11 reasons that manufacturing businesses must upgrade to a web-based inspection management software include;

1. Proper Training Control

Web-based inspection management software is way better than the traditional inspection management systems to ensure proper training control since they come with a user-friendly interface. It requires minimal training to work with inspection management software.

A cloud-based inspection management system seamlessly integrates with an existing training management system to keep your workforce trained on new inspection compliances and ensure smoother inspections.

2. Faster Audits

Web-based inspection management software often comes with advanced reporting and analytics tools. You can quickly and easily generate any reports you may need at the time of audits. It will save you time, efforts, and resources while ensuring no last-minute compliance obligations.

An inspection management software ensures faster audits by keeping all the material related information documented on an easily accessible centralized platform. You need not maintain paper-based files anymore.

3. Streamlined Compliance

An inspection management software helps build and maintain a culture of quality right from the beginning. It inspects the raw materials against the specified criteria to separate superior quality raw materials from the poor-quality ones or defective ones while automatically documenting all the inspection-related information on the cloud since documentation is an inevitable process to meet compliance.

A cloud-based inspection management software often helps you align the critical processes with the compliance requirements to meet the quality goals within a specified time and budget.

4. Improved Decision Making

An inspection management software significantly improves an organization’s decision-making process, primarily for selecting raw materials and suppliers. Once you define the criteria for qualifying raw materials, the software checks all the materials efficiently and consistently to identify the nonconforming materials in a lot/batch so you can quickly make decisions for different processes – whether you to file the nonconformance, investigate the root cause, dispose of the materials, and much more.

Inspection management software makes the decision-making process faster and smarter than ever.

5. Better Risk Management

Manufacturing companies can no longer afford the costs of poor-quality products. And, a powerful inspection management software is a must for better risk management. The software helps you identify and manage raw material related risks efficiently and effectively. It also prevents production time and resource wastage.

Implement a powerful inspection management software for hassle-free Inspection of hundreds and thousands of raw materials while preventing the risks associated with defective raw materials.

6. Increased Employee Engagement

When you ensure a safer work environment for your employees, you are likely to gain their confidence. Your employee safety efforts often encourage them to work more passionately and take quality responsibility at their levels. And when you have a passionate and motivated workforce, you will see a tremendous improvement in the bottom line.

Hence, inspection management software can work wonders to increase employee engagement and productivity in all the organizational activities by ensuring their safety in the first place.

7. Enhanced Customer Service

Implementing a compliance-friendly inspection management software streamlines the auditing and observation processes while significantly improving your organization’s ability to serve your clients. It helps create a culture of quality and compliance, where employees perform more effectively, and customers are assured of getting the best experience every time they want your products and services.

Remember that inspection and quality control activities lay the foundation for a more substantial business-customer relationship. Your customers are likely to do business with you only when they consistently get the quality, which is supported well by an effective inspection management software.

8. Improved Business Relationships

Having a closed-loop quality management system also increases your business partners’ confidence in your organization because most companies prefer to do business with organized processes. And, inspection management software not only streamlines the quality processes from the beginning, but it also demonstrates your commitment to better work culture.

Therefore, manufacturing businesses must consider investing in an inspection management software that promises excellent ROI in the long-term, helping them improve strategically.

9. Lowered Product Recalls

When Inspections are done right and timely, you are likely to experience lesser product failures in the production cycle. The costs of product failures and recalls are often the most expensive ones, which holds you from making much-required investments in other business segments.

An inspection management software enables you to prevent product recalls and wastage by checking the raw materials right at the entry-level itself.

10. Accelerated Production Cycles

Inspections and production are closely connected processes. Once all the raw materials are checked for quality and conformance to the specified requirements, the production cycles will be smoother and faster than ever.  

11. Increased Brand Reputation

Having an effective inspection management system significantly improves the brand reputation by ensuring consistent quality products every time. Regular inspections lower the chances of product failure, saving you huge money and resources.

Aren’t these reasons compelling enough to consider a much-needed change in the organization? A simple software upgrade can help you attain quality objectives in an efficient and compliant manner. Forget about the hassles of manual inspection management systems and look forward to a smarter alternative, i.e., a cloud-based inspection management software.

One such software is Qualityze Inspection Management Software. It is built on the most powerful, secure, and reliable cloud platform i.e., Salesforce.com. It offers greater flexibility and visibility to manage all the Inspection related processes. It comes with great functionalities such as dashboard and reporting, alerts and notifications, watermark, electronic signature, task scheduler, and much more.

The Bottom Line

Inspection management is, indeed, a critical process to ensure end-product quality. It would be best to implement reliable, powerful, and secure inspection management software like Qualityze to track all incoming materials’ quality.

If you want more information about Qualityze Inspection Management Software and its unique functionalities that can make inspections smarter, faster, and better, get in touch with our customer success team on 1-877-207-8616 or write to us at info@qualityze.com. We will be right there for you.

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