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Top 7 Challenges Document Management Software Help Overcome

01 Aug 2023

Regardless of its size and industry type, every business has one struggle in common, i.e., Document Management. Even when there is advanced document management software to manage all the document-related tasks, some companies still rely on the paperwork. It is the reason their processes are inefficient.

Hence, it is significant for businesses, especially those that belong to highly regulated industries, to realize the significance of a cloud-based document management solution. Once implemented, it can help them manage all the document-related activities in a compliant and streamlined manner. Even FDA recommends the use of electronic documentation and electronic signature for secure data exchange. 

Seven document management challenges that cloud-based document management solutions help overcome: 

1. Reduces Document Process Cycle Time 

One of the biggest concerns with managing a paper-based document system is time. Creating a document to editing it, getting it approved, and sharing it across all the departments takes a lot of time. If streamlined well, you can invest the administrative time in the more productive tasks. It is where a cloud-based document management software has the advantage. It significantly reduces the process cycle time for all the document-related activities, including document creation, review, editing, approval, archiving, and many more. 

Therefore, upgrade your paper-based document management system to a cloud-based solution and leverage all the time-saving capabilities that the cloud platform offers. 

2. Flexibility to Share Documents 

Using a paper-based document management system can make sharing documents time-consuming, especially if you have to reach out to people individually. On the other hand, a cloud-based document management solution comes with a centralized database that allows your team to access critical documents from anywhere. All you have to do is add your document to the database and notify your team members. With the cloud-based document management solution, you and your team members can leverage unmatched flexibility to access and share documents. 

Do not let the paper-based document management system harm your staff’s productivity. Instead, provide them better control over critical information, regardless of their geographical location. 

3. Traceability of the Controlled Documents 

You may need a document to verify the details regarding a recent complaint or a CAPA investigation. Think of the amount of time you would need to spend on finding the relevant documents in a paper-based document management system, especially if the record is 60-90 days old. On the contrary, a cloud-based document management solution makes it super-easy for you to find an old record by simply entering a unique reference number. As a result, finding documents will become a matter of minutes. Most importantly, the unique reference number ensures that you track down the correct record at the right time. 

Do you still believe that the paper-based document management system is worth investing in? 

4. Version Control 

Version control is yet another challenge that organizations face with paper-based document management systems. It can be tedious to track all the document versions until it gets finalized, authors of different changes, and rollbacks. But a cloud-based document management solution can be of great help. It automatically maintains all the versions of documents in the sequence of changes made and details like author, date, and time. Thus, it gives you and your quality teams better control for managing document changes. 

Though there are different version control software available, you may face integration issues. Therefore, it would be best to invest in a cloud-based document management solution with in-built version control functionality like Qualityze Document Management. 

5. Collaboration for Significant Document Changes 

When you work with paper-based document management systems, it can be challenging to collaborate with all your team members at the same time to discuss the significant changes required in the document. On the other hand, a cloud-based document management solution improves collaboration and communication with the team. It gives you a centralized platform to collaborate with your team to review, finalize, and approve document changes in lesser time. 

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Improved collaboration and communication will also help improve the overall decision-making ability of your team. Unfortunately, you may not find the collaboration feature in every document management solution. However, you can take a free product demo before making a final purchase. 

6. Security of the Critical Documents 

 Security is another critical challenge in managing business-critical documents using a paper-based document management system, especially for managing your customers’ sensitive data. You can escape all the data-security threats using a highly secure cloud-based document management system. You can easily find the solutions that come with advanced security controls like password authentication, role-based access, and more, even making sharing data across different geographical locations safe and secure. In addition, the cloud platform keeps your critical documents safe from accidental damages like hard-drive crashes, virus attacks, etc. 

With cloud-based document management solutions, you will be sure of one thing that your data is never completely lost. All you need is a good internet connection, and you can access all your files back. 

7. Integration with Other Business Applications 

One of the limitations of the paper-based document management system is integrated with other business applications. It holds you back from getting control of data being shared, analyzed, and distributed across the organization. At the same time, you can easily find a cloud-based solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing business applications. It will give you better control over the data and improve your decision-making ability. 

Now that you are aware of the challenges that a powerful document management software can help you overcome, you must find a solution to serve your business and compliance requirements. 

Finding the right solution can get overwhelming due to the plenty of options available online. But here is a quick recommendation to get started. Request a free demo of Qualityze Document Management today.

Built on the most powerful and secure cloud platform, i.e., Salesforce.com, Qualityze leverages greater flexibility, security, and scalability to manage all your critical documents. In addition, the advanced in-built capabilities like electronic signature, watermark capability, integration capability, audit trail, and much more make it a worthy investment for every enterprise- big or small.

So, are you ready to knock-out all the document management challenges with a cloud-based document management system? 

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Key Takeaways 

A cloud-based document management solution can help you avoid these problematic and tiring tasks. An effective solution can simplify how the staff manages documents, resulting in a better workplace. In addition, these systems lower costs by replacing physical documents with digital ones. 

Please talk to our customer success team on 1-877-207-8616 or write to us at info@qualityze.com to know the best way to upgrade to a cloud-based document management solution, and we will be right there for you. 

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