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What is Document Control? How an EDMS helps you with it?

01 Aug 2023

Before winning the confidence of your customers, it is very important to win the confidence of your employees that the information they are referring to is accurate, appropriate, and adheres to regulatory standards. If they will not be sure about the basics, it won’t be possible for them to deliver the expected quality.

Though customer satisfaction is the key objective of any business, it cannot be achieved without employee engagement and satisfaction. Make sure you have the right document control and management system in place to provide your employees with all the required information to perform their job efficiently.

Having an appropriate document control system is ensuring the best practice to manage all the important business information and documents. Document control often reduces the errors in the documentation since it helps to create a streamlined process for reviewing the documents.

3 Important Reasons to Have Document Control

Any business requires appropriate and accurate information and documentation for an efficient decision-making process. It gives all the management people and stakeholders access to the organized documents, following which they can take a proactive approach to the business improvements. The top 3 reasons you should have document control are:

  1. It makes your quality data searchable by keeping it properly indexed.
  2. It reduces the errors and omissions in the documentation by setting up a formalized review process.
  3. It eases the document management by automating various tasks including templates creation for capturing information.

How does Software Help with Document Control?

Due to the efficiency that technology has gifted to our day-to-day functions including document management, most of the people are transferring to the electronic document management system from the traditional paper-based systems.
With the new and advanced software available for managing the critical documentation part, businesses have found an efficient and productive way to achieve operational excellence.

There are multiple ways in which electronic document management and control software can help you to process and manage critical business information documents. Some of them are listed below:

The software can help keep document revisions managed with version control

You cannot expect any document produced by a team member the final version. It goes through reviews from the other team members. Until there is one copy finalized to be published, you will have so many revisions of the same document. And, manually it is difficult to track them all. You need a good document management software that can help you track all the changes and store all the document versions at one place for quick and easy retrieval. The software also helps you track the details of the changes made and by whom they are made. Isn’t relying on a smart document management software a good idea? What do you say?

The software can help to automate document approval/review process

We all will agree that sharing the documents, getting them reviewed, and their final approvals are tedious and time-consuming tasks if performed manually. On the other, a document management and control software especially the cloud-driven software makes it easy for you to share the critical documents among your network easily and simultaneously. A cloud-driven document management system also provides you a centralized platform to collaborate with your team and perform a collective review process. You can also schedule the approvals and reviews well-in-advance, unlike paper-based systems.

The software can help to keep all the document records traceable

A manual document management system may not be effective and efficient in tracking details about all the documents stored, but an electronic document management system can help you access all the relevant details in a few minutes. Document tracking can be done within the matter of few clicks and you will get to know who the owner of the document is, who is responsible for the review, who will approve, etc. If you are concerned about the traceability of the documents, the software is the most efficient help you can get.

The software help to automate the document archival/obsoleting

In addition to increased traceability, you can also control the archival and obsoleting activities through advanced document management software. The manual process will require ample storage space to archive the documents and you will end up wasting a lot of paper when you will destroy the documents you don’t need anymore. So, it’s sensible to switch to the EDMS that not only saves you extra efforts of arranging folders and destroying records, but it also helps you schedule the archival and obsoletion for a document after its intended use.

The software help you create secure space for the regulated documents

We all will agree that a software renders us a secure place to keep all the regulated documents including SOPs, Policies, etc. safely. With the admin rights given, you can ensure safety for your business-critical documents that cannot be expected in the manual documents. An electronic document need not suffer any natural wear and tear unlike paper-based files unless you delete the document from the system permanently. Would you still risk your important information when you can keep it safe on the software?

The software help you control documents with access rights

This is quite a real deal. You just cannot save your documents from the unauthorized people in the manual systems regardless of how hard you try. Intentionally or unintentionally, your paper-based files are always vulnerable to unauthorized access. This could lead to serious business issues including the leak of important information or credentials. But, you can completely forget about this issue with an electronic document management system like Qualityze that allows you to control document safety with access rights. You can make the document accessible only to the authorized people that too with different rights for reading, editing, sharing, and deleting. Isn’t that actual document control you are looking for?

The software help to establish effective communication for document changes/modifications

An EDMS especially the cloud-based systems offer you and your team a centralized platform to collaborate and communicate on the changes or upgrades required for a particular document. This will save everyone’s time and also to avoid any sort of delays with document processing and release. Make sure you invest in a cloud-based document management system to stand the test of time wherein you need to upgrade with the ever-changing technological environments.

Hope all the benefits discussed above have given you a clear demonstration on How an EDMS can help you with the document control and management since it is the key for successful quality management process and system.

Hence, choose the right EDMS software for your business requirements to keep the important documents and information securely accessible. Such a proactive and organized approach will help you to win any auditor’s confidence in your business and attain all your key objectives.

Right Electronic Document Management Software to Rely On

Undoubtedly, there are multiple options to choose on the web when you lookout for the best document management software online. This makes the selection of the right software a bit tricky and time-consuming.

In this post, you will get the resolution for that problem too. You need not crawl through different websites or do any comparison to find the right EDMS solution for your business. The best solution to help you with the document control and management is Qualityze Document Management Solution. It is listed among top 10 document management solutions in many reputed and reliable sources including SoftwareWorld.

Do you want to streamline the document control and management process in a matter of few clicks? Qualityze EDMS is the best pick!



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